1. C

    Do I have to register with the ICO

    Hi Guys, sorry if this has already been brought up but can anyone tell me if I need to register with the ICO, I have received a threatening letter from them warning me to register or possibly get a £4000 fine. Until today I have never heard of them so initially thought it was a scam. I have a...
  2. M

    PAT Testing. Equipment register.

    Just started PAT Testing and have been out to my first pitch. I was able to see what items had been tested and whether it was a visual or combined inspection and test. The following question has arisen. Due to new items being bought since the last scheduled visit. Who is responsible for Putting...
  3. T

    Why bother to register

    Hi guys OK so here's my post I've been an electrician for some time and have worked both employed and self employed as most of you probably have.. I been with elecsa when they first started out and stroma. But as times moved on I don't want to do large installs.. I'm content with socket...
  4. L

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Qualifications needed to register with Napit as EICR electrician

    Hi, I need some advice which course I should sign up for? I want to sign up with Napit as EICR qualified electrician. I want to eventually be able to sign my own work off, complete condition reports, minor work cert. - all domestic side work. Current qualifications 2330 level 2+3 and 17...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Government propose register of people to carry out EICR

    Just read the monthly newsletter from NICEIC, usual self congratulatory PR nonsense but something caught my eye. The Government are proposing a register of competent persons to carry out EICR's in the private rented sector... now that would make too much sense and assume it would be along lines...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Immobilise - register your items in case they are stolen

    Talking to my mates girlfriend today who works for the plod, she mentioned a website called Immobilise. Its free and you can mark your items such as power tools, testers etc with UV Pens or buy some fancy smart water if need be and then register them on the database. If stolen and recovered by...
  7. Christopher Bernard

    Hello Everyone, Figured I'd Register.

    Greetings all I thought I'd register since I tend to look at posts here a fair bit, I'm just in the process of joining Napit after working for other people for years but now it's time to do it myself. If anyone wanted to help with their experience it would be appreciated. Qualifications: C&G...
  8. D

    Newbie to the site

    Hi guys, just thought I'd say hello. I've just done my Part P so that i can safely make alterations to our circuits at work, should be registering with Napit as soon as i get my cirtificate. Then I'll be buying some kit, so far I'm set on a Kewtech K63 meter unless i can be persuaded...
  9. D

    Spark safe

    Hi this is one of my first posts so bare with me, I see a lot of jobs in Northern Ireland are now looking for you to be registered with spark safe. It seems to me to be exactly like JIB only they don't actually send you out a plastic card and charge you £170 to register compared to £50 for JIB...
  10. S

    Part p

    Hi there how do I register my part p certificate Thanks joe
  11. T

    Not allowed to lurk anymore

    Hey all So apparently we're not allowed to lurk on here anymore, some bloke (I think) called Dan keeps bugging me to introduce myself. I mean it's not like I'm hiding in a bush waiting to jump out on someone wearing a clown outfit (whatever the hell that crap is all about) but to keep him happy...
  12. R

    Do I have to do an AM2???

    I have just passed my NVQ pofolio and am just awaiting the certificate for it. I was told my my assessor that I dont need to do an AM2 because I have competed my apprenticeship but when I asked him about being JIB register he wasn't sure if I needed it. Is anyone 100% sure if I need it or not to...
  13. H

    building control certification

    new build domestic and residential I use electronic certs to register my works using click software and buy certs on the niceic website, do I still have to register this work with building control? thought this was covered, and it was only alterations to existing I had to register, please tell...
  14. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib card problems !

    I am looking to upgrade my jib card and I'm wondering if I should be paying for it as I'm employed and on the books ? Also I guess I will have to take the health and safety test ?
  15. C

    would a register work?

    Do we need a register like gas safe. Would it work and be policed properly.
  16. B

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa - Part P April 2013 deadline postponed?

    Hi everybody I've just registered to this forum although I have used it many times as a learning resource whilst studying for my 2330 Level 2 and 3 which finishes July 2013 (without an NVQ) I would deeply appreciate any information as to the current situation (post Feb 1st 2013) with...
  17. S

    pulling my fuse out nightmare

    hi just contacted d.n.o about fitting isolator for a c.u. change for elecsa assessment in my own flat. They said get a registered spark to do the work. then I replied that I need isolator so I can do the work and register. They then said to register with elecsa and then do work. I cant register...
  18. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic email

    Anyone else had email from niceic about not going on napits register? Apparently napit just want your details for marketing, it's getting like a school playground with these scams.
  19. J

    Needed - Installer to register build with MCS.

