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  1. I

    run two 6mm tps cables

    I would like to run power to a shed that is 40m from my other shed which is powered by a 10mm cable from the house. I have access to a 100m roll of 6mm tps if I want it but the voltage drop using this is going to be borderline. Now the dumb question. Can I use a run of two 6mm cables joined...
  2. J

    Just need some guidance

    Hey Everyone Just need some advice and what to look out for. I've installed some rocker switches 24vdc for a project and they keep blowing after a period of time. Any chance you can point us in the right direction and what to look out for? Thank you
  3. D

    Domestic electricity Spain: How to replace old ICP switch in consumer unit?

    Hola! I’m in the process of renovating an apartment in Madrid. The consumer unit is fitted with an old 15amp ICP switch. I believe its function is now handled by the smart meter, so it is redundant. As this is limiting the power available to the property I would like to remove it. My...
  4. GeoffatMM

    Three Phase Cable Sizing

    I am an enthusiastic retired engineer rebuilding a barn in France from scratch and am having problems sizing my incoming electrical cables. I have had answers from 4mm to 50mm cross section from various pages on the internet so you can understand I am a bit confused. There are two main cables...
  5. Q

    Max ZS - Help reading curves

    Hi All, As ever another question regarding Max ZS! I just need help reading these curves and getting my head around them. Data sheets confuse me and overload me with information. So I have a Terasaki S800-NE MCCB Here is the Datasheet...
  6. LouiseSJPP

    Near off-grid system: question on grid input

    My little house in Spain sits in the forest and has a little wire from the electricity supplier, 20 amps max. It's a fragile link, caught up in trees which fall down regularly. I'm planning to renovate this house with lots of PV on the roof, and make it is independent as I can of the grid...
  7. LouiseSJPP

    Spanish wiring regs: the basics

    I'm assessing the extent of the work needed for a renovation project which has been recently, but I suspect poorly, re-wired. I'm not an electrician: I am, or was, a chartered engineer, so I should be able to work my way through this and evaluate the state, but I would love a bit of help to make...
  8. T

    EV Charger advice for ski lodge

    We have an unusual situation being a British-run ski lodge near Chamonix, France. The chalet is a 1930's, 20-bedroom facility run for around 200 private members that include a growing number of EV owners. We would like to get three 7 or 22kw EV charging points installed in the car park but...
  9. R

    How to carry out job in France and Germany

    Hi there, First time poster. I am looking for some advice on where to turn to for a job that I have been asked to carry out in France and another in Germany. I’m based in London. I have checked on my insurance and I’m covered to work there, but how do I/what’s the best way to sign off these...
  10. R

    Is a 300mA RCD protection against direct contact (Portugal)?

    Hi friendly people, As you may be aware, I'm a plumber, so quite possibly what I am seeing is correct, though it seems a bit odd to my untrained eyes. Hoping someone might be able to explain a few things to me as I need a bit of reassurance regarding RCD ratings. I'm currently at a relative's...
  11. R

    Regulations in Bulgaria

    Can anyone point me to wiring regs for Bulgaria (in English) please? I have searched to no avail. I intend to rewire the place moving from two ceramic fuses in a TN-C setup to a TN-CS arrangement with RCDs/RCBO (TBD). I am curious about socket heights, safe zones, in-wall conduit requirements...
  12. D

    French Electrical certifications

    I wonder if you can help me, i am being sent an 'electrician' to do some very basic work for me in a data comms room in France, the main work he will be doing is connecting PDU's into the under floor power supply, his certification is H0-B0-H0V, what does that mean, is he an electrician that...
  13. M

    Irish PIRs a few queries

    Hey guys On the summary test data, the "Minimum IR" Is that a global reading they're looking for ie ; just the entire installation tested Or is every final circuit tested during the PIR to find the lowest reading Also for a 4(doesn't comply with current rules), how do you determine if...
  14. S

    Minimum training and supervised work for registraion with EWRB

    Hi everybody. A newbie here. So, please point to me if I am in the wrong room. I am really considering applying for registration with the EWRB in New Zealand. I am living in Melbourne at the moment but I have worked in Hong Kong for a long time. From what I understand so far, the process...
  15. W

    what is the voltage? 180 volt? 220 volt - Myanmar

    If I turn off the breaker and measure the voltage across the breaker (upper and lower screws), the voltage is around 180 volt. If I measure the breaker's upper screw and the grounding bar of the breaker box, the voltage is 220. What is the actual voltage and why is the discrepancy? Thanks.
  16. Gilbertfloyd

    Can I find someone I can work with? I need help

    I am looking for electrician I can work with or engineer . I live in African country Can someone help
  17. P

    Any Polish electricians on this forum? Thanks

    Hello, just let`s find out if there is a strong community of Polish electricians or trainees here. Cheers, Przemek
  18. Y

    France wiring question

    Sorry, my first time posting a question here. So before you berate me... Yes I do have qualifications.......but my area of work is very specific. No I havent updated to 18th edition yet I have bought the book from Amazon relating to the French norms, but not received it yet. This question...
  19. T

    Looking at moving to New Zealand - qualis likely an issue

    Hi guys I’m looking at moving to New Zealand as soon as Covid allows and just have a few questions regarding required qualifications to work in NZ... I work in events (temporary power solutions). Until recently I wasn’t qualified as it isn’t technically required to carry out this work as I’m...
  20. S

    electrical consumption of an air source heat pump, Ontario Canada

    Hi - No idea if I am writing in the right place. Please, I cannot get a straight answer when the temperature is 0- -20 Celsius - where can I find a chart of what normal KWhr consumption is? I think mine is using far too much electricity thanks


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