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  1. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  2. happyhippydad

    Understanding this cylinder and the electrical requirements?

    I have a water cylinder to get power to. The product is a gledhill stainless lite 'indirect'. The manufacturers data sheet says for use with gas or oil boilers. The sheet says the 'direct' model has 2 x 3kW immersions. However from the plate on the side of the tank (see pic) and the tank itself...
  3. P

    Domestic DHW cylinder thermostat and cut-out.

    Hi again ...... I have inherited a central heating system which is oil fired and ancient (mid 1980's), but works perfectly so up until recently I had no reason to go looking for issues. The only ''new" part is the unvented DHW cylinder which, although it works, has NOT been installed in...
  4. S

    Unvented Cylinder stats s-plan

    Hi all, Please can I get some help. I’m currently wiring up 20 unvented cylinders at the moment. They are all part of an S-plan which is fine. The problem I’m having is with the two in-built stats on the immersion tank. One stat is a high limit cut out stat and the other is an Adjustable. I...
  5. S

    Hot Water cylinder and 2x immersion heaters

    Apprentice electrician (coming towards the end of my 1st year) here and looking for some help and understanding. I have moved into my flat and I have both a normal CU running 24/7 and an off peak CU. The flat has no gas and all electric. I have a hot water cylinder which has 2 immersion...
  6. Amar

    8 bedroom 8 bathroom property

    Hi Everyone, Just joined the forum today, hoping to pick your brains now and again as I've been watching as a guest for a while and found it to be a friendly and knowledgeable place to be! I'm an Electrician myself and run a electrical and building contractors within the west midlands. As the...
  7. M

    solar controller

    looking at replacing this unit anyone recommend an upgrade or direct replacement ?
  8. H

    Hive cylinder stat

    Is there a Hive wire less battery interface for an unvented cylinder stat or do you need run a cable back to the control center.
  9. A

    Nest 3G wiring help

    Hi all, this is my first post so please be kind. I installed a Nest thermostat a few months ago I have a gravity fed system powered by a Baxi Bermuda Back Bolier, I have a Honeywell 4043 2 port valve, I based the insatallation around a c plan as the wiring appeared to follow this logic although...
  10. O

    Horizontal immersion heaters - any good?

    The guy fitting my boiler next year seems to have a preference for horizontal immersion heaters. It's a bio mass (Wood pellet) boiler. I need an immersion heater for several weeks before the boiler is fitted. Then the immersion will be used as the store from the boiler - as well as back up. On...
  11. P

    Honeywell evohome and megaflow

    hi guys, just wired up a Honeywell evo crontroller with a relay for the heating, a tank stat and a relay for the hot water, I managed to get it working after a lot of messing around, the problem is it's a megaflow hot water tank and I have disconnected the megaflow tank stat which has a overheat...
  12. polo1

    Domestic Wet pants catastrophe

    Ok, so I've been asked to check a possibly faulty lower immersion element. Sure enough, it's gubbed. Fortunately I had a spare the correct size in the van. Drain down a massive cylinder, but can't get the element shifted. Not insured for hot works, so ask the letting agents to organise a...
  13. Soulsurfer

    Horizontal water cylinder

    Hey all, so I'm rewiring a nightmare house while girl still living in it ! Plumber gets a cylinder and says direct 1 X 3kW standard immersion. So I run a 2.5 through most of house to loft.. Comes today saying just worked out he got wrong cylinder and where he wants it there is no space for vert...
  14. M

    S plan not firing boiler for hot water

    Hello all! I'm a plumber and have a customer where the s plan is working fine for both zones (ground floor, 1st floor + cylinder) but not firing the boiler when hot water demand from the cylinder is operated. 2 port valve opens and pump runs but boiler shows no demand for heat. Any ideas why...
  15. J

    Wiring thermostat

    Would the wiring on this Sunvic cylinder thermostat Sunvic SA2452 Cylinder Thermostat 3KB Pic 1 be the same as this Sunvic 4KB Pic 2
  16. P

    British Gas UP2 failing to turn on Central Heating except when Hot Water is on

    OK, so I'm not a plumber but have a fairly good idea how this system works. I'm not alone with this problem either, there has been a similar post but it's old and doesn't have a resolution - though they have a temporary fix that doesn't work for me... Boiler: Baxi Solo 15HE Controller: BG UP2...
  17. uksparks

    Heating controls

    Hi, can anyone advise... i would like to ideally use Honeywell. i want the stats and programmer to be wireless. it needs a frost stat it also needs two stats and a programmer and it needs three channels / zones any ideas on how to achieve this?
  18. VoltzElectrical

    central heating systems help!

    I have no experience in the installation or fault finding of, central heating systems. I don't do, and have rarely done, domestic work. I volunteered recently to look at an elderly lady's situation whereby the system had been installed, then altered as the room stat was relocated from the...
  19. D

    worcester greenstar ri Y-Plan

    Hi all been called out to a boiler replacement with the above boiler. The problem is it wont run on heating only. have check wiring and all I can spot is that from controller there is no wire going from HW OFF to cylinder stat terminal 2 and grey on valve. Any thoughts and no spare cores in...
  20. J

    new solar pv set up, hot water options with combi? Hi all imhaving a 4kw solar pv system with an immersion controller(i dont have an...
  21. S

    Delta Sol solar thermal??

    Anyone familiar with Delta Sol solar thermal controls? Just wired a Y plan, existing cylinder was removed and replaced with a center store cylinder - not sure if the controls and cylinder are compatible Any help would be appreciated?
  22. Worcester

    Solartwin - silicon tubing eaten by mice !

