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  1. KennyKen

    Accelerometer causing vibration SD on Gas Turbine.

    So Our Centaur 50 Turbine engine shutdown on High Fwd Gearbox Vibration. SD set point is 16G. Looked at the trends and for two hours spiked from 1.6 to 15.9. Quite a substantial and non linear rise. checked Prox probes. Tested Proximeters and measured Gap voltage, all ok. Checked Gear box...
  2. OldeSparky

    Wind turbine

    Hello Peeps, Advice please. A customer has a 10kw wind turbine, this is configured as split phase. He's had to install 3 phase but the company that put the turbine in only installed a 3 core swa to the turbine, whoops. This normally would be ok but the control gear requires a neutral. The plan...
  3. D

    Why, on a given turbine, a smaller generator would generate less output?

    Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineer with litle knowledge about electrical so I need advice from people knowing about electrical system. Having a wind turbine that I am testing at the moment, I first placed a big generator (PMG 500kW 690V @ 300RPM - 18000Nm) behind it and it could...
  4. W

    New career as a Wind turbine technician

    I have just been accepted on a Wind turbine technician course at a local college. The job really appeals to me but I don't have a background in electrical engineering and have no qualifications in Maths or Physics. My question is - is an electrical background / Maths & Physics essential or they...
  5. K

    Wind Turbine Technician

    Hello I have been messages on linkin regarding a job with a big turbine company, at first didn't think much of it but been looking into it and it doesn't look so bad. Just wondered if anyone has experience in this field seen a few bits on forums but they date back 5 years or so Thanks Ash...
  6. H

    Fiery turbine
  7. B

    Industrial Wind Turbine Technician

    Hi guys, My first post so go easy on me. I am looking for anyone who is or has been employed by EDF ER as a wind turbine technician or junior technician. I have been invited for an interview and am really keen on the switch but would like to know what they are like to work for? The salary...
  8. M

    VENI VIDI VICI - Marosz's TURBINE ( small /big pipe = small big wire and electrons )

    FIRST TEST PROTOTYPE MAIN RULE RADIAL FORCES ARE NOT THE SAME BUT MASS M and RADIUS IS THE SAME ? WE NO NEED TO PUSH MASS M OPPOSITE TO MOTION -- we can use only internal forces ( radial forces action without reaction ) PL <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family...
  9. jason121

    Proven Wind Turbine

    Does anyone know anything about these wind turbines. I have one which is off grid and would like to attach it to a on grid inverter, would there be an issue in doing this
  10. jason121

    Wind turbines

    Does anybody know of any suppliers of wind turbines 2.5kw and above.Thanks
  11. C

    Volt drop on wind turbines?

    Is there a noticeable volt drop on the output of wind turbines that would prevent them being situated too far from a dwelling? Reason I ask is that my my parents declined a wind turbine ( to part supply a 3 bed detached house) as they were told that it would have to be located adjacent to the...
  12. J

    Siemens wind turbine commissiong engineer.

    Gentlemen. I currently work for GE as a field engineer. Does anyone work or know someone who has worked with siemens commissiong turbines. What kind of salary and time off etc.. Also if anyone knows anything about field engineers for VFD drives I would appreciate any info. Are they a good co...
  13. C

    Frequency output of wind turbines

    Ok, if electricity in a wind turbine is generated by the wind spinning a coil in a magnet, how does it match the frequency of mains electricity (i.e.50 Hz) when the wind blows faster and slower all the time? Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers... :) (at least that's...
  14. M

    DIY Wind turbine/ generator

    Don't really know if anyone else has started a thread on here about making your own wind turbine, if not I'll be the first :) I've a log cabin in my garden with a bar, pool table, seating area etc, it currently has an electrical supply. It has light fittings inside, a few sockets ( the most to...
  15. K

    Linking wind turbine to multiple home circuits

    -- This is my first post, so introductions may be in order. My name is Pete. I work for a small wind energy company primarily as a site finder. I am not an electrician, but might be in the future.. that's a different story -- I am looking to source some sort of a smart device [or...
  16. C

    Best DIY product to build solar panel and wind turbine in home

    Hello friends i want to know about the best Do it yourself product to build solar panel or wind turbine available in market. I have heard about Home Made Energy and Power 4 Home Does they are good and worth the value?
  17. T

    Domestic just looking for some help with a vertical axis wind turbine motor

    hi guys,im in college and with my free time i try and make green energy kind of things while learning how they work,may come in useful for a project down the line, anyway i have a motor which i was going to connect to a vertical axis wind turbine but my question is will the motor work as its...
  18. L

    5kw wind turbine

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a 5KW wind turbine, I have 1.5 acre garden but the nearest house is 95meters away. Does anyone know what councils need for a minimum distance as a rule? The average wind speed in my area is 7.2 which is very good for turbines apparently. Anyone in the turbine...
  19. SolarCity

