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  1. GBDamo

    Customers, you've got to love them.

    Carrying out an EICR. Turned all lights on and went to the DB to isolate before checking R2 using R1+R2, linked at the DB and testing at all pionts. First point; 200+MOhms, second; the same. Randomly test another five points, all +200MOhms. Marked down the fault, no CPC continuity on lighting...
  2. happyhippydad

    You've just got to give DPG a like haven't you!

    What a positive fellow! Dishes out the likes like snowflakes peppering a field :D Top chap :)
  3. Dan

    Good Morning Thread - Come say good morning, tell us what you've got on today. :)

    We have this thread on TilersForums.com and it's just been restarted because the old thread had 20,000 replies and 500,000 views. And there were 700 pages. Started to lag a bit on slow connections. I think we had a bash of this before, but I can't find the thread, so thought I'd start another...
  4. Dan

    Forum Trophies changed - now based on 'likes' you've received

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/members/?key=most_points You now get thousands of points for thousands of likes. :) I need to add some more really. It's very weighted towards members who have been here the longest. Not sure how to give newbies a chance on there to be honest. I think it's...
  5. M

    Whats the furthest you've travelled for a simple job?

    I have to travel from Bristol to near Edinburgh in Scotland on Monday, all just to look at a motorised satellite dish on a hospitality trailer that is not working...... I would so love it, if I find out its just a loose cable... Im not so sure on the economics, however as a good employee, I...
  6. happyhippydad

    You've got to turn these things into a positive!

    I'm all set to fit my 8 downlights at the customers house. I texted the builder the night before to make sure he wouldn't be in the way, he's already said he wouldn't but I wanted to double check. No reply so I assume all is well. I get to the job and he's plastering right were I need to work...
  7. O

    Withholding certificates until you've been paid?

    I was asked today to review an EICR produced by another , a in Exeter to be precise, so far to far for me to be even vaguely interested in the job What caught my eye on their email was the following: Please note the process to certification is as follows: 1. Electrical testing carried out...
  8. KEV 1 N

    Strangest thing you've had to write on an EICR.

    Has anybody ever had to write anything weird or strange on an EICR? My most memorable ones are... *No access to bedroom due to large number of wasps inside. *No access to external condenser unit cage due to large overgrown plants *socket fitted upside down (don't know why, no logic to it...
  9. Marti

    What was the best pice of career advice you've been given and what did you do with it.9

    Dead honest true. Couple of years ago I asked two unrelated friends what was the key to their successful, 6 figure salary, careers in highly competitive fields. Answers (verbatim) were, "Know which arse to pucker (kiss) up to?" And the other was "Know where the blame is going for any project...
  10. S

    Part p

    Hi there how do I register my part p certificate Thanks joe
  11. A

    Electrical Installation Certificate Quiry

    Hi, just recently rewired a new kitchen and added a additional consumer unit to a house because the existing consumer unit is a bit of a mess and there is not enough spare ways to add the new circuits into the existing consumer unit. Plan on using this job for my inspection and just wanted to...
  12. J


    Hi everyone. I'm a 32 year old restaurant manager who is looking for a change in proffesion. Spent the last few years at night college doing my 2365 Level3. Finally got that and my 17th and now looking for some electrical work. Regards James
  13. happysteve

    EICRs: observations and test results that dismay me

    Eh up :) I don't do EICRs - not enough experience - but the things I see on some reports done by others really dismay me. Perhaps some of my understanding needs improving, I dunno. Or perhaps the CPSes have their own set of guidelines different from the sources I use? In the examples below, I'm...
  14. P

    PIR report

    elo guys, when filling out a PIR on the section about number and type of live conductors do we count the earth in a tncs system. so for example in a single phase system would we mark this as a single phase 2 wire or 3 wire?
  15. spud1

    Calculation of grouping factor for 3 phase tails

    Hi, when determining a grouping factor for a galvanised trunking containing 3 phase tails, and when consulting table 4C1 BS7671 to determine the factor does each phase/tail count as a seperate circuit or are the tails considered in themselves one three phase circuit? Thanks
  16. M

    Live to neutral fault HELP!!!

    Ok pretty new to fault finding. Went to a property this is my fibdings Mcb trips NOT rcd Split ring main tested at socket got 0.22 on l-n insulation resistance on one leg Tested at board got o.oo on both legs??? Wtf Circuit has sky lights and underfloor heating on it. What is the best...
  17. P

    3 compartment MK dado trunking

    Hi I'm looking on replacing some damaged lid on a dado trunking the existing trunking is MK VTS1. can anybody tell me went is the new MK manufacturers code so I can replace the lid cheers
  18. D

    Domestic when i press switch 1 switch2 light come on as well

    i wired kitchen florescent loop in method then i took live feed for outside light (flood light with sensor) direct to switch then to light.when i switch kitchen light on the outside light switch come on as well.can anybody help me with this please.
  19. D

    Domestic Replacing Light Switch - Safety Advice Requested

    Hi. I need to replace a light switch and have researched how to do it and feel confident I can achieve it. The only thing that worries me is the potential for an electric shock. I'm on a budget and I'd rather not shell out on a mains tester if I don't need to. Also, I've heard they can give you...
  20. K

    Any advice on certification software?