    Hi All This is my first post so apologies in advance if there are any problems with it. I am urgently trying to find a installer who is registered with MCS, to inspect and if happy to register a pv build with the MCS before the end of this month so we get the feed on tariff rate. The...
  20. C

    Going self employed whilst out of work. Possible?

    Hi, I've joined the forum because I'm worried about my dad. He is finding it hard to get work through an agency that were keen on him. The reason being is they now need for him to be registered as self employed. He's tried the tax office etc with no look and has been told he needs to be in...
  21. O

    FLUKE 1653B Serial Number

    I have just used a new FLUKE 1653B for the first time. No problems with the kit, but I have just come to complete the the test schedule and I cant fine the machine serial number anywhere. Am I missing something simple. I would have expected to have found it on the case or within the battery...
  22. M

    mcs or part p compliance?

    evening all! i've done some sub contract work for an mcs reg company, mainly ac circuit, connecting inverter and isolators etc. nothing to do with the roof work. will the 'main contractor' require a part p compliance cert from me, or will his MCS registration cover all? thanks in advance!
  23. N

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Had my assesment in early November completed with no n/c,now been 5 weeks and still not on mcs reg.Phoned Napit again(about 4th call) today to get relpy Oh someone filed it it wrong place will do it now and do a internal report into matter......AHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Still wont guarantee be done by...
  24. S

    registering first job

    Hi. Registering first job. I thought it was 5 quid per registration. I'm with Napit and it costs £15 per token. Been a long day and just finished. Am I missing something
  25. I

    is there much work out there ???

    hi there i recently started advertising in the Local free paper, and distributed over 2500 leaflets and constructed a website. i had five weekly adverts and to my amazement i recieved just 2 calls and two actual jobs. Is it really quiet at the moment work wise or is there something else...
  26. M

    Confused ??

    Hi i am nearly finished my 2330 level 3 and will be doing 2392 and also 17th edition regs in the next few weeks. A friend in the building trade has offered to put a load of work my way as long as i can test and inspect and certify my work. So i thought that once get all my certificates i would...
  27. W

    Mainly domestic; are you VAT registered?

    hey Im at the point where im struggling to stay under the VAT limit and im thinking of buying a new van in the next few months so i will need to shortly register for VAT, has any of you lads who do a fair bit of domestic work had problems with the extra hassle or cost to the customer? or has...
  28. L

    Job Evaluation

    How do you get jobs when no one will employ an uncertified electrician and how do you become certified if you have no jobs to be assessed.
  29. Goody

    Protecting your sole trader name!

    Hi Guys, This question might have sprung up earlier and my apology if that was the case. Could someone tell me how a Sole Trader could safeguard his business name because a self employed person need not register his business name with Company House. Trade marking his logo or business name...
  30. M

    Asbestos on PIR- replacement

    I am currently carrying out a PIR on a large commercial garage. There are 6 old 3 phase boards, 2 of which I have tested without problem (english electric red spot) but upon unscrewing and opening the doors on the others they have turned out to be the type with the white woven asbestos pads at...
  31. Amp David

    The National Trade Register

    Has anyone used these for work when first starting out? THE NATIONAL TRADE REGISTER - BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS Or are they just scammers?
  32. E

    how much to register with elecsa

    Hello all, just taking a massive step and decided to go on my own, i havent got 2391 but i can inspect and test,just wondering how much to register with the cheaper electrical body,i heard its elecsa, if so how much to register and how many times do they come out to check your work, and how...
  33. M

    Going Ltd from Sole Trader

    Hello peeps. Im about to take the next step in the world of bein a self employed sparks! But to be completely honest I am still unsure on the work i can and can't LEGALLY do. I've been self-employed for a year and had a pretty good year. With the cash earnt I invested into a new van, and a...
  34. M

    PIR/Landlord Cert

    hi every1, i have been asked by a local estate agent to start doing some inspection and testing work for the ie Periodic Inspection Reports. I am wondering is it ok for me to issue PIRs if i am not registered to a scheme? will there be any problems with the home insurance company? Thank you
  35. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme How is it in here? Registering with bodys such as Niceic etc

    Hi all Required a change from making signs, so have done Part P and C&G 2381. Will be looking to complete 2391 next year. Interested in who you all recommend to register with, niceic etc, pros and cons with each. What backup help do they offer, or are they onlt after your money ? I have heard...
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