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  1. dokkan1080

    Greenbrook lighting connector

    Been given a load of these Green brook lighting connectors like a box load of them any one used them are they any good? The instructions seem worded strange to me they say : Up to 3 x 2.5mm2 flexible 3 core cable can be used. does that mean they only want you to use 2.5mm cable with the...
  2. Christopher Parkinson

    (diy)Do I need a contactor?

    Hi all, I'm building a small, home tanning bed. I finally have a staircase timer which works. It's rated at 16amps. I'm using 10 x 160watt lamps. There is an electronic ballast for each lamp. The ballasts are rated at 1 amp AC 230V output current. Do I need a contactor? The timer...
  3. dmitry1

    help to identify contact

    i have a contact (for power) that goes into ARINC-600 connector, it has only two color bands, i am having problem identifying its part number...., if someone recognizes it please let me know 1) type: contact. color band: red, orange 2) type: contact. color band: blue, orange these go into...
  4. S

    Help replacing an old pendant to IKEA pendant with connector block

    Hi everyone, new here. Sorry if this may have been posted before but here goes.. I've been asked by a family member to fit a new light fixture from an old ceiling rose pendant to this ikea one.. SKURUP Pendant lamp - black - IKEA -...
  5. M

    Need to find the manufacturer of the connector

    Hello everybody, can someone tell me the manufacture of the electrical connector, who have the logo as following picture? Thanks! 1569581598 Some other picture:
  6. C

    Is anyone familiar with this connector type?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking for some information about how to repair an LED floor lamp that is on the fritz. Here's a picture of the connector and driver. The lamp and wiring is fine - I have a second identical lamp and it works when plugged into that other driver. However...
  7. Gary Tollison

    Wago connector cooker cable repair

    Greetings After having made some floorboards in the bedroom secure after the cowboys who did the electrics in this house a long time ago couldn’t be bothered, I have duscovered that the sawn-off end of the floorboard had been hammered back under the wall, and as a result, the outer insulation...
  8. Top Cat

    Smallest inline flex connector.

    Have a job to extend the flex on 2 table lamps. It needs to be black and as small as possible as it will be on show. The table lamps are double insulated so only need it to take 2 cores but 3 core flex connectors would be ok as well. doesn't matter if fixed or plugin. I can find white but can't...
  9. HVManiac

    Need help with identifying the type of connector on vintage Sears kettle

    Hello everyone, Guys I've an old Sears kettle that I still use. But recently I noticed that the power cord connector to the kettle is wiggly, but still works. Since, it looks like a removable connector I tried to pull it slightly but it doesn't seem to be removable. Anyone here has any idea...
  10. Ric Arthurton


    Hi, my names Ric. (Apologises for the essay) Im new here but with only one question, or problem! Ive purchased an RGB LED strip to go behind my TV and to avoid bending the strip round the 4 corners of the TV, Ive also purchased L Shape RGB Strip Connectors. Now since purchasing Ive noticed...
  11. E

    Extended main Earth on connector block

    I was doing EICR on Saturday on the rented flat and apart from other issues I found that The Main Earth it has been extended with connector block so to reach the earth bar.(as to short) The main earth it 6mm,and its the DB been upgraded by electrician 3 years ago. What code would you give to...
  12. S

    Strange crimp connector for BT phone power

    I have an adapter which plugs into the mains and on the other end has what looks like an RJ11 crimp connector, but the clip is oriented to the left rather than the middle. I want to shorten the cable as it is far too long and had anticipated simply cutting the appropriate amount of the lead and...
  13. Grampabill

    Puzzling connector block.

    Here I am again with another (probably!) simple problem for those who are in the know. I'm having problems at my holiday home with clients continually switching off the plug which powers the shower in the bathroom and being phoned by people, at all hours, to complain that the shower does not...
  14. SJD

    Hager Duplex Cu and KRN190 Neutral connector

    I have a Hager Duplex (stacked 2-row) CU to install. The main switch is on the bottom row. There are cables from the switch feeding the top row. Both cables are fed via a KRN190 "100A neutral connector". The neutral enters the top, and from the bottom is fed to the N busbar. Now I can see this...
  15. M

    Do I need an electrician for cooker connector unit

    Hello We are replacing our electric oven single oven. Circuit has 32amp MCB and seems older cooked was directly connected to CCU straight to back of cooker using thick cable. New cooker arriving tomorrow and think it might have a 13amp plug. Think I need to fit a connector unit to walk behind...
  16. H

    Unknown socket type for 12V connector - Camping fridge

    Hello All, i am trying to buy a 12 DC cable for my camping fridge but i cant seem to find one with the style of socket the fridge has. I was hoping someone might recognise it? It is an old fridge so perhaps this socket is out dated? It is for a 12V DC cigarette lighter cable. Many thanks Harry
  17. M

    Earth connector Steampunk lamp

    Hi , not an electrician by trade - but want to make a steampunk lamp for a project just in my spare time . I intend to use an old avo meter for the base and attach a lamp holder to the top . I will gut out the inside to make some room for the cabling. Can I use a plastic lamp holder or as the...
  18. D

    Metal Light Switch + Plastic Back Box with no earth terminal

    I've tried to find a solution on here to this exact scenario but had no such luck. Could somebody please advise on where I should place the earth wire on a plastic back box with no earth terminal when adding a new metal face plate? The face plate has an earth terminal on it and was probably...
  19. W

    accesable connections

    Hello there is one three plate pendant in the lounge on the ground floor and I've been asked to install a new chandelier fitting about half a meter away. the client doesnt want to keep the existing light,so i cant simply fish a cable from the ceiling rose.with the joint being accessible whats...
  20. Midwest

