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  1. J

    Domestic Unknown Wire Found - Help Please

    Hi Everyone,. My wife has asked me to tidy up our airing cupboard, which is next to the bathroom... Pipe boxing in and a paint job... Nothing too serious... I'm a complete novice but should be able to manage this... When I've looked at it today there appears to be a Green electrical wire...
  2. M

    Searched, joined, found what I wanted

    Hi all, New on here. Just got through another NICEIC company/PDH/QS inspection today and got some questions answered as usual. Came on here to look up info on early 7671 editions, and found them! Good stuff.
  3. KEV 1 N

    Lovely old Isolator found in Cellar

    Found this in the cellar of an old house in Durham... The neutral is fused so I’m guessing it’s “really old” Any body know roughly the era it would be?
  4. W

    Dangerous conditions found during CU change.

    First post so bare with me, and apologies if this isn't in the right place! Im a quite "wet behind the ears" electrician, qualified about a year ago and recently changed firms. New firm is getting me to do board changes, often without a prior EICR which my previous firm always did first. My...
  5. happyhippydad

    Just found this thread from a few years back!

    Found this thread from a few years back, made me smile! There's a few of those names now disappeared, still a few left though:) Putting some faces to the names!!!!! - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/putting-some-faces-to-the-names.94529/
  6. C

    info of cable size i found out

    https://www.dungannonelectrical.co.uk/dun1-shop/pdf/cable/SWA.pdf the above link is for the manufacturer SWA cable installed on a PME exported into a second building using a 50mm twin SWA where there is main bonding to water pipes in place at 10mm. the cable is 50mm 6943X 50 which is 74mm...
  7. 123

    Found this little beauty of and advert today, race to the bottom

    Ok, so it's from 2015, but seriously? Amazingly, the company still seems to be operating. @Risteard @Phil Thompson @Matthewd29 is this the kind of garbage prices we need to compete with? Company this advert is from is based in Lisburn.
  8. Pete999

    Pete's Videos I know it's old hat.

    I found the very subtle digs at Ms Clancy's presentation very amusing, the pictures of wads of cash appearing everywhere, the Chap sat behind Her right shoulder, smiling in what I thought was disbelief, worth a watch.
  9. G

    Flickering LED Fault cause found, I think.

    Have had a recall on an office LED swap out. Some of the panel LEDs flicker for a fraction of a second very randomly. The panels are fed from four three phase DBs, and all the boards and all the phases have aircon(AC) supplies fed from them. Now, some of the AC units are inverted but some of...
  10. G

    Found cabling under floorboards, is it safe?

    Been living in our current house for a couple of years and finally turning our spare bedroom (junk room at the moment) into a useable bedroom. I want to move a double socket a couple of feet to the left so we can fit some wardrobes in so I lifted a floorboard up today to see if it would be easy...
  11. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Found this whilst there was nothing to do

    Don't where you can get one, what use it would be, but clever none the less
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Strangest thing you have found in a property?

    just reading another thread where somebody joked about using midgets to run cables and it got me thinking whats the strangest or most unusual thing you have found in a property? Mine would have to be a pile of WW2 stuff under a floor. Was working with a team rewiring a house in Swindon. When we...
  13. Pete999

    Found this in my email today, hope you can see it

    ECA Survey Findings - http://professional-electrician.com/news/eca-survey-findings/
  14. Pete999

    Now i found this clip rather funny

  15. Soulsurfer

    More nastiness found !

    I must really be getting the rough jobs at the moment ! Friend & client just bought another house to rework slightly and sell off again within a few weeks max, & for some reason is another character that doesn't think to get electrics looked at before buying. So I start doing a few checks &...
  16. S

    Eicr code

    hi all, done a eicr recently and found the following and would like thoughts on the codes? Thinking code 2 but bit harsh to fail the installation on these points esp as its been like it for 30 ish years and no problems or atleast that's what the owner will say!! Cpc used as live on landing 2way...
  17. M

    1 amp CO ELCB

    Came across what I'm pretty sure was a current operated Crabtree ELCB today. Just had a search on here and a google and haven't found a lot. Annoyingly I didn't take a picture as I thought they would be more common than they evidently are! Pretty sure its the first I've seen in the 15 years I've...
  18. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Another bodge found today

    Called out to a shower not working, dropped the switch and found this. That 1.5 neutral was connected into the switch terminal supply side neutral then off to a timer fan. Found the fault to be the switch has burnt out. Anyway it's turned into an extra bit of work for me, customer wants me to...
  19. vecadesa

    2365-305 C

    Fail first exam. Any suggestions what kind of material to study to pass next time. Maybe text books? I found swindon massive and spark website but exams there is with answers a b c d. 305 C is written exam. No answers are given. I think you can pass only with practice the exam with similar...
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