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    Will turning off an individual breaker cut

    Being from France i'm having a bit of a brain fart when looking at UK wiring systems. In our systems, neutral and live come out the top of a breaker and go directly to the circuit (we have radials here, no rings, not allowed in our regs) and we also have no neutral bar for individual circuits...
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    Possible cause for light switches no longer turning on after smart dimmer install?

    I installed a smart dimmer switch in my dining room, which worked fine. The next day, I installed the same type of switch in my kitchen. Not only did it not power on, I noticed that the light switch in the dining room no longer turns on, and that the light switch in my foyer no longer works...
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    Lamp is not turning on

    Hi all, I am a bit new here. Just had a quick question. In my living room the lamp is not working any longer. I touched/turned it a bit and it went on again. Then it went off again. This time I tried turning it but when I let go the whole turned/spinned the other way around that I was turning...
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