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  1. Lister1987

    Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver - Experiencies?

    Been eyeing up getting an impact driver as the first tool for my power tool collection. Live seen the M12 in a few Thomas Nagy's vid and feel I need over with the formfactor but I'm undersided on which system to go for; DSES puts across a good argument for using Ryobi; very rarely used so...
  2. R

    Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit/12v Dewalt Combi and Impact Drill

    I am looking to sell some of my Tools, due to my uncle retiring me has kindly given me some tools. Socket and See Voltage Tester and Proving Unit Kit - £80 Dewalt DCK211C2 10.8V 1.3Ah Li-Ion XR DCD710 Drill Driver & DCF815 Impact Twin £120
  3. Marti

    Using an impact driver - rattler - to tighten MCBs!

    Noticed one of the old hands doing this recently; using an impact driver (rattler) to to tighten the slotted PZ2 screws in a newly installed board. Never occurred to me that you could but when I (very discreetly) checked them with a conventional screw driver they were all spot on. Does / has...
  4. D

    Cheap impact.........

    Hi all It is my 40th coming up next month and my parents are insisting they get me a little something I have told them I don't need anything but they want to So my old Hitachi 18v impact is pretty much dead and I would like to try another brand Any recommendations in the sort of £100 range
  5. D

    Bosch Professional impact driver

    My Bosch 18v GSR Professional impact driver started smoking and stopped after 9 years of hard work this week. The Combi that came with it got mistreated and lasted 4 hard years. An independent tools repairer had told me the Combi's motor was no longer obtainable. Anyone out there happy...
  6. J

    Combined East and South facing panels impact using a bypass diode

    I am new to the forum so Hi to everyone out there! I am also a new DIY Solar PV user and I am looking for some technical advice on an unusual string configuration. So some prelude before the question: I have been looking at Solar on and off bust its always been too expensive and the FIT's keep...
  7. S

    Will 18th edition have any impact on the am2 exam

    I have almost finished my NVQ Portfolio and will soon be booking my place at an am2 test centre. I know there is a long waiting list at some of these places and I wonder if the exams will be changed at all by the time I take mine? To be more specific, does anyone know whether there will be an...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Long screw driver fittings for impact driver

    Im looking for a decent but not over priced set of the extra long impact driver bits, have had 2 sets now and both been a pile of s**t.. 1st lot arrived in small plastic bag and the metal was brittle and rough as hell... one snapped during use! the second set were so soft after just a dozen...
  9. M

    impact drill

    looking to buy an impact drill, whats the best make/model ? and does anybody know any places doing good deals on them
  10. billyblade

    Impact driver accessories

    Hi fellas, I work for a leading power tool accessory manufacturer who specialise in accessories for electrical installation. We are looking at expanding our range of impact driver accessories and wondered if there was anything you guys would be really interested in? We already market...
  11. J

    Impact vs combi drill for drilling holes

    Who uses impacts to drill holes though wood rather than standard drills Ect, I've just started and think there amazing. Anyone see any pros cons from using an impact instead of a standard drill?
  12. V

    Best Cordless Drill Screw Driver Bits

    I use my Bosch Professional Cordless Drill a lot, it's the 18v one and I love it. I used it today on some Pozi drive screws in a fence post that must have been put in by Guy the Gorilla a few years back and were about 4 inches long and it totally mashed some bits trying to get them out, I got...
  13. Marvo

    Bosch 18V Li Ion Impact wrench

    I have an 18v Bosch 1/2" impact wrench and I'd like to use it as an impact driver for screws as well as 1/2" sockets. Is there an adapter available to convert from the 1/2" male drive to a female hex fitting that accepts the normal screwdriver bits?
  14. P

    Socket for uni strut.

    Started putting up a lot of uni strut only problem is getting a 17mm socket through the channel to bolt through the back of it. Used a bahco set halfords pro set and a cheapy set thinking the walls in it might be thinner. Am I missing something here can someone point me in the direction of...
  15. uksparks

    Impact Driver or Combi Drill?

