1. Markyd have got to watch this

  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Can't sleep, don't take sleeping pill.

    Just watch this bloke for 5 minutes guaranteed to send you off, Trainees beware.
  3. satori

    Suggestion: Duplicate the 'watch thread' link

    Firstly, I think there should be a 'watch thread' link at the bottom of the page as well as the top. Sometimes it's not until you've read a few replies that you realise it's a subject you want to watch as discussion proceeds, a link at the bottom, as well as the top, would be useful. Secondly...
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Sealed Meters

    A whole new take on cutting the sea off
  5. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Martin MK

    Think I might have posted this before, worth another shot though
  6. Pete999

    Pete's Videos The Cowboys, staring Sparky Chanel

    Yes I am an Anorak Jesus this takes the biscuit. More Follow later, ignore if you wish, I reckon this should be called Electric Comedy, Iknow you don;t need to tell me what a sad F===== I am
  7. happyhippydad

    Changing the LNB on a satellite dish or splitting the cable?

    Hello all. As part of an extension the client has asked for another TV point. The present TV point is run from a satellite dish which has a sinle LNB on it. My question is, is it ok to split this cable? I'm guessing not as you may not be able to watch seperate channels on the TV's from the...
  8. A

    Confirmation on testing procedure

    Hi guys another q I would like to clear up, when testing to confirm a pipe is extraneous in an existing install I use the equation 230/0.01 =23000ohms - 1000ohms= 22000ohms. when carrying out the test I test from the earth block to the pipe in question. just looking to confirm as I have just...
  9. C

    And we thought we were skilled.......

    Just stumbled across these Pathe newsreels on Youtube. Stranded In Prescot British Insulated Cables Ltd Reel 4 (1932) about 5 in series. Fascinating if your a bit geeky, and lets face it what sparks isn't. Enjoy.
  10. S

    Instrument for Testing a Lightning Conductor

    Is it possible to test Lightning Conductor with an Earth Loop Impedance Tester ? Discuss . . . . . . . . .. .
  11. uksparks

    Jewellery Insurance

    Hi, Miss Uksparks is going to be engaged soon, not that she knows yet, I've just purchased a ring, or should I say ordered it, and it's going to need insuring and wondered if anyone on here has jewellery insurance and if so who they use? divyou think it's possibly best to add it on to your...
  12. D

    Insulation Resistance testing procedure

    Hi all Am doing 2394/95 at moment and trying to get procedure firmly stuck in head. Thing I'm getting a little bit confused with is with some of the vids/examples online some state to switch main switch on (obviously before supply connected) and others off. My thinking is that you might as...
  13. darkwood

    Musical Inspiration........

    As some of you know I'm learning guitar and just to expand on this I'm posting the living legend of pure raw guitaring talent that has inspired me to pick the strings up!!!!... Watch the speed and control this bloke has ......I'm truely not worthy...
  14. darkwood

    Angry Britain at work....

    Starting in 5-mins on Ch5.... Video footage etc of workers losing it, wonder if we get to see a few well known members on there :smartass2:... Ill reserve mentioning names lol
  15. D Skelton

    Latest HOC committee (20/01/14), DCLG get grilled this time

    A link to the video stream of the meeting is below. Player Since watching this I have sent a short email to Mr Betts outlining my concern about the misleading use of the phrase 'Qualified Supervisor', as we all know that the minimum required qualification of a QS is the 2382. Bear this in mind...
  16. S

    difference between us and all other trades

    watch this video pure class
  17. O

    Crazy guy testing screwdrivers!

    Just stumbled across this guy testing screwdrivers, hilarious. Killer Screwdriver - YouTubeKiller Screwdriver - YouTube
  18. J

    disabled guy looking for a wee bit of help ... THANK YOU

    i got Envirovent fans fitted to my house but they only work for about 3 weeks then i have to call them out now they say i have to pay to get them fixed they are only 8 months old ....this is is a video any help welcome . thank you so much. Envirovent fan - YouTube
  19. T

    scariest job ever

    I've worked at height, at depth, on live HV etcetera etcetera but nothing is as worrying as me missus just going into labour ! Let the electrical gods watch over me
  20. R

    Man killed on pylon

    This is a mad video. Guy gets electrocuted playing on the over head lines.
  21. A

    sparky sparky the battery boy he,s a walking talking toy

    heres a 1955(ish) sparky/ torchy vid Torchy the Battery Boy (Episode 1 - part 1) - YouTube the old geezza seems suspect(not quite right) altho he was made of wood, or was till wood worm
  22. F

    Megger MFT17XX Product Demonstration

    Good Morning, If anybody is interested, Megger have released a 2013 update to their product demonstration video. This could be particularly handy to customers wishing to see any of the Megger MFT17XX multifunction testers in use. You can see it on Youtube at the following URL: Megger MFT 1710...
  23. S

    3 phase converter and Cold cut saw

    I have been given a trennjaeger cold cut saw recently however I only have single phase available at my place and the saw is 3 phase, discounting a motor change as its a flanged motor with odd length splines etc. and would cost a fortune to replace, I have been left with the option of using a...
  24. V

    Utilising Renewable Energy: Turning Fresh Air Into Petrol:

    "Air Fuel Synthesis from Stockton-on-Tees has produced five litres of petrol since August when it switched on a small refinery that manufactures gasoline from carbon dioxide and water vapour." "We can convert renewable electricity into a more versatile, useable and storable form of energy...
  25. G

    Elecsa or Nappit ?

    I have recently passed my part P and 17th edition and I am about to start trading . I have looked at both companies and cant decide Any Ideas? experiences etc much appreciated...
  26. Strima

    Screwfix stock levels

    No wonder they've never got any decent stock levels...
  27. T

    Ac to dc converter for drill

    Seen a chippy onsite today with a ac to dc converter or his saw, basically it looked like a battery but had a 110v lead plugged into his "cordless saw" so it was mains powered. Where can I get hold of these for a Makita 18v? Only ever seen these today, what a great idea.
  28. rich.250

    How to get a customer LOL

    Ring Main or Ring Final Circuit?( 17th Edition BS:7671) - YouTube
  29. J

    Head for heights needed for this job...

    I get a funny feeling just watching this... Watch full screen for full effect !
  30. J

    high voltage fire

    Hi everybody, Few days ago, I randomly watched this very impressive video: High voltage fire - YouTube I'm really surprised by this movie, could someone explain me how that is possible to happen? I think it happened in France. Thanx in advance for your replies.
  31. C

    relay or contactor?

    if i wanted the garage lights to come on when the electric door opened would i use a contactor or relay ? whats the differance? thanks for the advice
  32. R

    Working in a church

    Have been invited to quote for work in a church and associated church rooms. Nothing major I think, but was wondering if there is anything to watch out for when doing electrical work in a church. I know you need a 'faculty' from the parish council before drilling holes in stone walls in a...
  33. P

    testing videos

    all the credit goes to chris kitcher for these videos. nice and clear look into testing. its a shame we didn`t have him at college things would have become clearer a lot sooner.
  34. M

    Cheap sds drills anyone

    Jst wondering if anybody knows of any cheap sds drills foe sale anywhere or have one they want to sell
  35. D

    Worlds loudest alarm clock

    YouTube - World's Loudest Alarm Clock!
  36. D


    If I had done jst a board change straight over and added no more circuits would I be able to test the whole board with my 2392(I can test my own wrk)
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