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  1. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  2. S

    BN Thermic Pew Heaters

    I am based on the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire border and have a Church that is looking to fit BN Theric Pew Heaters. I suggested them after doing research on line but have never fitted any. The Church Wardens would like to go and see a church that has had them installed and to find out how...
  3. richy3333

    Looking for Divine Inspiration!

    I've been asked to rewire a small church and it includes renewal of the wall lights (around 20 X). There is no specification (- its been left to the local clergy and me) and the Diocese have no specific requirements etc. Basically it's up to me to suggest some light fittings. Does anyone have...
  4. Sonia Norman

    distribution board

    Hi I was wondering if anybody has come across black stub slv? My mums church consumer unit is a nightmare. All of the connections are black stub slv, with half on them not marked as live. Thats ok for the ones that were already connected in the board. But in the board were some wires just...
  5. rich.250

    ECA membership along side NICEIC approved contractor

    Hi guys, As above really, am an Approved contractor with the NICEIC and am looking to add ECA approval for commercial work. Reasoning behind this is I do a lot of church work. They specify ECA or NIC. Thinking if I'm approved by both it would be in my favour. They do a deemed to satisfy...
  6. jackhammerJIM

    Tidiest mains

    Come on then , who is going to own up to this absolute LASH UP ???
  7. sythai

    Heating a small church need some ideas please....

    Evening Chaps... One of my customer is a small 1800's church, which is pretty cold. Been asked if I can offer a solution to their heating. Details: - no other services coming in, just electric - 100amp incoming supply (max demand very minimal at present : 9 x lights, 4 x 13amp socket, 1 x...
  8. D

    EICR in a church

    Well lads some advice if you please Looked for Quoting to do an EICR in a church with the following items from a PIR done 14 months ago. 1) Lightning conductor box on PIR cert was ✓ N/A. (It has a lightning conductor) my question is does the lightning conductor require connection to the MET...
  9. P

    Competence to Install Smoke Alarms and Burglar Alarms

    As a NICEIC DI doing a lot of rewires I often include linked Smoke Alarms typically top and bottom of stairs and sometimes hard wired Burglar Alarm Systems. I more often am called to replace panels/bells/sensors/batteries on defective systems. I have had no formal training on either. Smoke...
  10. S

    EICR on a church

    Hi guys got a EICR to do on a church, not done one on one before just wondering if there is any special regulations to consider Cheers David
  11. S

    Pyro Cable Tripping RCD

    Went to a job in a church hall today where one of the power circuits was tripping the rcd. There seems to be 4 bad legs of pyro in the circuit, as I get a dead short in my IR tests between line/neutral, line/earth. Is it common for pyro cable to do this after a certain time, or could a fault...
  12. N

    EPC listed building (church)

    I am quoting on a ground mount array at the rear of a chapel, its 100's of years old, in a conservation area and listed as well, these are being addressed by my customer however obviously there is isent a cat in hells chance that this church with stained glass windows etc will get a D rating...
  13. i=p/u

    heating in a church

    was working in church today, ripping out pyro and installing heat res flex as pyro blow up or something as they turned the heating on.. anyway the heaters are of tubular type and dude says they work out as 120W per foot, does this ring bells with any of you guys... also its a tt system and the...
  14. K

    Church Installation PVC? SWA? MICC? Mixed answers.

    Hi there i have a job to rewire part of a church and the original is wired in pvc just wanted to no what the trend is? thanks kinger.
  15. P

    I disagree with the PIR!

    Just been asked to quote for work in a church required by a PIR undertaken by another NICEIC electrician. He's given a code 1 (really?) to no RCD protection (doesn't specify for what). The church has PME earthing and two 3ph boards - one supplies storage heating, the other lighting, a few...
  16. R

    Weatherproof / Vandal Proof keyswitch

    Am trying to find a weatherproof and vandal proof keyswitch. This is for turning on pathway lights up to a church from the gate rather than turning them on from inside the church. Area is a bit rough, to say the least, so must be vandalproof as well as weatherproof. Have found this switch...
  17. R

    Working in a church

    Have been invited to quote for work in a church and associated church rooms. Nothing major I think, but was wondering if there is anything to watch out for when doing electrical work in a church. I know you need a 'faculty' from the parish council before drilling holes in stone walls in a...
  18. G

    smoke alarm certificates

    Re: Domestic smoke detectors? The only forms I've used are NIC ones. I've attatched examples of the green ones that anyone can use......
  19. M

    urgent help really confused

    hi i have been asked to work for a church i have my 17th and registered with niceic d/i i know i have to test and cert but can i do the work please help
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