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  1. M

    Replacing ceiling lamp holder - which wire goes where?

    Hi all I've got a knackered ceiling lamp holder I want to change. It's the type with no flex - the lamp holder is directly on the ceiling mount. But the new one I want to put in will be rose-flex-lamp holder. There are no markings on the old one I'm replacing. So what's the easiest way to...
  2. Nightmer

    Attaching an earth tag to a vintage lamp holder

    I have several vintage lamp holders and would like to use them because they have a good look. I found these earth tags (Earth Tag For 10mm Allthread Rod [PLU95920] - https://www.lampspares.co.uk/earth-tag-for-10mm-allthread-rod) and wondered how to attach them to my lamps for them to work. Is...
  3. Spaniel

    Commercial 3 phase motor control conundrum.

    Hello, a mechanic friend asked me to check his hydraulic vehicle lift controls as it had failed. When I arrived the lift started working again (of course) but with some contactor chattering upon initial start for approx 5 seconds. He was happy it was working again and wanted to get home, I had...
  4. U

    Domestic Heat resistant backing for ceramic bulb holder

    I have recently installed a ceramic bulb holder onto the ceiling of a virarium (a tank for a reptile). The bulb holder holds an infra red heat bulb to provide a basking area for the lizard. The bulb holder is screwed directly onto the ceiling of the vivarium which is made of chipboard. The...
  5. B

    Mirror bulb holder help

    Mrs has a vanity mirror with lights, one holder has packed up any chance from pics you guys know where I can buy one? They are SES holders I’ve looked but can’t find the same as this found ones similar Thanks
  6. Idpost

    Replacement LV lamp holder for Click LV450

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of some replacement lamp holders for Click LV540 12v down lights? The lamp holders are rectangular in shape and are fixed to the back of the fitting via 2 small screws. One of my customers has these lights throughout his house and quite a few...
  7. M

    Periodic / ECR Duty holder????

    Evening all, The company i work for lease an office which we have been in coming upto 5 years and seeking to relocate, i am aware the recomended interval for the above is 5 years or every change of use / tennancey. Can anyone offer any advice as to who is responible / liable for carrying one...
  8. Vortigern

    Culina track lighting, anybody used it? From LEDHUT

    I recieved Culina track lighting today and don't feel it is safe to install. I have shown the manufacturers instructions with a detail from the page which seems to only refer to the track lighting. Not the light fittings that I ordered. As you can see from pics the bulb holder is floating around...
  9. C

    LED bulbs tripping light circuit

    Hi, I have put three led bulbs into a ceiling unit, one of these bulbs have tripped the circuit with a loud bang. When checked nothing appears to be faulty and all bulbs work. Lighting circuit reset and then it went again last night. Any ideas on what is causing the problem? Calypso
  10. D

    Draper VDE Torque screwdriver bit

    Hello fellow electricians I was wondering if any of you have seen a VDE bit that allows different screwdriver heads to be placed in the end (If that makes any sense to you) I dont really want to keep buying different type heads when I can just swap them out from my little socket set many thanks.
  11. P

    Help with re-wiring an iPhone cable

    HI, I have an extension cable my Dad made years back that looks like this: How can I attach this to my iPad charger which looks like this:
  12. J

    Domestic Rewire a table lamp - any help appreciated!

    Hi, I have a table lamp that I love but it only allows bulbs up to 50 watt although the shade is large and open so not really a fire hazard. I have been using halogen bulbs to the equivalent of 70 watts (I think they're around 42 watt but I threw the box away) but they only last about a month...
  13. Murdoch

    Klein Tools - Electricians Bag

    I saw these yesterday at Elex, Sandown Park: Hum.... despite it saying its been uploaded I can't add it! Anyway its very similar to the CK electricians toolbag (I'm on my 3rd but the zip stitching is RUBBISH). Anyone got one? Thanks
  14. P

    Domestic Use of Mains designed Outdoor Post Light for 12v bulb

    Afternoon, Is there any reason why I cant use a 240v designed post light (with E27 GLS bulb holder) to be wired into a 12v transformed external lighting circuit (obviously with a 12v bulb of suitable wattage)? I can't think of a reason why not.....
  15. H

    Halogen gy6.35 Light Source

    For a project at university I need a fairly intense light source for a fluid dynamics experiment, as the previous one broke. I've been advised a halogen source of around 50W should be sufficient, though as I am a mechanical engineer, my electronics understanding is very basic. Through basic...
  16. G

    annoying IR fault

    Had an IR fault on a newly installed lighting circuit today, 0.00ohms with continuity of 0.37 between neutral and earth, split the circuit down and down again until I find which room it's in, full of spotlights, keep splitting until I narrow it down to the last spot, disconnect spot fault...
  17. L

    Pulling Main Fuse

    Hi All, Obviously I have never pull the main fuse, but out of interest does anyone know where you can get the saftey inserts from... the orange/red ones the meter guys/DNO carry to 'plug' the hole whilst the fuse is pulled... Any links etc would be good........ just for reference obviously...
  18. S

    Switch Wiring Assistance

    Hi, could someone help me out with wiring up a switch please. We have a very dark cupboard below the stairs, and I want to install a light that will come on when the cupboard door is opened. I was planning on plugging a cable into a nearby wall socket, and running that into the cupboard to...
  19. L

    Anybody seen a fault like this?

    Evening Fella's Bit of a strange fault, can anybody point me to the cause of it? 3 SELV downlights which I have installed in a bathroom about a year ago, fittings are JCC with sylvania 12v lamps & Halolite loop in/out tranny's, wired in 1.5mm & all three fittings spidered from a wiring centre...
  20. spark-ticus

    Voltage YES illumination NO.....!!!!????

    My lords, ladies and gentlemen, I was asked to look at some outside lights for a customer, they are in his garden (palstic spike type) they are 240v and have been installed by a very definate john wayne (connector block wrapped in insulation tape and burried!) i have put the connections into ip...
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