solar panel

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  1. grahammiranda1

    Domestic Need help with fuse

    I'll make this as short as possible. This is what I have: 1) Inverter: Aukey 1000 W 2) Solar Controller: 40A 3) Battery: Solar battery 100 Ah C100 4) Solar Panels: One 100W PET Panel I want to follow this: My Question: What Amp fuse do I need to/from everywhere? (Yes, I'm a noob, this is...
  2. N

    Trainee About Insulation Piece in solar panel

    Hello everybody, I'm an intern and I'm searching about Insulation Piece in solar panel. This word is new for me and I didn't find anything about it. Can you give me some link about it? You help is very important for me! Hope you are happy and healthy! Thanks everyone.
  3. J

    old solar panel

    hello! I have been given and old solar panel and I want to use it to charge up my leisure battery while I'm away in the van. I have no idea about what connections or cable I need for it. Any advice would be great.
  4. B

    Solar panel and pond pump

    I have a solar panel which I want to use to power a pond pump. This is what I have so far: 100W, 12V solar panel 12v 9Ah lead acid battery 50W, 12V pump And a solar charge controller (12V, 10A). The pump runs perfectly off the battery. When I connect it all together on the controller, the...
  5. J

    Solar panel switch question

    Good evening. I have a new customer request next week for a solar panel switch. Solar panels are not my area of experience. Just a quick question on the wiring for the switch I have in the photo. Any pointers please for the wires, and which pole. Thank you The customer plan is for a solar...
  6. B

    Domestic Solar Panel Switching - Help Please

    Hi all I've just joined, I'm not an electrician. What I'm asking is probably simple but I believe in not messing about with something you don't know about. I have an engineering background and appreciation of electrics. I have two banks each of eight solar panels, one bank on each side of my...
  7. E

    Solar PV for charging an Electric car - help with system design!

    Hey! I am designing a solar PV tree able to generate 3400kWh annually / has a capacity of 4kW, as the trees will consist of multiple panels I will need to work out the best way to connect these panels to produce the current and voltage I need (the system will be grid tied). This system will be...
  8. suffolkspark

    solar panel man that thinks he an electrician... what can i do?

    Hi all.... so I have a customer where I live that I have worked for for many years but last year I was stupidly busy and was unable to replace their consumer units for them, they were having a 3phase solar panel setup installed and had old Wylex open backed fuseboards with old crabtree BS4293...
  9. S

    Peer to Peer green energy sharing in UK

    Has anyone thought about this or have some ideas? My team "Grid Wallet" is currently working on a new digital technology that will enable owners of domestic solar panels, wind turbines and CHP devices to sell their exported electricity for 2-3 times more than the wholesale rate they currently...
  10. D

    Solar Power / Wind Power Shed

    Hi Guys Later this year I want to do a solar power and or wind power installation into my allotlment shed. I've watched tonnes of YouTube videos and I've been to various sites, however, when attempting to work the maths to figure out how many batteries I need I must be going wrong somewhere as...
  11. Rincewindwiz

    Solar Panels do not reduce Electricity Usage significantly - Confused

    I installed a 4Kw system in November 2015 From commissioning to November 2016 I generated approx 3500Kwh My electricity bill for Dec 2014 – Nov 2015 was 1477 Kwh Dec 2015 – Nov 2016 was 1309 Kwh and my pattern of usage has not changed significantly in this period - apart from a change from...
  12. G

    Commercial PV installation Qualifications

    HI Guys, I’m new to the field and have some questions that maybe one of you more qualified electricians can help me with. I’m about to begin a course which would allow me to obtain the following qualifications: City & Guilds 4141-01 - Electrical Installation Work within a Domestic Dwelling...
  13. S

    Calculate time to recharge saxo battery with solar panel

    Good evening, i would like to know if someone knows how to calculate the time that would take to a solar panel of this kind Rotola in su pannelli solari produttore-Celle solari, pannello solare-Id -...