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  1. T

    Making the best of a bad PV installation

    I'm after some practical, expert advice on changing a solar PV system. Got a 4 kW system which I probably paid too much for in 2016-ish when FiTs were still a thing and which is annoyingly inefficient, mainly due to the Growatt SP2000 battery which only kicks in after dark, when the panels are...
  2. M

    Making a swithched fuse box.

    If i want to wire in a fuse box to my utv and make it switched when the ignition is on. Is it best to run a continuous cycle relay say 150amp then run from there to the fuse panel
  3. Padrag

    G'day! Making a big move...

    Good afternoon everyone! Australian Electrician here, Even though we're in crazy times at the moment. I'm making the move with my Partner from Sydney to the Republic of Ireland soon, and am hoping to learn as much as I can about my change of scenery on this forum. Also been scouring the...
  4. M

    Legalities surrounding lamp making

    Hello, I would love to pursue a career in hand made lamp making.I have researched all qualifications/certs needed for the legality of making lamps but found the information to be a minefield. I would really like to know what qualifications/certs/courses i need for the legality to complete to...
  5. A

    tips for making earth electrode

    dear electricians, I am going to install 2 earth electrodes for a block of 4 apartments. can you please give me some tips on how to drill the hole for it and what diameter and length the hole shall be . also if you know any other tips that might help my installation please let me know. some...
  6. J

    USA Dimmer switch in one room making lites in another glow when off or pulsate on and off?

    I wired a house about a year ago, We recently got a call back because the led can trims are glowing when the switch is off. We have figured out that the can trims that glow when their switch is off only glow when the dimmer in and for a different rom is turned on. The led can trims are listed as...
  7. G

    Making a DIY electric burner and stove

    Hey guys! Very amateurish electrician here. I just finished watching a video of a guy making an electric burner and stove, using just a can, screws and wires: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nIMuurFog0 He plugged the thing to a 12V battery to heat the setup, however, since most...
  8. B

    UK Making Extractor Fans smart with Shelly

    Hey, I'm looking to smartify my extractor fans in toilets/bathrooms for two reasons really 1) I currently leave the light on the let the fans run to bring humidity down, I'd rather it did this automatically 2) I want to smartify my lights, and I don't want the fans to be on permanently. I've...
  9. richy3333

    A sparkle in the making

    My 5 year old son has been pinching my tat for his den. He has now 'wired it' up :)
  10. R

    UK Making an outside light permanently live

    I have three way switch in my kitchen, with from left to right switch one turns on and off the PIR activated outdoor light, switch two turns on the hallway light and switch three turns on the main kitchen downlighters (though these can be turned on/off at other switches within the kitchen) What...
  11. M

    Making a 12v 4s battery pack from 18650

    Hi, I have around 20 18650 battery just sitting around, so I thought of making a 4s 12v(well more like 12-16v battery depends on charge). That should be fairly easy overall, just looking for some advices to make it as good as I can. One thing I would like to try is avoiding soldering as much as...
  12. Dan

    I'm making a test directory listing and need input....

    This is the listing: Electrician in Berkshire | ABC Electricians Berkshire - Domestic Electrician Berkshire - https://www.electriciansforums.net/resources/electrician-in-berkshire-abc-electricians-berkshire-domestic-electrician-berkshire.149/ So you can see, it's got a review system, an extra...
  13. The Mains Man

    RCCB making the Zs higher than it should be

    after finding an unexpectedly high Zs on a shower, I narrowed it down to: Zs at input of RCD (RCCB) is around 0.18 as would be expected but the Zs at the output of the RCD is 0.96! Both tests done with 3 lead low test on Megger MFT with 3 month calibration. It is a split load board and both...
  14. A

    Short circuit - making me short circuit!

    Hi all, I do hope you can help me with my 2014 Fiat Fiorino. I have a short circuit which has stopped the rear tail light and front side light from working. when the lights are on, ignition is on but the engine isn't running the lights work, the lights work whilst the heater plug light is...
  15. alasdairp

    A Russian way of making multiple connections!

    Watch from about 1m50 Gas-tight effectively melted (solid) connections What do people think about this?
  16. Leesparkykent

    Another Carillion in the making?

    Shares in government contractor collapse - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46505688?fbclid=IwAR1qTbqiXgs2VpamrfifuxX2y6dmwI1twx6WXKl68Ja9vr8FROQZXKw6Y8Y
  17. O

    Making Tax Digital (MTD) ..............

    The latest update which is easy to understand ...... BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Money Box Live: Making Tax Digital - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000sx2 So if you are VAT registered - this affects YOU
  18. RemoteSojourner

    Making an electric shower smart

    Hi, I have a 10.5KW electric shower in my home with a 50Amp 1 gang double pole switch fitted outside for it. I wanted to convert this switch into a smart one so I can turn it off remotely when I forget to switch off the shower in morning. However, I have been unable to find any wifi/zigbee...
  19. P

    Testing station and making it safer?