    Hi, I know this has been discussed many times on here, but am about to buy one and don't really know which to be honest. At present I have a Makita combi which is ok, but I wanted something that was a little more meaty and had more go. Then I read on here that people say get a impact driver as...
  16. C

    Bosch Impact Driver

    Anyone got and experience of the Bosch GDR 14.4v impact driver? (old Ni-Cd version, not the new li-on). There are still a few on the market at a very good price for the bare unit and as the rest of my kit is 14.4v (only limited use on the odd install job as its mostly machinery maintenance) it...
  17. R

    Dewalt 10.8

    Has anyone tried these DeWalt DCK211S2-SFGB 10.8V XR Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack | Screwfix.com
  18. T

    Makita BHP458 Combi Drill And Impact Driver

    What do people think to this combo set ?
  19. K

    Bosch Blue 18 Gear,

    Hi For sale.If anyones interested. Circular saw Impact driver drill driver. (no hammer action) Jigsaw Torch 4 batteries, all holding charge but used. NiMh 2.6 ah Charger. All used of course, but in Decent nick. Would rather sell in one go, but will split. Open to offers...
  20. SolarCity

    22GW to 11GW - DECC halve solar ambition

    Did anyone see this? Apparently Barker's response to the low installation figures is to halve the target. Truly staggering if this is true.
  21. S

    Installations to deadline

    March 3: assessing the impact - Solar Power Portal Pre/Post 3/3 installations. I don't feel so bad now :-( at least it wasn't just us with no work.
  22. R

    AEG Drills?

    Anyone got any experience of them? Looking for an 18V Combi, and saw AEG BSB18GLI302C 18V Li-Ion Combi Drill with 2 X 3Ah L Ion batteries for £150. Other better known brands all come with one battery for the same price
  23. A

    10.8V impact/ drill driver

    Looking at getting a small, probably 10.8v drill driver to leave in the tool bag to reduce repetitive strain injury. I find I hint use the 18v as much since it is that bit heavier and bulkier. Is it worth getting an impact driver? Or just a drill driver? I assume that the smaller 4-6v models...
  24. E

    WANTED Makita LXT 202 twinpack

    Hi, I am looking for the Makita LXT202 twinpack, with the 3-speed drill and the impact driver. I am also after the 10.8v impact driver and drill twinpack. Please contact me on here, or email ed at cotswoldelectrician dot co dot uk. Thanks, Ed
  25. P

    Combi drill & impact driver, Milwaukee or makita?

    Hi all, Looking at getting a twin pack of combi drill and impact driver. Narrowed it down to either Milwaukee or makita, on paper the Milwaukee is winning with better torque for both tools. Anyone got any opinions on either?
  26. Hawk81

    cordless drill????

    I need to get myself a new cordless drill but can't decide what to go for, what are you guys using and what would you recommend. I am thinking bosch myself.
  27. BigSi

    Bosch range of 10.8v tools?

    Anybody use these, what are you thoughts?
  28. B

    Industrial risk assessment

    Hi there, could anyone give me any idea as to where i could get a generic risk assessment form? any help is good! :confused:
  29. C

    Bosch GSB 18 VE-2-LI Professional

    About to buy my first drill!!! LOL... Looking around & have seen a good price on this. Is this alright to go for? Sorry! But a basic question...what's the difference between the Combi Drills, Impact Drivers, Drill Drivers? (and their associated uses?) I have looked on here & found a few...
  30. W

    Makita drill

    I bought an 18v makita with 3-batteries for 99 quid, the latest wonder product at screwfix..I can tell you it is spot on, I love it. I've used it now for 3 days it is robust, i've drilled 10mm in tough hardwood, used big 10 x 70mm screws, battery power is good. 25mm holes in trunking, no probs...
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