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  1. R

    Domestic Wiring for the Australian market - hot water unit

    I purchased an Ecosmart 8 Instantaneous hot water system from Amazon and its really made for the North American market. The wiring says it need two active wires to make up 240 volt and no Neutral, Customer support have also told us this, however in Australia we have one red active wire and a...
  2. Marti

    The Highs an' Lows of the Sole Trader Market

    Mods - this may be more suitable for The Leccy Arms but not sure if I have access so delete / move if unsuitable. I've had a bit of a dry January. Not the "no beers" kind but, apart from one bathroom fit out, not a lot of work. Now I can fully understand that this is the world of feast 'n'...
  3. E

    lets set prices for the market

    you guys realise that this website could bring the best of the best together to set prices so that electricians can charge £1000 per day, if none of us went to work for less than 1k a day then there would be no option for people to eventually pay for our services. now obviously im the boss of...
  4. S

    Test leads - genuine or after market

    I need new test leads for any Metrel and have seen AMECal do the same set as Metrel. Just wondering if they are any good or should I stick to the pricier Metrel ones? Thanks in advance
  5. V

    What determines your rates?

    Hi, what determines an electricians rates, living in London. What points would you say distinguishes those earning £25/hour and those earning £50/hour?
  6. V

    Solar PV Industry??

    Hi Gents, I worked in the Solar industry from 2010-2013 in the UK which had its ups and downs especially after the first tariff change. Since early 2013 I've been working in Australia still doing Solar, which seems to ahead of the UK market. I've had the chance to work on some great projects...
  7. billyblade

    Impact driver accessories

    Hi fellas, I work for a leading power tool accessory manufacturer who specialise in accessories for electrical installation. We are looking at expanding our range of impact driver accessories and wondered if there was anything you guys would be really interested in? We already market...
  8. Lou

    Derek Mitchell Electrical Ltd

    Derek Mitchell Electrical was founded in 1976 by - no surprise - Derek Mitchell. The companies' roots of work commenced in agricultural installations and that work has developed our skills into commercial and domestic markets. From two men and a van the company has now progressed into a base of...
  9. C

    Cable Fault Location Business

    Hi All I am hoping for some advice. I have saved up enough money to purchase a cable fault location machine and was hoping to start my own little business. Can anyone tell me whether this would be a good business opportunity? Is there a demand for such a service in the UK? Is there a lot of...
  10. R

    renewable options, which way to go

    Hi all, I'm looking into moving into the renewables market and wondered if anyone has any info/knowledge on the best form of renewables to go into. I know solar PV was big a few years ago, is it big now? I am self employed and would look to take someone on to go into the market. Any advice...
  11. M

    Sub Contract PV Installer Wanted

    Hi, We are looking for a Sub Contract PV Installer. We have been installing systems for about 3 years and operate solely in the newbuild domestic market. We have secured more work and could do with another hand to install. Applicants must hold relevant qualification and be able to provide...
  12. R

    The future of Commercial / Utility PV installs in 2015?

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some advice on what is likely to happen this year with large scale solar installs? Solar farms were / are going up all over the place but a change in government funding is going to stop that come April right? However installs under 5 MW are still going to be funded...
  13. jason121

    Voltage Optimisation Unit

    Any thoughts on these units, customer asked about one today, never fitted one. Consumer unit located in kitchen unit so not a lot of space left
  14. R

    solar - worth the effort?

    I'm thinking about venturing into the solar field. Any thoughts or recommendations?? Is it worth bothering spending the money to get going?? Cheers
  15. S

    solar Pv in dusty areas

    Just looking at a farm building which suffers from a dust problem from surrounding plant, apart from that the roof is good for solar. I have been lead to believe that to a large extent the panels are self cleaning (they will be on a 30degree roof) but are there any on the market that are better...
  16. I

    New Job with a new problem - electronic ear defenders

    Firstly I am glad to say I am back in work as an engineer WOOO!!!!!! Kinda happy about that. Am needing some new ear defenders, and someone must have come across a pair. One of the factories I work in is noisy, not hugely, but enough that ear defenders are a good idea if in there for more...
  17. E

    looks like the lead generators have jumped on the green deal band wagon

    Contact us | Green Deal Guide looks like the lead generators are jumping on the green deal!
  18. N

    MCS registered companies, tipping point?

    I have been keeping an eye on the number of new and total companies registered for PV, the last fortnight seems to show that more companies decided not to re-register as those that registered for the first time, its only small numbers which equates to just six extra companies added to the total...
  19. G

    LED Dimmable bulbs, having a NIGHTMARE!!

    HELP!! Bought 9 led dimmable GU10's from LEDHut and they just keep blowing! We've got a new Varilight Led dimmer switch, 10 watt-110 watt, and when I put 8 of the lamps in everything fine. Put the full 9 in and it all blows. Originally one lamp blew so replaced it with an Osram and that's been...
  20. R

    Database of installations....where is it?

    A while ago I had a spreadsheet which showed every MCS installation in the UK and who did it, where is that damned thing, I'd like to see how I compare to my local competitors but I can't find it.
  21. D

    Solar Business

    Hi guys, first post so apologies if its in the wrong section or just plain daft!! Im a 32 year old guy and have been doing electrical work since leaving school at 16 and serving a 4 year apprentaship... I've done it all at some point including domestic/commercial/testing/fault finding - even...
  22. E

    Panels on market in 2012

    Has anybody heard that the brands of panels they used to supply to their customers in 2011 will or may not be in production next year??? like Sharp mono's or Samsung etc Has I have been told that sharp have stop producing mono's and samsung have stop production all together ????? please...
  23. R

    Solar Pv Installer How lucrative is it?

    Yeah just wanted to know is this gonna be a flash in the pan type of thing or is it here to stay? I know of the government legislation but im sure the fit tariffs are being revised soon . Thinking of doing the city and guilds solar pv installer course and i have all the blinking electrical...
  24. D

    What panels are you using and Why?

    Hi All I have been using the BP Solar 180 & 230 Watt Panels until now, but as they are pulling out the solar market I will no longer use them. I have installed Sanyo HiT panels which I consider the best but only use them when im quoting against the same spec at the customer request. Im a...
  25. S

    Which are the most Popular panels

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering what the most popular panels are that you guys fit? I was thinking maybe the 190w and 230w? Any help would be great and geedback from different people. Thanks in advance Ken
  26. F

    Getting work

    Hi all, just wondered what was the best way to market yourself ( company) for PV installs. Do most of your clients get you from the MCS register? or recommendations from clients you have done installs for. What is the best way to break into this market? We don't seem to be getting many enquiries...
  27. F

    NEW FUSE FOB INVENTION - Looking For Comments etc

    Good day to everyone. I am a Director with a new company called Fuse-Fob, which has just designed and manufactured a product called the Fuse-Fob Keyring. This is a keyring which houses 3 common fuses which are a 3amp, 5amp & 13amp. You can get more information on the product, and view who we...
  28. E

    The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Announcement

    Hi Guys, The DECC have just confirmed The Renewable Heat Incentive so thought this would be a good chance for everyone to throw any questions in. The RHI is going to be available to commercial customers from July 2011 with Domestic users able to access it from October 2012. It appears the...
  29. S

    Sunlight activated switch

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a simple automatic switch that is sensitive to when the sun is shining? I have a d.i.y swimming pool with black pipe solar collector, It is hard for me to estimate what the days weather is gonna be like before I go off and work. A simple automatic...
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