1. OldeSparky

    Wind turbine

    Hello Peeps, Advice please. A customer has a 10kw wind turbine, this is configured as split phase. He's had to install 3 phase but the company that put the turbine in only installed a 3 core swa to the turbine, whoops. This normally would be ok but the control gear requires a neutral. The plan...
  2. Scottish Scientist

    Wind, storage and back-up system designer

    Wind, storage and back-up system designer Peak demand, wind and back-up power / energy usage and storage capacity calculator For the specification and design of renewable energy electricity generation systems which successfully smooth intermittent wind generation to serve customer demand, 24...
  3. D

    Solar Power / Wind Power Shed

    Hi Guys Later this year I want to do a solar power and or wind power installation into my allotlment shed. I've watched tonnes of YouTube videos and I've been to various sites, however, when attempting to work the maths to figure out how many batteries I need I must be going wrong somewhere as...
  4. Lou

    Kite powered power stations

    I have just read this article about a kite power station coming to Scotland next year. Apparently the kites will fly 750m high and turn a turbine. I'm all for new energy sources as we can't last without them but kites is something I'd never thought of. What do you guys think on the...
  5. C

    Window openers

    any ideas,6 electric chain window openers,none work,either open or close. 230 volts at each opener,switched by 3 position switch,off,open,close.
  6. W

    New career as a Wind turbine technician

    I have just been accepted on a Wind turbine technician course at a local college. The job really appeals to me but I don't have a background in electrical engineering and have no qualifications in Maths or Physics. My question is - is an electrical background / Maths & Physics essential or they...
  7. Murdoch

    Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade 'nasty trick'

    You have been warned! Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade 'nasty trick' - BBC News Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves!
  8. D

    Electric velux window

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice. I have 2 velux windows to connect up & each one has a flex with a plug top so straight forward enough, only problem is there's no attic space above otherwise I'd fit a socket & plug them straight into it, they don't want a switch on the ceiling or wall either...
  9. K

    Wind Turbine Technician

    Hello I have been messages on linkin regarding a job with a big turbine company, at first didn't think much of it but been looking into it and it doesn't look so bad. Just wondered if anyone has experience in this field seen a few bits on forums but they date back 5 years or so Thanks Ash...
  10. E

    Replacing a window extractor fan

    I've been asked to quote for replacing a window extractor fan on a double glazed kitchen window. I've not done this before so haven't said yes yet as I want to make sure I'm not going to muck up the seal. For those with experience in this area, presumably when the hole for the fan was originally...
  11. D

    windscreen wiper doing there own thing!!

    My rear wiper on my Ibiza Mk3 comes on all by itself and stays on all the time even when the switch is off but then sometimes will stop for a while then a little bit down the road will start off again on its own. Sometimes the front wipers will work on their own as well with the wiper switch...
  12. H

    Surely a wind up?

    The vermin obviously, but there's a bit more to it than first meets the eye
  13. M

    Windhager boiler

    Hi found your forum because im looking for some help :mad2: i live in france and renovating a barn i installed speedfit underfloor heating and all speedfit sundries including the wiring centres jgh1 no problem this is where im stuck,i bought second hand windhager pellet boiler mod number bwe260...
  14. S

    Fridge fan motor windings

    Hope this is the right location to post. I asked my friend to give me the motor that he replaced for his fridge. I checked the 2 terminals with an ohm meter and it showed 470k Ohm. I then used a megger between the same two terminals at 500V and it showed 0.02M Ohm and 20V (short?) Could...
  15. uksparks

    Solar and Wind

    Hi, I have a 4kW array on my roof, I was just thinking, can I hook a 1kW wind turbine into an inverter in the same way so that I get power from that during the dark hours too? I wouldn't want to change anything in the house, it was just if it is possible to hook a wind turbine into an inverter...
  16. L

    solar / wind / hydro setup ideas welcome

    :welcome: Thanks for popping by and looking at my project. First i live on a boat with solar and soon to have wind turbine. All coupled up to a charge controller to charge 3 x 150 amp hour batteries at 12 vdc. At the moment this is topped up with shore power at 240vac via a xantrex truecharge...
  17. B

    just got home and found all my doors and windows open

    just got home and found all my doors and windows open they have taken the lot! :greedy::greedy::greedy: what good is an empty advent calendar :santa1::santa1::santa1: well it is december:tree:
  18. B

    LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque ?

    We have all seen or even owned chinese copys of phones,GHd's watches etc but this takes the biscuit. The Range rover evoke costs in excess of £40k and the landwind about £14k can you tell the difference? see LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque - News for the...
  19. Badged01

    Wind Farms

    Is it me or is this growth in wind farms just ridiculous? Doesn't this country have enough wind of its own without wasting electricity making more of it by running these big fans? Its a blatant Tory waste of the tax payers money ......
  20. Paul.M

    LED Window Display Problem?

    I've just finished a part rewire of an estate agents shop/office, part of the spec was to give the window display guys a feed via 2 x DB sockets for their LED window display as below. Each column is on its own driver via a plug from my supply. The supply is from a 2.5mm on a Squre D C16 MCB...