    Crimping Solid Conductors

    I know that this has been debated before (quite recently in fact, but it is a boring Sunday afternoon), but as new products may have come available, I was wondering members views. So the scenario is; Sunday afternoon, Mr DIY has finally fallen to pressure to Mrs DIY and agreed to put up shelf...
  21. A

    **Help needed for wiring a power 8 pin plug** :(

    Hi all, I have recently bought a tv bed and when i was putting it together i accidentally kicked the cable which was plugged into the side of the bed pulling out all eight wires from the connector. It is an 8-pin block shaped connector with 4 colored wires (red,black,white and green) on either...
  22. B

    63amp commando plug pilot terminal

    what's the pilot terminal for?
  23. D

    "Spider light" installation.Domestic

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone has any experience installing a spider lamp in a domestic premises? First time I have came across one of these fittings, it has a single rose with nine separate 0.5mm flexes, max 40w lamp. Just wondered what the correct way is to connect all the cables together. I...
  24. K

    Domestic Terminating an old garden light circuit

    Hi all, We had some old garden lights, most of which had stopped working years ago. I've removed them all now, but the cable is still embedded in the fabric of the wall and where it emerges from the wall I've left the conductors terminated in a simple connector block. Is there a more...
  25. M

    Domestic indicators faulty...

    Hi guys this is probably a bit basic for what I've seen around here but I was hoping someone could help... I have an old Hyundai Excel '95 and the front and side left indicators are out and rapid signalling on the dash board and the back left light is rapid signalling. The first thing I tried...
  26. R

    Domestic How to rewire a switch so it's always on?

    I have a faulty switch on a BGA rework station: I don't really need the switch, because I always use the mains switch anyway. How would I rewire it so that the faulty switch is taken out and it is always on? Which wires would I connect together? LEFT OF PIC: FAULTY SWITCH TOP OF PIC: WIRE TO...
  27. S

    Domestic 8.5 kw shower on old red/blue 6mm

    Coming across a few of these. Very small run of cable as cu is in kitchen just below bathroom but should be 10mm cable. Did the old cable used to be slightly bigger than the new stuff?
  28. R

    Replace bathroom ceiling rose with track lighting

    Hi all, new member here so be easy on me. I'm looking to replace me existing ceiling rose pendant fitting in my bathroom with a short (700mm length) of track lighting, 2no. spotlights to be used. I've bought the new items from Ikea, a power connector, track, and the spots (Ikeas365+ Sanda)...
  29. B

    What type of mains lead would i need? Help would be appreciated.

    Hello, i have this old bit of audio equipment from the early 50's and it needs a detachable mains lead to power it which i don't have. Below i have added a picture of it. Could someone tell me the name of the type of connector / lead i need and possibly where i could get one. Many Thanks!
  30. G

    Wiring diagram

    Anyone see see anything wrong with this wiring system not a trick question
  31. S

    Worcester R29 Boiler connection loose?

    Hi All, I had a small leak on a copper elbow that I was repairing but when I went to switch the water back on I noticed that a connector with purple wires was hanging loose, its wired at one end to the front panel and has a three hole terminal on the end and its on a wiring loom just under the...
  32. R

    Intermediate switches please help!

    Hi people hoping someone can answer my question on whether or not the following is possible; i have 3 kitchen lights with the light (switched) lives each going to 3 different switches. i then have a 3 core and earth wire going between each switch, so basically your standard 2way switching...
  33. J

    LED Downlight Connectors

    Does anyone know of LED downlighters which have easy connect terminal block such as the JCC Fireguard but without the high cost? Thanks
  34. sparkless

    Mains Cable

    the Labourer dug thru the mains cable this morning. Domestic property with a long drive. I bet this will be expensive
  35. Tim

    For Sale: 1000x 5 way Helacon Plus push connecters

    As above, 1000 5way push connectors for sale. they come in boxes of 50. £4 including postage for a box of 50. same as HELACON PUSH WIRE CONNECTOR 5 WAY (BOX 50) - Helacon Push-In Wire Connectors cheers, tim
  36. D

    LED lighting wire?

    Hi all, Would anyone know what this LED wire is called that goes into this? AURORA LIGHTING LED 6 WAY SERIES JUNCTION BOX ACCESSORYI have bought some LED Aurora au-dled 302 (350mA 1w) for a pelmet in my home. The instructions say for the 240v mains to connect to a constant current driver and...
  37. R

    SELV Outlets from 12V Solar Systems

    Firstly if this thread is in the wrong place, please accept my apologies. I was looking for some feedback from electricians on something which has been quite actively discussed in another forum I frequent. From a company called 'OnSolar' there is an image of what appears to be a BS546 style...
  38. S

    Domestic Odd one with RCBO trip

    Hi all Some advice, thoughts, ideas sought please. Recent install in our house, seperate CU for outside supplies (some SWA feeds to garage, etc), one circuit is a 6A RCBO to run quite a large pond pump, this was tripping the old CU main RCB but that was located to water in the connector for the...
  39. V

    Compromised/void warranty on panels if original connectors replaced/cut off

    Hi all:17: Had a correspondence recently with Panasonic stated that if installers replaced original connectors MC3 with any other connectors (MC4 or MC4 compatible) Sanyo now Panasonic CANNOT make an exception and keep the guarantee coverage for the modules which have been modified or have not...
  40. I

    baumatic extractor hood faulty

    my daughter just bought a kitchen from a kitchen company thats closing down. they included a baumatic BT066ME extractor hood but nothing happens when i turn it on? theres power going through to the connector blocks then nowhere else, on the switches are extra terminals but i dont want to move...
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