    Hi guys, We have a little test station at work for checking the operation of electrical safety brakes, clutches and electromagnetic coils. The 230 AC all feed into different rectifiers... 24vdc...104vdc.. 207vdc... It runs off a plug top, max current is about 6A but I'm wanting to make a bit...
  20. Soulcraft Electric

    Making "good" an existing garden "installation"

    Neighbours, eh, who'd have 'em? I was asked to investigate why a neighbour's garden "installation" was faulty and being neighbourly agreed to take a look. It was clear that the neighbour expected (required) that only remedial action to be taken... I've documented the initial state and the...
  21. R

    Making a ceiling light cable safe for plasterer

    Hi there, I'm a homeowner looking to get an Artex'd ceiling boarded and skimmed by a plasterer. The ceiling has a standard ceiling light in the middle of it, which I'll need to remove and then reattach slightly lower after the plastering job. What would you recommend to do to make the wiring...
  22. N

    Making a 4 bulb lamp - Newbie

    Hi, I'm Rich I'm 39 and currently unemployed. I am a good ish DIYer and have basic knowledge of wiring. Love building things out of wood. I have been tasked with making a simple 4 bulb plug in lamp for my wife's 'art' project. I need wiring and safety help. It will basically be 4 23w bulbs in...
  23. R

    Reinstating / making good

    Hi all, in the statement of works I have from my electrician, it says: "Re-instatement of damaged areas: all areas of the house where it is necessary to cut wall chases and sink boxes etc will be restored to a condition suitable for redecoration." I did not thoroughly define what this means...
  24. Marvo

    Problems When Making A Post

    We've had several complaints of problems being encountered when making a post on the forum. There's already a thread running here so please add to it to let us know if you encounter any issues. To enable us to reproduce the issues and track the bugs down please also include info about the...
  25. K

    The fuse is off! It’s making me use 20 characters to post this

    I’ve got an light fitting for under cupboard of a kitchen it has come with two wires connected, one being blue and the other brown. Now under my cupboard I have blue, yellow/green, and brown, perhaps commons sense but do I connect the blue wires together as well as the brown? (Fuse is fully...
  26. G

    Just an idea for making a waterproof low voltage inline joint

    You know how your tube of silicon sealer has gone solid just when you most need it!? Do you think that one could use this problem to make a permanent water tight joint, eg using twisted conductors secured in the usual connectors and placed in a suitable small plastic tubelike container and then...
  27. Andy C

    Is the C&G 2391 course making a come back?

    I have noticed on the C&G website that 2391 is coming back between April and June. Looking into it it seems that centres will be able to offer this qualification like the 2394/5 as single modules or combined. However I notice that the requirements are only a multi choice exam and a practical...
  28. B

    pre Jan 2016 boards

    Hi there I've been asked to start to carry out a number of Landlord certs, which I have started. I was just wondering what you guys were saying about non metal boards, if there is already a full RCD board installed pre Jan 2016. Are you doing unsatisfactory? or just putting them down as a...
  29. Midwest

    Need Your Lighting Installed?

    Just popped into John Lewis to buy some scented sticks and look at the fabrics :oops: and spotted the lighting department nearby. There was a leaflet 'Need your lighting installed?'. Offering their customers bespoke service when purchasing their exorbitantly priced, Chinese made luminaires...
  30. VoltzElectrical

    New Job

    Well I've been in public lighting for 3 years now and it's hardly believable where time has gone! Anyway, I applied for, and got a new job with the general side of things and it seems they want me on the inspection and testing section. Gonna be heads down into GN3 methinks! Voltz.
  31. T

    Building furniture....

    Anybody built there own furniture at home? Me and the gf have just got our first gaff together and basically can't afford out! So i am building whatever i can. I have designed the bed but started first with the wardrobe. I am making it out of scaffolding boards mainly due to how cheap i can...
  32. F

    Anyone a spark for British Gas????? What are they like to work for.

    Hi was just wondering what british gas are like to work for? A mate of mine is going for an interview they have promised him loads inc working your way up etc etc. What are the hours like?
  33. B

    Wind Farms

    Is it me or is this growth in wind farms just ridiculous? Doesn't this country have enough wind of its own without wasting electricity making more of it by running these big fans? Its a blatant Tory waste of the tax payers money ......
  34. S

    Lovely job on sunday morning

    Nice and mucky half day What you guys got on today?
  35. C

    emergency light testing

    Hi everyone. I have an emergency light test coming up. I have never carried one out before. Is it as simple as: 1. Checking there is a key switch/isolator 2. Making sure all emergencies are working correctly 3. Making sure the batteries are up to scratch by them staying illuminated for the 3...
  36. C

    Domestic Workshop power supply

    Hello I have been away from electrical installation for sometime but am making a return. I have been asked to install a supply to an outbuilding consisting of lights and sockets. Load will be minimal, hand tools, log splitter etc. Can I utilise a spare MCB form the board or would it be better to...
  37. M

    LED backlight for mirror

    been asked by the builder a work with to supply a LED backlight to a special sized mirror that they are making up. can you buy a LED backlight kit, any help would be good cheers
  38. R

    Third party Part P inspections

    Does anyone know what is happening with the new 3rd party inspection system that is coming in with the changes to Part P. E.g. how do I find someone that is allowed and insured to do the inspections?
  39. R

    Strange lighting fault(?) which involves a child's toy.

    Bear with me. Our toddler has got a toy which is a wooden board with cut-outs to put various shapes of wooden vehicles into. When the correct vehicle is put in the correct slot it makes an imitation noise of the particular vehicle. This toy is battery powered and doesn't connect to the 'mains'...
  40. S

    No main bonding EICR code??

    Hi guys, i did a EICR on a property which i found to have no gas bonding or water bonding? I listed this as a C2 but is this over the top considering it has been fine for 25+ years and there are plenty of properties around which are still in this condition? Also backboxes were no existing and...
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