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  1. E

    Grade F1 Smoke detectors

    Do Grade F1 smoke detectors with 10yr sealed battery and RF linking capability satisfy the BS 5839 -Part 6
  2. mak

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) You do not have to be employed by a JIB member to apply for a JIB grade.

    Trying to fill out my ECS gold card application online with their website app, it tells me I need to be endorsed? I do work for a jib member company but on a self-employed basis. So my question is do I have to be endorsed?
  3. J

    what electrical grade am i? (did not know where to post sorry)

    So i am currently employed by a JIB company. On my contract they offered me a position as a stage 2 electrical trainee. I have been working in the industry for 5 years now with varied experience. 2 years at a Testing and inspection company, 2 years with a company that predominantly done Housing...
  4. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS application says grade is unsupported eventhough I have my certs?

    Hi. I'm trying to apply for an Electrical Labourer's card using my Level 3 2365 Electrical Installations (Buildings & Structures) certificate from City and Gills. I have passed the ECS health safety and environment assessment, but MyECS is still saying I am under-qualified for this grade. Am I...
  5. N

    Grade D fire detection system annual certs?

    HMO property wants an annual periodic inspection cert for a grade D mains linked smoke alarm system. Far as I'm aware only installation and commisioning grade D fire detection system certs exists, and it's not actually recommended to give out annual periodics for these grade D smokes? Wiring...
  6. V

    Grade a ld1 commissioning certificates

    Hi all I'm after some advice regarding a fire alarm system we have recently fitted. The system is in a 4 storey building containing 7 flats from a single communal stair way. Each flat has an internal system with domestic type smokes and heats in every room apart from bathrooms .. plus an...
  7. R

    Electrician Jobs Fitter for Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system - North London N19

    Dear all I require a fully qualified electrician to fit a Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system in a 2 storey communal area. I can send plans and layouts of preciseley whats required so an accurate quote can be given. I would prefer individal electricains as we are a proffessional landlord and have...
  8. J

    Lowest grade of cable

    installing pir floodlights on property need to run cable 4m from back door to side door on outside of property, what is the lowest grade of cable needed for this as its such a short run
  9. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) New JIB grade 'Registered Electrician'

    What do you all make of the new JIB grade that they are to introduce with the new 18th edition? 'ECS registered electrician' is what they are calling it apparently to replace gold card? Have I heard this correctly? What are your thoughts?
  10. N

    Grade A LD2 fire alarm advise

    Hi, I have been asked to install a Grade A LD2 fire alarm for a customer of mine. This has been specified by the council. It is a standard 3 bed house with bedroom up top in the loft conversion (making it 3 floors), bathroom, kitchen and lounge. My customer is ok with the system having to have a...
  11. T

    fire systems

    hi all, just wondering as it's quite confusing as to what fore system (grade) are required for each property. now .... we know that in domestic properties they require grade D in the hall ways and landing, all interlinked with battery back up. now what about in a house turned in to two...
  12. P

    Grade card renewal from abroad

    Hi, has anyone renewed there SJIB or JIB card from abroad ? I am required to sit the ECS health & safety assessment but I would like to avoid flying all the way home just for that. I was hoping there is some course I could do online that the JIB accept. Has anyone been in a similar situation ?
  13. V

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB / ECS Card

    Hey all, i am going to apply for my ECS gold card but I'm a little unsure who exactly can sign section 9 as my sponsor. Does my sponsor have to be JIB registered? Also as they are not JIB registered can they sign section 5 JIB grading system. Thanks
  14. S

    Industrial grade connector with safety switch

    Seems like can't find any industrial grade panel connectors with built in safety switch (when removing plug safety switch gets actuated and switches on or of contactors, relays or anything else). I need some protection against accidental or intentional removal of a plug. Interlocked commando...
  15. S

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB grade card renewal

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a SJIB grade card. I sent my forms off over a week ago and hoped it would be here by now as i am finding it difficult to get onto sites without it. Its not a regrade just a like for like
  16. sajeel

    Smoke alarm

    Could someone please clarify regs on some alarm and carbon monoxide on hmo properties ? I have heard each room requires a smoke and co2 ? Also what is regs on using wifi inter link ?
  17. S

    CCTV/Intruder alarms.

    Hi all. Considering going into CCTV/Intruder alarms. (All looks good on the CV). I've had experience installing both types in the past for friends/family etc. I can't find any C&G quallies relating to it. Are there any industry standard quallies i need to be able to advertise as an installer...
  18. A

    HMO Smoke alarms?

    Hello Everyone A landlord recently asked me if I could carry out smoke alarm testing. When I asked her to go into more detail she just said the smoke alarms needed testing in one of her 'HMO' Properties (House in multiple occupation). This was all I could get out of her. When I went to take a...
  19. P

    Grade card renewal from abroad

    Has anyone had to renew their grade card from abroad ? I have an SJIB card and it expired whilst I have been away working. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  20. Q

    cat6 to outbuilding

    I'm pricing a job whereby the client wants wired internet to a remote office about 40mtrs from the house. I'll be running external grade cat6 to the office through the garden. Question is do I need to install a joint box at the house and run standard cat6 from there to the router or can I take...
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