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  1. C

    ECS help

    I've been a electrician for 36 years started work on a yts and got a job with small company passed my C&G 236 part one and two and 16th,17th, and 18th regs and listed all on my ecs card app but i can not find my deeds not sure i ever got them im 54 years old not and do not want to take nvq3 not...
  2. W

    Electrician Electrician required in and around Manchester.

    Electrician required in and around Manchester. Must have own van tools fully qualified with testing and ecs card. Self employed. Msg for more details
  3. J

    Not showing lvl 3 on gold ecs

    Hi, Has anyone applied for a new ecs gold card as of late? I have recently finished lvl 3 test and inspection . The qualification shows on back of the card, but, does not show lvl 3??
  4. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS application says grade is unsupported eventhough I have my certs?

    Hi. I'm trying to apply for an Electrical Labourer's card using my Level 3 2365 Electrical Installations (Buildings & Structures) certificate from City and Gills. I have passed the ECS health safety and environment assessment, but MyECS is still saying I am under-qualified for this grade. Am I...
  5. T


    Good evening everyone, I am new to the trade and this site and need some help please cos I am struggling big time to make any progress. Was made redundant in my own skill of printing and have been given a chance to retrain. I recently started working with a company and was put on site as a...
  6. J

    Problems upgrading ecs card.

    Hi all, I am currently updating my ecs card from apprentice to electrician. However when going through the application online it says I must supply a copy of my JIB409 form. I’ve never seen this jib form before but I’m aware you can download the form of jib’s website, but who do I get to fill...
  7. BenHud29

    ECS Card Application

    Hi, I have recently applied for my ECS card but it has been sent back to me twice. All it says is its because of certificates but I've uploaded all my certificates and then redone it the second time it was sent back to me. Anyone else had a similar issue? Need to get my ECS card for my job...
  8. InconspicuousAC

    ECS Labourers Card, and 2635 L2 Certificates.

    Hi guys, You guys have been awesome with help before, so feel like the best place to ask. It may sound like a stupid question, but how many certificates are you supposed to receive for passing the 2365 level 2 course? I passed in June with Salford City College, and have received 3. One for...
  9. K

    CSCS and ECS Card for Electricians

    Hi all, I'm looking to pass my final exams on units 202 & 203 from my C&G 2365 course end of this month and therefore complete Level 2. Next thing is to get out there and start working and getting experience. I was told it's best to go to an agency who are looking for improvers to work on sites...
  10. Zdb

    ECS Gold card reverse

    Just for a bit of fun let's see who's got the most text printed on the back of their gold card....
  11. Zdb

    IET membership - ECS fast track

    Has anyone signed up for IET membership via the ECS fast track route? Fast Track your Application - I am trying but can't make heads or tails out of their...
  12. D

    ECS Grading advice/opinions?

    Hi I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread.. I have just applied for a new gold card after completing the 18th and having finally receiving my cert for EAL L3 in initial verification. (Current other qualifications: EAL L3 in Periodic, AM2, EAL L3 NVQ in...
  13. N

    Industrial 18th Edition and the ECS card

    Hi I'm a 57 year old approved election working at Tata steel as a contractor at my age do I still need to do the 18th edition to retain my ECS card.
  14. M

    New ECS rules from the 01/01/2019

    Hello, I completed a C&G 2357 apprenticeship in November last year. I didn't get notification of my certificates until 09/01/2019. My certs are dated the 30/11/2018. My problem is trying to apply for my gold card the ecs is saying I must be signed up to their opt in sceheme, and to do so I...
  15. B

    Which ECS Card to apply for?

    Hi, I have completed a, Level 3 NVQ diploma in electrotechnical systems and equipment [2357-13] now I’m looking to apply for my ECS, I’ve put in Installation electrician for my main occupation and approved electrician in grade, I’ve uploaded my certificates but it’s asking for 2391 test and...
  16. J

    New ECS cards for electricians mate

    Hi all, this is my first post and looking for some advice on re-entering the trade as an electricians mate. I’ve looked for a similar thread on here over the past few years but can’t find any so apologise if it’s been covered before! I’m 32 years old and been working as an electricians mate for...
  17. A

    Fed up with ECS, can anybody help?

    Hi all, Since leaving the Army on medical grounds I have been unsuccessful in finding work in the electrical industry. I was an electrician (so to speak) in the Royal Engineers and gained various quals whilst in service. I have been on here a couple of times to seek advice and followed it, but...
  18. P

    My esc card has expired what to do next

    my ecs card has ran out over a year ago. I have sat the ecs health and safety test recently. The sjib are telling me i need to sit the 17th again as its been over 5 years since i got my time out in order to renew my card again. Or im i as well as sitting the 18th editon in order to get my card...
  19. einstein

    so my current ECS card is valid until 2020

    what happens when i need to update to 18th edition?
  20. B


    Hi - I am trying to get my first ECS card. It has recognised 2 of my qualifications but I can find the other 2 - EAL Level 2 Fundamental Inspection, testing and initial verification 603/0144/2 and EAL Level 3 in Building regs for electrical installations in dwellings 603/0149/1. Any advice as...
  21. E

    ECS mock test questions

    ive got my ECS test tomorrow so thought id give a mock test a quick go, how is it possible to fail these with questions like this Q:6-Which of the following would NOT make a load easier to handle manually? Mark one answer: Painting it a bright colour Securing the load so that it does not...
  22. AJshep

    ECS card arggggghhhhhhhh.