    Wind Turbines

    Does anyone on this forum also install wind turbines? Do you get much work from it?
  20. M

    Wind turbine They say they are meant to shut down if wind is to high, how do they do this?
  21. T

    pv and wind turbine

    Hi Guys Did an install for a company yesterday, 18 x 200 watt panels with an omnic-4k-tl inverter wired in 2 strings, pretty much south facing. Got a call today as the inverter keeps cutting out. There is also a wind turbine onsite feeding into the same board (cant remember the power of the...
  22. T

    wind turbine courses

    hi guys currently an electrician, and have been involved in the P.V side of things over the last year, considering getting into the wind side of things as well. Already hold 2330, 2391, 17th, and c&g p.v course (forget the number!) anyone know what qualification is required and recommend...
  23. S

    Onshore / Offshore turbine installer

    Hi all Currently getting my 16th up to my 17th (been out the sparking for a few years). Really interested in Wind turbine installation and maintenance, but it seems pretty damn hard to get into that field. Any advice? Did a search on here... not much seemed to come up. Got my CV to every...
  24. D

    Wind Turbine Maintenance London

    Hi, Does anyone one of an engineer who can carry out yearly maintenance on 6kw Proven wind turbines, I have a client who requires this and having trawled the internet, doesn't seem to be an abundance of engineers who do this. Any help would be appreciated or if its the sort of thing you can do...
  25. G

    Off Grid Wind Turbine

    Evenin all. As a bit of a project, I've decided to have a look into small scale off grid wind power. The location where I live, I believe would be well suited to a small turbine install as it's very exposed and windy almost all of the time. Do any members have any recommendations on systems...
  26. Markc

    Turbine cop's it!

    Amazing what the wind can do.
  27. M

    SAP for wind turbine?

    Hi Is there a SAP calc for wind turbine installations? i'm comparing solar pv to wind generation for someone. Thanks
  28. W

    3.6 Kw PV with 6Kw wind

    Hi, I'm due to install a 3.6Kw system on a property with an existing 6Kw Wind turbine. I have applied for it with the DNO because it already has the 6Kw wind turbine. The installation is 3 Phase and I intend to connect the PV system to a different phase to the wind turbine. Has anybody had...
  29. B

    96v 2000w turbine Question?

    Could someone please tell me if a 2kv permanent magnet turbine with no load should spin freely or should you feel a type of mgnetic pulse when you spin it by hand? Cheers
  30. B

    2KV Wind Turbine Troubles...

    Hi. Please help with my hawt. It's a 96v 2kv turbine and feels like there is to much magnetic resistance. It does not want to spin even when all 3 wires are disconected with no load in very windy conditions. I have had tested the windings and the slip ring and were ok. The bearings are all...
  31. N

    Any Wind Turbine Technicians on here??

    Any wind turbine technicians on here? Looking for some info if we have any Wind turbine techs onsite here. Cheers
  32. N

    Wind turbine tech's

    Hi Does anyone know the going rate for a wind turbine tech?? Starting salary etc Thanks
  33. R

    Wind Turbines on Farms

    I live in the countryside, and there are litterally loads of Farms dotted about all over with some kind of wind turbine installed. I find it hard to believe all these Farmers are shelling out loads of money for these things unless there is some kind of grant or big insentive. Could anyone tell...
  34. A

    Wind power anyone? could do with advice please

    Hi everyone i'm Andy,just started posting on here.I'm 37 and a full time student currently doing my 2330 level 2.I've always fiddled with pc's and tv's and the like and being 'spurred' on (no pun intended lol) to try my hand at electrics by my dad a plasterer and my neighbour a wind turbine...
  35. O

    SMA WindyBoy Diagnosis

    I'm having problems with Windy Boy inverter. I connected the Windy Boy to a Zephyr wind turbine but I can't see an AC feed. I connected a WebBox and did a diagnosis. I used SpecialFnkt to reset the device settings. I connected only the DC grid (only batteries). Batteries had 27.5V. Using...
  36. D

    Wind Turbine Technicians

    Hi I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I would like to know if anyone has heard of an electrician making the change to a Turbine Technician working on large wind farms either on or offshore. I have an interest in this field but can't seem to get any info about training. I know...
  37. D

    Wind Turbine Bonding With LP

    HI folks, I have a bit of a problem that it’d like some opinions on. I have a small wind turbine installed that the DNO will not allow on their system, this is because the metal tower and the main earth are connected together. The customers property is supplied by a TN-C-S system, so I guess I...
  38. Golden_Boy

    Part "P" and domestic wind turbines

    I read in the press that the government MAY introduce a grant incentive to install a wind generator on a private dwelling house. How will that type of installation fit in as far as the regulations go? There would appear to be nothing in the document to cover this sort of thing? :confused:
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