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  1. J

    Thermal overload

    Got a 7.5kw pump that’s blocked. Overload set to full load current of 13amp and fuses are BS88-2 20M25 but it keeps blowing the main fuses every time it’s blocked why would this be. The motor electrical is fine tested insulation resistance and resistance of winding. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. H

    Reference methods for cavity walls without thermal insulation

    Evening all Just wondering what would be the reference method given for a twin and earth cable in a cavity wall without insulation....I understand with insulation its either 102 or 103 but these massively de rate a cable and so was thinking is it b without the insulation as it acts similar to...
  3. J

    Thermal overload

    Can a thermal overload protect against fire?
  4. C

    Opinion On Cable Ampacity in Thermal Insulation

    Ok, so a while back I came across a rather interesting article referencing an incident where MC cable had been buried in thermal insulation resulting in a small fire. The magazine claims that if the cable was de-rated to BS7671 standards over heating would not have occurred. However, I am...
  5. O

    UK Thermal breaker to derate circuit?

    Hi chaps and chapettes, I have a buried 6mm SWA 32a radial circuit powering a single 32a commando/ceeform, i'm looking to add a 16a ceeform for convenience. Can I use a thermal-magnetic breaker to derate to 16a. There isn't space for a 2 way CU so would this be my best option? Thanks.
  6. Sparksaflyin

    Thermal cameras

    Hi guys. Any of you have thermal cameras? If so what are your thoughts? which ones do you have? Has anyone got the new FLIR one for smartphones? I’ve got a testing contract that’s ongoing so am looking for something to speed up the time spent on finding poor connections. Thought this would be...
  7. Marvo

    Thermal Cameras

    I see the prices have come down over the last few years and also there are options that link to your phone or ipad. Are these any good? What are your recommendations for a thermal camera for basic electrical maintenance work for someone who's on a limited budget??
  8. AJshep

    Flir C2 or C3 thermal camera ??????

    I have a large EICR to carry out for a company that carries out CNC engineering, its going to be a PITA as they are open 24-7 so there will be areas that I'm unable to inspect. So i was hoping to use a Thermal camera in theses areas. Looking at both these cameras it seems they are Low...
  9. C

    Thermal insulation covering cable

    I'm doing a garage conversion. 70mm insulation on block then an inch gap battened on top, then 35mm insulating board. Where's best for the cable to go in terms of derating etc... Cheers.
  10. polo1

    Motor protection

    Peeps, I have been asked to run a supply for a single phase, 3.2a extract fan (systemair AW500E4). Is it a requirement, recommended or just good practice to include thermal overload protection in such a situation? Thanks.
  11. C

    Thermal overload 3 phase to single phase pump

    Boiler panel controlling a 3 phase grundfos pump. Pump was tripping thermal overload... Pump replaced for a single phase grundfos by engineer etc... I was asked to convert the control circuit to single phase which I did. But still tripping on the thermal overload. Set it slightly higher for...
  12. F

    Thermal Store problems

    Hi guys (and gals) I hope you can help me. Will try to keep it fairly brief! :grin: Have a Torrent ECO with woodburner downstairs, so gravity. All working well for the past year, apart from rads getting hot then cool (as the water gets pushed round the system) so instead of standing with my...
  13. M

    Thermal imaging camera, any recommendations on the budget end?

    Not something I really need so don't want to spend a lot, but toying with the idea of getting a cheap one to see if it comes in useful, say locating underfloor heating elements or bad connections, and perhaps a look at the house from outside see where the insulation may be lacking (have my...
  14. N

    Economy 7 - Thermal cut out

    Good evening all, I have an elderly client I have been doing some work for and he has old economy 7 heating. The Storage heater in his living room keeps causing issues. Basically it stops working, I've opened it up and re-set the thermal cut out and it works perfectly for about 6 weeks then...
  15. mydigitalhome

    Anyone used Solarus combined PV & Solar Thermal panel

    Hello, I dont work for Solarus and not trying to advertise them. Home - Solarus - However I have a Client who spotted their website and I cant find many reviews about this tech. Does it work or is it a bad compromise what do you guys think? Do any of you have experience of...
  16. L

    Thermal switch for belling farmhouse cooker

    Bit of an odd one, but one of you might have a an old Belling 900G Farmhouse range cooker and the main oven thermostat has failed. The part number is 46THC8/J5, however it's no longer available and I can't find one anywhere. Does anyone know if there's a solution, such as using a different...
  17. SpecialistEnergy

    New specialist in solar thermal on the forum

    Hello, I can see this forum is not very well attended - understandably in the UK given our woeful tariff scheme! Just thought I would post that I have joined these forums recently and I have 15 years worth of experience in solar thermal so if anyone has any Qs they haven't asked because of the...
  18. V

    Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Hi guys. Got for sale a Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera for sale. It's brand new in the box and never been used. Had it for a little while and never used it so thought it best go to someone who will get the use of it. If you need anymore info on it please do not hesitate to contact me. Asking...
  19. R

    Latching relay circuit for thermal store

    Hi everyone. Hoping someone can help. I'm using a recently qualified electrician to carry out the following work but he wants me to tell him what I want and supply parts for wiring to lpg boiler/thermal store. I would like to have two pipe thermostats on flow and return to store (as close as...
  20. G