    So I formally completed and finished my electrotechnical apprenticeship with JTL in 2003. My apprenticeship was a standard five year and we only got entered into doing our AM2 once we had completed 5 years experience and shown neccessary experience in our log books. In this time I completed the...
  23. R

    Electrician Electricians needed for sites across London

    Our company is an established and innovative BMS company offering a complete range of services associated with BMS and building control services to the construction industry. You’ll be working 7.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday. You will be met with a generous start off rate, workwear + PPE. Rate...
  24. El Davo

    Experience needed, new to the trade.

    Can anybody point me in the right ditection for gaining that all important work experience? Finding it hard to catch a break. I live in the West Midlands and would be happy to offer some free/cheap labour if it means I can get some experience and a foot in the door to the trade. I am 25, hold...
  25. R

    ECS card is troublesome to get (ECS Website). Any advice?

    Hello guys. I have recently been trying to apply for an ECS gold card. I have already sat the H&S awareness test and passed it. The thing is I don’t know what card I should be applying for. Each one I am about to try for on the website has an alert from the “rules engine” saying that my...
  26. R

    Trainie ECS card..............

    Big thanks to all who msged back regarding my last post! I’ve been advised after gaining the C&G L2 2365 i could then apply for jobs on the likes of indeed website for a “mate” which requires a ECS card, although it Will be the trainie card which would hopefully get me a start with someone to...
  27. H

    ECS Card application & NVQ 3

    Dear All, I am a Bulgarian citizen who has been living and working in the UK around 5 years and would love to apply for ECS card. I have a master degree in Electronics but I don't know if it covers the NVQ level requirements for ECS card. I also have 2394, 2395, 17th edition and recently...
  28. R

    ECS Labourer Help!! electrician mate

    Hi ! Im new here and i need some advice : I have some qualifications from abroad and ive got a statement of comparability from uk naric and it qualify me to work as an electrical installations technician. my queation is how can i get the ecs labourer card as im trying right now and im having...
  29. H

    Applying for Ecs card (help!!!)

    I'm currently studying electrical installation level 3 and 17th edition, I've already done my level 2 and have a certificate for it. I contacted multiple companies for work experience and they'd all take me on as long as a Ecs card but as far as I can see, the only way of obtaining the card is...
  30. M

    ECS laborer, new policy from 1th october 2017

    Hello everyone, My name is Mihai and i'm new on the forum I'm new on the forum and i have an issue in obtaining the ECS card, i passed the assessment and i apply to get the card insane, after the verification they put on hold my application because i should upload on my application the...
  31. A

    How to go about shadowing and ecs cards

    Hi guys First post on here so here goes.... Im currently taking the 2365 ( level 2) qualification and I'm after some advice on the ecs cards. Im looking for some shadowing work and I was wondering if a ecs card would be require for shadowing, and not only that but how would a ecs card work...
  32. Marti

    The MyECS H&S test merry-go-round & ECS Card

    The MyECS H&S test is in the bag; passed today so thought I'd offer this up and, hopefully, save someone a little stress. The test is £48 and easy enough PROVIDING you don't treat it that way. They send a list of sample questions when you book the test. At the test centre, it was obvious who...
  33. M

    Which ECS card can I apply for ?

    Hi fellow Electrotechnicians ! My current employer has decided we need to be carrying an ECS card to show our competences. I've printed off the Craft Card application form, had a bit of a read and am a little confused as to which one I can apply for. I did an apprenticeship and got a City and...
  34. L

    ECS card assessment help

    Hello my name is Lee kane I'm an apprentice/becoming an apprentice but I need to sit the END assessment and I was hoping I could get some advice from people who have sat it ?
  35. K

    Recommend ECS card exam location in London

    Hello, everyone. I am interesting where in London I can go to take ECS card exam. Please recommend me some place. Thank in advance.
  36. K

    Applying for an ECS gold card but missing a certificate

    Hey guys, I'm trying to apply for an ecs card but they bounced it back to me as I'm missing a certificate. I have a certificate for level 3 2330. I also have a certificate from Summit Skills for Advanced Level Apprenticeship in electrical installation building and structures. However they...
  37. Michal Zapalski

    What ECS Card for Improver?

    Hello everyone. I wonder if anyone knows what kind of ECS Card I need to work as Electrical Improver. What is the colour, title on card and what qualifications? I went to college and completed my level 3, did 17th Edition. I am also working on my NVQ level 3 and recently passed AM2 assessment...
  38. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) New JIB ECS gold card now has white reverse

    What does every everyone think of the new Ecs gold card having a white back? Maybe im being picky but i think it somehow degrades the gold card. Is it just me or does anyone think it should have stayed all gold
  39. K

    ECS help?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help before I call the ECS help line. I'm trying to apply for an ECS card but at the H&S assessment section I read that I can be exempted (or so I believe). I've uploaded the 2357 C&G level 3 qualification which I thought makes me exempt since it was...
  40. K

    ECS application help?

    Hi all, so I've tried to apply for an ECS card but at the end it asked for the 2394 qualification, however when I looked at my certificates there's no mention about it. I called my college and they said that I haven't done the 607, but after speaking to my old lecturer he told me that my year...
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