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  1. 123

    T&E Prices?

    What is everyone paying for 1.5 & 2.5 T&E at the minute? The price of copper seems to be as low as it's been in a long time, and cable slowly seems to be following it.
  2. B

    How much do I charge for this new build?

    Big 4 bedroom house with built on garage All gear is supplied, just want to know how much it should cost to do 40 sockets 8 tv points 15 switches 4 fans 3 smokes/heats 8 external up/down lights 80 spotlights 4 4ft garage lights 1 cooker 1 Boiler Main board+testing
  3. J

    Prices for CCTV and Intruder Alarms

    I set up on my own beginning of 2019, doing mainly commercial and industrial work. But I’m wanting to branch out to the domestic market as well. I am wanting to mainly install CCTV and Intruder Alarms. From looking at a few threads, everyone is saying Hikvision and Texecom are my best bet for...
  4. happyhippydad

    Why the disparity in prices of RCBO's?

    As in the title. I usually fit dual RCD boards, however I have recently fitted a few RCBO boards due to space restrictions. To obtain a reasonable price for the customer I have been fitting Lewden RCBO's, as at £10 each they are affordable. Why do RCBO's have such a difference in price...
  5. C

    EICR prices - 3 bed semi or per certificate?

    I was asked if I can test a domestic property in Liverpool yesterday, I said yes i can and told them I charge £120 for an EICR. They then replied "£100 sounds better" I replied saying no I charge £120 for a domestic EICR (Which i think is pretty reasonable?) They did not reply! Out of...
  6. T

    Scrap prices

    Does any know the value of scrap copper at the moment? Want to know roughly how much a black bag full of twin and earth would be?
  7. M

    Commercial How do you manage your supplier prices and invoices

    Hi, I am curious to know how electrical contractors manage the prices they get from your suppliers. Everyone knows that if you stick with one wholesaler, you are likely to get your pants pulled down by pricing over one thing or another, you need to keep them on their toes, and to do that you...
  8. nicnic66

    18th Edition course prices, self employed only please.

    Just wondered what sort of prices people were paying for the full course? Seen varying costs advertised. TIA
  9. sham

    Stroma Certification Scheme NICEIC prices going up, thinking of going with stroma.

    Has anyone considered moving to Stroma, or have you already done so. I've had an email from NICEIC saying that they increased their prices. Therefore I am considering moving to Stroma. Also, Stroma say they do not have an issue with third party certs, as NICEIC told me that they do not allow it...
  10. I

    Prices for long standing cust and little jobs

    Hi, I have been trading for over 10 years but am having trouble with the people who gave me the chance long ago. I always did the small jobs and charged very little but prices have gone up and my time is more valuable now and am still asked for the same jobs and rate expected. Think I am too...
  11. sham

    Why prices for different colour junction box

    Ordering some junction boxes and the white 30A is cheaper than the Black one. Why ?. They are same brand and both three way.
  12. F

    Best cable price around

    Wheres everyone buying t+e cable from. Prices constantly increasing and cannot find a great deal from wholesalers. Would buy in bulk at the right price but not sure where to go
  13. E

    lets set prices for the market

    you guys realise that this website could bring the best of the best together to set prices so that electricians can charge £1000 per day, if none of us went to work for less than 1k a day then there would be no option for people to eventually pay for our services. now obviously im the boss of...
  14. andysparkfree

    Nice testing opportunity , however does anyone know the average prices per circuit and sub-main?

    Hi guys, i hope you all good !! i have a quick question , i have to price a testing job to an 8 level office up town and im good at pricing labour for 8 weekends , however a few years ago (maybe 5) i think i was told a rule of thumb was each circuit was to allow £18 and each sub-main was around...
  15. N

    Prices 2 bed bungalow

    Hi guys after a rough idea what you would charge on a 2 bed bungalow rewire I haven’t long started up on my own and struggle with the pricing side of it. It will need all chasing out etc just your average 3-4 sockets per room, 1 light and switch in each room. Any help would be good, Cheers
  16. MerlinGremlin

    House rewire prices going rate

    Evening all, I've been asked to quote for a 4 bed large house rewire, but I've not done a rewire for a number of years and not sure what the going rate was! In total there's going to be 32 double sockets, 46 led down lights, 12 switches, boiler supply, cooker supply x 2, 4 lighting pendants, 8...
  17. L

    apprentice tool and prices

    Hello my name is Lee I am about to become an apprentice electrician with arthur mckay I have to get own tools they've gave me a list I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide links to website with these tools that aren't too expensive as I only work part time until my apprenticeship...
  18. JK-Electrical

    Cut-throat Competition: The Race To The Bottom

    Electrical installation work, as all self-employed electricians will know, is a highly-competitive business. My own business operates mainly in the greater Glasgow area, and I have to say that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to compete on a level playing field. I was recently approached...
  19. B

    Advice on cost for swapping C.U. old for new please

    Hi, i have been quoted £455 for removing existing C.U. (no RCD) and replacing with a new one with 2 RCD's (toolstation have them for £78) there are 9 circuits in all, it seems a bit steep to me, but perhaps i am out of touch. it is easy to access. i would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  20. D

    One price range for all

    I'm from Birmingham and back in the days I used to repair phones and computers for a living. I normally get my parts in the city centre. On that road you have many shops selling the same items, literally almost ever store. The shop I go to, because I was lucky, I asked the owner "how do you...
  21. Lou

    DG Electrical

    DG Electrical started in 2012 and has been growing ever since. We work very hard to meet all customer needs and have developed a wide customer base within Pembrokeshire and throughout South Wales. It is our aim to continue to develop excellent working relationships with a wider customer base and...
  22. R

    Industrial What are CEF like for prices?

