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  1. telectrix

    We're Doomed, We're Doomed.

    doctor tells me, as i'm over 70, i should get my 5 a day. just been to lidls and they rationing the beer to 4 bottles per customer. wa srelying on the beer and chilli doritos to comat coronavirus. now need to source another supply. ( not doritos, i got 12 bags).
  2. Dan

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there. I know this is a touchy subject. We also run, and that has Gas and Oil Engineers on, and that's clearly not just a regulated industry, but it has...
  3. Dan

    Forum Tags - We're done now I promise

    Thanks for your patience with all of this. I jest about them being just tags on a website about electricals. But I know a lot of people have worked really hard to get them. So I often lose sleep over knowing at some point they're changing again. So this is it now. We've hit that last point of...
  4. Dan

    USA I've created some new forum categories, we're not a UK-only forum anymore

    As you're already aware, we're not hosted on a .uk domain name anymore. We are now (that's .net). I've created some forum categories to match where we are getting traffic from:- American Electrical Forum Canadian Electrical Forum Australian Electrical Forum When we were...
  5. G

    No wonder we're up against it...!!

    Just caught a bit of ch4's 'love it or list it' where kirstie alsop stated, when doing up a kitchen "if you fit a new oven or hob you'll need a qualified engineer if it's gas, or a thicker 6mm cable if it's electric" Cheers kirstie...
  6. dksanders

    We're good...but we're not miracle workers.

    Got called out to a property in the New Forest this morning (Sunday), their oil boiler had caught fire in the early hours, luckily they heard it go and no-one was hurt. Fire brigade called, then the plumber to remove the boiler and cap the water and oil pipes, then me..... Apart from making...
  7. Dan

    Update: Recent Downtime

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick one to let you know about the recent downtime. We have some hard disk related issues with the SSD. We have a new server built and it's being customised, and we'll swap the data to it once it's secure. You shouldn't see any downtime during that process, but you...
  8. Pete999

    New posts full of new electricians listings, whhhhyyyy?!

    Hit the new post key and get mega loads of adverts for Electrical firms, whats the deal then?
  9. Lou

    Simon Church Electrical Contractor Ltd

    Simon Church are an established Company, with nearly three decades experience in the electrical industry. We offer across the board services, in all disciplines related to electrical engineering and Renewable Energy. We provide a range of services to Industrial and Commercial sectors, but...
  10. I

    Working in live enclosures

    TPN switchfuse bolted onto a busbar chamber. Bottom half (supply terminals) live and covered by the manufacturer fitted shield. Cables to be connected to the top load terminals. Some sparks i know would happily work on the top terminals even though the enclosure houses live, albiet shielded...
  11. MerlinGremlin

    pulling the main fuse

    Evening Gents and Ladies hope all are well, just wondering if anyone can give me advice on where I could attend a training course to be qualified and authorised to remove cut out fuses. I did one many moons ago as an apprentice with the local council when I worked there, we went to Hoy Lake the...
  12. G

    Midnight sun/SunBat Solar Collectors

    Does anyone have any information on Midnight Sun or SunBat solar collector units? We're looking to start fitting them as a company but can't find a list of suppliers/manufacturers? I'm interested in finding out what sort of price range? Thanks Natasha
  13. B

    Listed building EPC

    Has anyone had any experience with listed buildings and EPC. You know the usual stuff solid wall no double glazing, whats the chances of a D rating ?
  14. K

    Things that have made you chuckle at work!!

    Lets have some fun with the things that have made you laugh while you have been at work! Be it laughing at a work mate, customer or just something that you have seen. I will start it off with something that happened just before Christmas, makes me chuckle just thinking about it!:biggrin: I...
  15. D

    DNO consent

    We've had 3.99kW of panels installed so the installer had to get DNO consent. Should I, as the client, be provided with a copy of the consent?
  16. S

    When the customer is always right

    I'm not sure whether yesterday was a good or bad to the job and the customers starts telling us how we're going to do it and how we are going to re-fit his solar thermal where he want's it or we are not doing the job. Within ten minutes he was left on his doorstep with...
  17. D

    Solar PV and curved roofs

    Has anyone put a system up on a curved roof?. I am looking at approx 170 panels to go up on a curved roof and needless to say the bracketery on the market does not suit curved roofs, the radius is very slight over a large area To make putting the brackets in easier it would be simplier to...
  18. Markc

    Save & Generate website

    Is anyone using the services of Save & Generate website? They (apparently) have interested clients who log on to this website and give details of their property for the installation of a PV array. These details other than a name and address are then sent out to registered installers (And by...
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