1. J

    Prices for CCTV and Intruder Alarms

    I set up on my own beginning of 2019, doing mainly commercial and industrial work. But I’m wanting to branch out to the domestic market as well. I am wanting to mainly install CCTV and Intruder Alarms. From looking at a few threads, everyone is saying Hikvision and Texecom are my best bet for...
  2. Nelder

    Hard Wired Smart Intruder Alarms

    Hello. Can anyone recommend and fully wired, online / smart intruder alarm system please. Preferably one that can be expanded to include CCTV with DVR. The below would be ideal except for its wireless. Yale Smart home Alarm & 1080p Wired CCTV Kit Bundle | DIY at B&Q -...
  3. telectrix

    6.00a.m.and an intruder *****

    yep.6 in the morning, just about to set off for some 2nd fixing.found this in the bed. mrs. Tel is in there somewhere also.
  4. J

    intruder alarm tamper fault!

    Got myself a tamper fault on intruder alarm I installed on a refurb job I have been doing is only my 2nd wired system I have installed and had no issues on my 1st one! so would appriaciate any insights..... system is: Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel + LCD Keypad - 8SP399A -...
  5. E

    Intruder alarm with proximity keypad

    Hi was wondering if any of the intruder guys could recommend a good alarm system with a proximity tag key pad, I have been looking at the gaurdtec/risco system but cant find a good retailer if someone could recommend another brand or a good online retailer for the gaurdtec it would be a lot of...
  6. Startinez

    Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

    Hi all, Moving into my first house in a few weeks and as there's no intruder alarm system currently installed I will be installing one. In order to save cable installation etc. I'm leaning towards wireless systems but have no experience with good models or brands. Budget is probably max at...
  7. S

    CCTV/Intruder alarms.

    Hi all. Considering going into CCTV/Intruder alarms. (All looks good on the CV). I've had experience installing both types in the past for friends/family etc. I can't find any C&G quallies relating to it. Are there any industry standard quallies i need to be able to advertise as an installer...
  8. Amp David

    Scantronic alarm choice

    Looking to fit this alarm panel to replace an old one. Any comments from anyone who's used them before regards ease of use, reliability etc. Scantronic 9651 EN 41 - Intruder - Alarm Panels - Scantronic 9651EN41 - Alarm World | Burglar Alarms & Home Security | CCTV and Access Controls and...
  9. i=p/u


    interlogix im trying to work out at moment they have packk of 4k7 resistors looks real technical.... these will be linked to videphones aswell anyway we were asked to pull the cables for these alarms its came now where ive staqrted fitting out, well im mounting everything but im sure they will...
  10. S

    telemecanique limit switch query

    Hi allwe have got a telemecanique limit switch on a sprinkler valve to indicate a fault situation if the main valve is to be shut for any reason. The client has now asked for the intruder alarm to be linked to this valve also in order to fulfill these requirements , both parties need a clean...
  11. R

    Fire rated telephone cable fp200 /cw1600

    I currently do some work in a factory and serviced office complex.They have switched alarm company and the previous one used to monitor the fire alarm system.The new one will not connect it to the new monitered intruder alarm system because they have said the cable with is a 3 pair normal phone...
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