    I'm after a new certification software as I've been using the Napit desktop software, my free trial is up and don't really fancy paying for the renewal. Anyone using anything better? personally I think the Napit one is rubbish but I haven't had much experience with any others. Any help...
  21. W

    EICR Form question re multiple CUs at origin

    Hi, just a practical question re the filling on of a 'standard' Dom EICR form.. Take a domestic installation where alongside the main CU at the orgin sit 2 other DBs (later additions just feeding a couple of circuits each, all internal to the house) All 3 are sitting next to each other with...
  22. K

    confused over ecs card..

    Hi all my situation is an awkward one and I need clarification please. I am an installation/service/integrated electronic security/door access multi-skilled technician - wow a mouthful! I have been in this industry 27 years - I have 236 pt 1 and 2 I have c+g 185 pt 1 2 3 intruder alarms and 16th...
  23. T

    Domestic security light woe's

    Hello everyone, wonder if anyone can help me with this, I,ve just installed two outside pir security lights on a 5 year old extention to an existing switched feed from the downstairs lighting circuit, nice neat job, they work fine, two days later i get a call, "when you switch off the...
  24. F

    Hot switch

    Customer just called me and said his dimmer switch is incredibly hot for his 9 downlights. Also after a while the lights trip..have not yet been to see this was just x what could be out there.
  25. N

    r1 r2 through conduit

    Hi guys, as the title suggest how do u test the R1 R2 value or R2 continuity if the sockets are earthed via the metal conduit? Thanks guys
  26. N

    A little question about RCD...

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem that I've been having recently. In my new flat, whenever I plug my laptop in, the electric trips. I then have to go to the RCD and switch it back on, but the problem remains whenever I plug in my lap top. My question is, seeing...
  27. M

    Review my cv and cover letter

    Evening everyone I have attached my cv and cover letter,(ive left out my personal details an current company name)..I'm currently looking to apply to local firms as an electricians mate... I'd be grateful for any feedback,improvements etc.. Cheers Mark
  28. R

    Lighting Circuit Zs

    I must be confused about some wording, Light circuit R1+R2 is 1.84 Ze measured = 0.28 So if I do Ze +(R1+R2) I get 2.06 Maximum Zs allowed is 6.14 actual measured Zs is 0.88 This measured Zs is much lower than the max value, I know higher is not good but lower Zs leads to any problems ??
  29. M

    Metal Conduit

    Hi, I have to use metal conduit in a domestic installation (wearhouse appartment). Im obviously going to have to do some conduit bending etc and I was hoping someone could shed some light on which conduit to use. The heavy gauge galvanised steel conduit looks a bit too heavy duty and looks...
  30. Amp David

    EICR, why oh why!

    Why have section 7 - 'observations and recommendation for actions to be taken', when we now have 4 pages of 'inspection schedule'. Also this further investigation required tick box. Am I right in saying that if you've identified something as a deviation, then no need to tick as you've...
  31. 1

    Combo or drill driver

    Hi there looking at getting a new drill not sure if to go for a combi drill or drill driver, please advise me your help appreciated
  32. spud1

    Spurred pump from lighting circuit

    Hi all. I have had a query from a client. We recently spurred a shower boost pump (400W) off of a local lighting circuit due to there being no local power circuit to connect to. We made an assessment of the lighting circuit loading, deemed it sufficiant to carry the additional load of the pump...
  33. C

    fault HELP NEEDED

    every time I turn on the ring main, mcb the rcd trips i've crossed over line and neutral at cu and tested each socket reading between 0.5 and 1.5 ohms. please help
  34. Hawk81


    I was having a look at one of the other forums and a guy asked a question something like he was changing white double sockets to fancy metal sockets and should he do a few tests like earth, polarity and rcd times. Even tho he did not have to do any certs. Opinion was very mixed on if he should...
  35. I

    New website

    Hi lads I have developed a new website to help promote my business,Have a look and see what ye think. Leinster Energy Services - Leinster Energy Services Thanks
  36. J

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa EIC form

    Yesterday I added a new circuit to en-suite shower room for a blow heater. So I filled in an Elecsa electrical installation certificate. In the section under K (schedule of items inspected), do I tick the boxes in relation to what I've done or do I have to spend an hour climbing in and out of...
  37. brs73

    job notification v taxman??

    hello people happy new year and all that does anybody know if the taxman is likely to have a look at the amount of jobs you have notified to building control through napit/nic etc. if you tell them you're a member do they have the right to check mmm??? i wonder??? cheers
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