    Anyone else come across this yet? Thanks to another member of the forum we attnded a call out last week to find out why a solar thermal system was leaking. first time I'd seen a solartwin install, and took a while toget my head around how it worked. Basically it reverse cycles water through...
  23. S

    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Hi Guys, I'm rather confused over the R.H.I. I was under the impression that the payments would be for 20 years but spread over 7. Looking on the MCS calculator as an example it says a Solar Thermal system will generate 1732kW of deemed heat per year. I was working out the R.H.I payments as...
  24. jackhammerJIM

    working with too many plumbers

    been doing a lot of subbing to a heating firm recently , teams of 4 plumbers and one spark installing biomass boilers . the latest load of nonsense from them ... spark : why is there 3 x 2 port valves on that s plan ? plumber : the 3rd valve is a safety feature for the unvented cylinder ...
  25. C

    help with central heating s plan plus newbie

    Hi there, I'm currently in my 4th year, been given a job which includes wiring up the heating. Don't have any real experience in this area soo help would be much appreciated. 2 combi boilers feeding 2 seperate heating zones with rads, a underfloor heating zone and a hot water circuit which is a...
  26. C

    cyclinder stat blowing fuse

    Called out by a plumber I do work for. He had recently installed a new zone valve and chaged CH/HW programmer. A fortnight later the customer calls him because he has lost all heating. Plumber turns up, realises 3A fuse has blown in switched fused spur. He can't change it without it blowing...
  27. J

    2 Cylinder thermostats on a Y plan System

    Hi All - can anyone please help me? I have a Y plan heating system with the boiler, wiring centre and three port valve located in the basement of the property. The hot water cylinder is located on the first floor. A three core cable is running from the wiring centre to the cylinder thermostat...
  28. jason121

    Solar thermal

    Need some advice regarding a solar thermal system. To remove existing cylinder is going to be a nightmare, small cupboard and pipes covering the cupboard. So I am thinking of installing separate cylinder and piping the hot water from the solar cylinder into the bottom of the existing cylinder...
  29. K

    Central heating 3port valve?

    I was at a job today where there was a central heating comprising of 3port valve, what i couldn't understand was why is there HW off connection to be used in the programmer and also a third connection to be used on the tank stat, also this system also wanted a 2port valve incorporated into the...
  30. E

    Heating system with only one two port valve. Is this dangerous ...

    Came across a heating system which had only 1x 2 port valve which was used only for the heating. There was another valve which had been disconnected from the mains but set in open position. I assume this was for the hot water. Then From the junction box there's one three core going up to 2 x...
  31. F

    s plan central heating 3 zone valves

    help!! I am working with a made plumber, he has installed a S PLAN SYSTEM, but with a diverter valve ( witch is a two port eebszone valve ) near the cylinder. so in total there are 3 zone valves apparently this gets wired to the cylinder stat??? cant find any wiring diagrams to follow, they all...
  32. M

    Setting up the Immersun Vs Central Heating - Help!

    The Immersun is reading "Water Hot" unless I have the thermostat on the Immersion element turned up to maximum. Currently water coming out of the taps is at about 68 degrees - far too hot for comfort. But if I set the immersion element lower than this, the boiler thermostat calls for heat and...
  33. K

    Wiring diagram for a combined dunsley stove and gas boiler system.

    I've been asked to wire a heating system which I havent done before. Plumber a bit vague in how its all supposed to work. Don't even think he knows!! It incorporates a dunsley baker log burner stove and condensing system boiler. It's a gravity fed hot water tank with a neutralizer...
  34. O

    S Plan Assumed Knowledge - Need General Info

    Hi All. Am about to enter into the world of S Plan heating systems and need some general knowledge as I have none when it comes to plumbing. The system comprises of the following: It is a Danfoss S Plan With 2 * 2 Port Zone Valves With Programmable Heating & Hot Water Thermostats 1 Worcester...
  35. C

    help needed with non standard heating system

    hi, system has CH & HW Zones system also has back bolier system has no motorized valves so there is 2 zone time clock 1 room stat 1 cylinder stat 1 pipe stat (on back boiler flow pipe) what i need to happen: CH turned on = fire Boiler & Circulating pump HW turned on = fire Just boiler Back...
  36. E

    couple of questions regarding y plan and s plan heating system question

    If the cylinder isn't full of hot water and you turn a hot tap on, will boiler give you hot water or does cylinder need to fill up 1st?? daft question i know... And connected potterton boiler and read in the manual that there was no need for a permanent live if system is completely trv'd. So...
  37. N

    first job.. new boiler? what do i do?

    Hi guys, Ive officially been givin my first ever job since leaving college and today it wasnt as i thought it would be.. I have been quoted to do a job for a new boiler. :shocked: can a person who has completed level 2 n level 3 2330 do this kind of job or do i have to refer it to someone...
  38. R

    New cylinder thermostat required - which one?

    In process of investigating intermittent fault with hot water system. Suspect it may be the cylinder stat (the type that is strapped around the hot water cylinder) and for the price of them (£10-£20) seems to be a no-brainer to fit a new one. Existing one is a Satchwell SA36, and very old (temp...
  39. D

    Wireless control of Valves in a Y Plan Central Heating system

    Does anyone know if any companies do wireless control of the valves in a Y plan system? I have looked at the Honeywell solution using ST9420C as the controller but this is WIRED. The room stats (DT92E) are wireless to the controller though which is a start. What I ideally want is a system...
  40. E

    Solar Thermal

    I know this is somewhat off topic but we've been asked to look at an existing Thermal system by one of our potential PV customers. It's 2 years old installed incorrectly by a cowboy who's now in the process of folding. The customer wants a new panel but would like to re-use the existing...
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