    Thermostat swithching

    I've fitted a 300ltr thermal store a year ago and have just recently added solar water heating evacuated tubes. What I'm wanting you do next is get the stats to turn on the rads when the water achieves 65c. As the water from the rads returns it lowers the temp to around 45c while the fire is...
  21. P

    thermal constraints

    what 2 methods are they to determine the sustainability of a protective conductor for thermal constraints during earth fault conditions?? And might be a long shot but can anyone tell me what component of a RCD will operate for a .. a. line to earth fault 2.3 ohms b. line to neutral fault 0.01...
  22. A

    Beko Condenser not heating

    hi, I have a Beko DC7110 condenser dryer that's not heating, I have cleaned out all filters etc, the heating element has been replaced(which includes thermal overload) and the front thermal overload has been resistance tested and is fine, what could potentially be the reason? Thanks
  23. Dan

    Graphene-based Solar Thermal Fluid - Solar Thermal Forum

    Some interesting advances in solar thermal fluid, graphene-based thermal fluid. Anybody come across this yet?
  24. kingeri

    Domestic Cables in trunking boxed in with pipes

    Who would do this? Cables for upstairs circuits in trunking going up corner of room then central heating flow and return pipes on top of trunking, then whole lot boxed in. Good idea? Does it matter?
  25. M

    cat s60 phone with thermal camera!!

    been told it comes out in may would be a pretty cool thing too ad to your testing gear. opinions?
  26. The Solar King

    Removal of Solar Thermal from the RHI

    This has been rumbling on for several months. DECC finally announced a consultation yesterday which can be found here: Biomass will also take a hit. The strategic thinking behind this is...
  27. G

    Cheapest heating

    What do you think is the cheapest heating system for a house of 200m2?
  28. S

    Surplus Dorman Smith mccb's & Katko switch

    Hello folks, I'm new to posting on the forum however have lurked for as while now using the many helpful resources it has to offer. I would like to list some brand new surplus Dorman Smith mccb's & Katko switch fuses left over from a project. Below pictures of what I have. 1. 250A YA3J...
  29. M

    thermal imaging training

    Hi guys looking at training for thermal imaging. Will be used in hospital environment and is to improve condition reporting mainly but may also be used for plumbing/heating issues if the need arises. I have seen 1 day course tailed for electrical inspection and 5 day course run at...
  30. E

    RHI, Solar Thermal & Swimming pools...

    We have a legacy ST system installed in early 2011 in a large family home comprising 120 tubes, 500L thermal store and a heat exchanger to a pool. The loop to the thermal store is metered, installed to the guidance at the time and completely separate to the pool loop yet the system is not...
  31. I

    Domestic condition report

    Water mains pipe has 6mm earth bond back to met, is this a c3 or do I not note it on observations or not bother thanks:shades_smile:
  32. S

    Faulty storage heaters

    Hi folks Was called to three storage heaters which have stopped working (all storage heaters in property). Two of the connection units into which the heaters are wired have neons, and the customer says these light up when the storage supply is on over night (so problem is not with supply or...
  33. H

    Thermal Imaging Camera for Sale

    Hardly used Flir Infracam for sale? About 4years old but only really been used on 1 contract once a year for about two weeks hence the reason for selling. Please find below the Manufactuers spec: Hardly been used Flir Infracam. A great bit of kit really impressive and opens the door up to more...
  34. S

    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Hi Guys, I'm rather confused over the R.H.I. I was under the impression that the payments would be for 20 years but spread over 7. Looking on the MCS calculator as an example it says a Solar Thermal system will generate 1732kW of deemed heat per year. I was working out the R.H.I payments as...
  35. Worcester

    Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Component Suppliers

    Hi Guys, up until now we've been buying complete kits of Solar Thermal, however some of our systems are starting to get interesting (hybrids, integrated boiler controls etc), so we are now looking for suppliers of the bits that make them up. We've found that although all the usual suppliers...
  36. Worcester

    Combined PV / Thermal Panels

    We've got a job to do where the client wants both PV and Thermal so we're looking either for a combined panel or matching ones I know that Viridian do a matching pair, anyone had experience of either matching units or combined units and if so what is the performance and performance / cost ratio...
  37. A

    Beko CE 68206C - problem with oven not heating

    Hi, First post, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask such a question, if so if someone could gently point me in the right direction/forum, that would be appreciated. Our Beko CE 68206C oven has stopped working, not sure the grill works either. The clock appears to be set properly...
  38. R

    Underfloor Heating Insulation??

    Hi i have done many underfloor heating systems on ply lined floors but never on a concrete levelled base. The question i am asking is it ok to use polystyrene thermal boards with a mesh type mat i know they are ok with the foil mats but i am unsure with the mesh type. I dont want it to be a...
  39. E

    Solar Thermal

    Hi could anyone help I have a customer that we are looking to install a 17kwp Solar PV system for who has asked how the RHI is calculated on a Solar Thermal system. We are MCS for PV but not thermal so never done and would like to help or at least point him in the rigth direction. Regards Elmrs
  40. jason121

    Solar thermal

    Need some advice regarding a solar thermal system. To remove existing cylinder is going to be a nightmare, small cupboard and pipes covering the cupboard. So I am thinking of installing separate cylinder and piping the hot water from the solar cylinder into the bottom of the existing cylinder...
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