    What are CEF like for prices, my work has an account for them, but the account is held at a different branch to the one we use. Just want to make sure we are not paying silly prices as they can't give us a price for parts unless they phone the branch we have the account with apparently. Is it...
  23. N

    Domestic Thoughts on How To Price These Jobs?

    I just got an email from a guy I know from way back, he owns a good sized plumbing and heating company (also has many rental properties) and he has asked me to put together quotes various electrical works. Mostly heating related. I've not long gone out on my own so I'm trying to get a handle...
  24. infinity

    LG 300w panels

    I've been let down by Segen, need 13 LG Panels anyone have any ideas who else stock these? The jobs Tuesday :s
  25. D Skelton

    Scam cost reduction

    Just got off the phone to the director of customer relations at Certsure, after a lengthy chat about membership criteria and her trying again to rope me into a meeting up at NIC HQ up in Dunstable, we got talking about Stroma and how the NIC and Elecsa go about justifying their rip off prices...
  26. S

    Estimating Software

    Evening, first post so go easy on me! Up until now i've always estimated manually, trawling through the details etc.... I cover domestic, commercial and mid/light industrial with works up to £50k but more regularly below £10k. I've now got an opportunity on two very large luxury new build...
  27. S

    Solar PV sale items

    We are clearing out a few items from our warehouse and have them at prices to clear. I won't post prices here but we have a spreadsheet of all items to send if anyone is interested. Mods - if this post breaks rules apologies and feel free to delete. Items include: Schuco mounting system -...
  28. B

    Positive pressure fan installation

    Evening everyone, I have just received a job through to install a positive pressure fan in a council owned tenanted property, I would be interested to see what sort of prices people are charging, only that the price I quoted was accepted but with the usual comments from the Q.S. "A little...
  29. D

    DeWalt combi + pair of 4Ah batts... but it's 14.4v...

    Hi chaps, I'm in the market for a new combi. Been getting buy on a Bosch green for quite a while (which has been great to be fair!) but thinking of upgrading. Just seen Screwfix advertising a DeWalt with A PAIR of 4Ah batts for £180 which seems like a bargain. Was about to buy when I...
  30. the pict

    Wylex Trade price list

    I downloaded this in pdf form yesterday just as a general guide for quotes, good god have you seen this, a couple of hundred quid for a 10 way dual RCD no way when screwy do them for 80 quid fully loaded, some one is having a giggle somewhere dont get me wrong eddys dont charge, that but whats...
  31. T

    Bosch l box

    Hi Where's the best supplier for a bosch l box for my 14.4v li ion that firm just supplied but no case... Or you guys might know of a better solution? First time ever I have had a drill that didn't come with a case
  32. H

    Commercial 10-20Kwp System on Trapazoidal Industrial Unit

    Hiya Guys We are looking to get into Commercial Solar PV and want some advice on competitive prices for 10-20 Kwp System prices. I theres lots of 'ifs and buts' however Iam just looking for some general advice and hopefully some of you guys can help me with info on guyide prices and potential...
  33. sparkdog

    Screwfix deals

    I notice that Screwfix deals and reductions are sometimes for only a day or two and then the price goes up again.I got a Bosch 18V combi drill for £129 and its now up to £149 again.Its the Bosch GSB 18 2 Li which has bad reviews on Screwfix but I'm very pleased with it so far.
  34. E

    PV Panel prices going up soon?

    We've spoken to a wholesaler yesterday who said things were beginning to creep upward now due to the weakness of the £sterling. Are we at the bottom of the curve now? Couls we see another rush into the next tariff cut if coupled with rising prices?
  35. O

    Mem rcbo

    God I hate these boards. Where is the best/cheapest place to buy RCBO's these days for these boards - its about 15 years old Thanks
  36. B

    Going it alone....pricing?

    Decided to go it alone for the first time and have issues on what to charge as I don't want to seem too expensive. Based in Windsor but will cover most of London as there is quite a bit of work up there (if I'm good at pricing it) Generally I want to know what I should be charging as a day...
  37. amlu

    screwfix started selling WAGO

    not full selection and more expensive compared to tlc, but may be handy if you run out and have a branch near by. 222 Lever Connectors - Search Results |
  38. T

    Domestic domestic prices

    is it just me...when I'm at my wholesaler there's not much chat between sparks, just customer and wholesaler. let alone any reference to prices charged etc, yet when I pop into the plumbers merchant next door....loads of chat and discussion on prices. it is so competetive in Brighton that...
  39. the pict

    Alarm componants

    Where are you guys buying fire alarm parts, I can get some stuff from Alert, TLC, Toolstation even, but I cant get it all from one place hav'nt tried the sheds yet that'll be their next diy special I suppose Pict
  40. G

    Latest Batches of Panels down in price

    How far will we see the price of panels drop to make the new tarrif worth while? Who is cheapest for Canadian Solar and Suntech at the moment has anyone come across any good new deals??
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