1. D

    Tesla wall connector gen 3

    Hi I have a job coming up with a Tesla Ev point. From what I read you need a Matt e box which is fine. It looks to me like it has no load limiting built into it and has no CT for this is this correct? This seems crazy to me. This also means you can't limit it to 60a and notify afterwards...
  2. R

    H7 connector

    Im trying to replace a snapped h7 bulb connector. The replacement has 2 wires red and black, but my car has 3, 2xyellow and one black. Do i just merge the 2xyellow with the red wire?
  3. S

    Wago 222-415 Splicing Connector

    A well known Chinese online retailer has various distributors offering the equivalent of 222-415s for much less than half the price of the UK equivalent. Does anyone have any experience of using these? Presumably a safe bet to stay well clear? Cheers Southman
  4. T

    What type of connector is this?

    I am looking for the connector for this rotary position sensor. The sensor is originally normally used for an EZ-GO golf cart as the throttle position sensor. However, I am using for a different project and need the connector. I have searched and searched and search with no results. Is there any...
  5. S

    Connector block wiring and replace with Wago

    Hi all, I am about to fit a light fitting and wanted some advice whether I should just connect the light cables into the correct terminal blocks or should I replace the terminal blocks with the Wago connectors? I have attached a picture. Any help would be really appreciated. Sal9
  6. Ian Jackson

    Electrical connector?

    Hi My washing machine has stopped working, found this not connected inside. The wire going into was broken where it goes into this connector. Was attached to the filter. Could anyone tell me the name of it, where to get one and how to connect it? Many thanks Ian
  7. D

    How to get wire back into connector

    Hi, I have accidentally pulled a wire out of connector (believe it is a molex?) I have seen info about getting the metal part out of the connector but only if the wire is still attached. Is there any way I can get the metal part out so I can reattach the wire? Thanks
  8. D

    UK First time DiY post - trying to find a 2 pin connector for some lights

    Hello, 1st time post from an amateur. I have some old Habitat decorative lights that are powered by a transformer. There seems to be a break in the wiring as the lights go off when the wire is moved around so I was going to shorten the wire. The problem is that I can't find a replacement...
  9. A

    Lemo 6-pin Connector to 3M PELTOR FLX2?

    Hi all, Has anyone got any experience with Lemo jacks and sound powered phones? Our supplier can't provide us with anything pre-installed with a Lemo 6 jack, was wondering if anyone had terminated headsets before (I know the Lemo jack is used in aviation as well as marine) Diagrams below...
  10. B

    Which terminal for this connector?

    Hi guys - wanting some nylon terminals for a toggle switch but the connectors are curved above the screw - can anyone tell me the the type of terminals I need? Cheers in advance. Joe.
  11. W

    Worst connector ever invented

    Am I the only one who loathes these connectors and just removes them immediately Apparently they also turn a class 1 light fitting into a class 2 light fitting, this is surely not compliant unless you only have a single cable supplying the light fitting, so then the connector can completely...
  12. R

    HMDI Cable Connector Replacement

    Hi All, We've recently moved to a new build where the HMDI cable for the TV etc. are pre-fitted in the cavity of the wall. One end of the HMDI cable if damaged. I've tried taping a new HMDI cable to trying to pull it through the wall without luck... so short of removing the wallpaper and...
  13. B

    Connecting coaxial power connector to the battery

    Hello, I want to have my battery as a main power source so I can plug it in to my device which have this coaxial power connector(outside using). Everything I need is to cut this EU Plug split the wires and connect to the battery, which one is the positive and negative wire?
  14. R

    Heat resistant cable connector

    I need to connect an infrared panel to the ceiling. The panel comes with a pre-wired 13amp plug, but it needs to connect to the supply left in the ceiling by my spark. Does anyone know of a quick release connector that is also heat resistant.
  15. The apprentice

    Wagos connector + wago box

    Hi there can you leave a wago connection joint in a wall to plastered over Evan if your using the wago connector box that wagos go on but then iam under the consumption that every electrical joint has to be accessible ?
  16. calvin22580

    Can someone identify this connector?

    Not sure if this is the best place to be posting, but can anyone identify this connector or direct me to a more appropriate place to ask. It comes off a solar panel from a shared use bicycle from China.
  17. ananoxoto

    Connecting RGBW nude wire to a RGBW connector

    Hi! What is the best way to connect an RGB wire to a RGB connector. I mean, are there quick connectors to attach to a RGB cable without solding with tin? These two pictures show what I want to connect. Thanks
  18. D

    Broken retaining tab on car connector-can it be fixed

    Hello guys, while doing some job on my car, the retaining tab on the rear differential controller connector broke off. The connector looks like this: Circled is the broken tab. Since the connector is part of the controller (what a stupid idea)-it can't be replaced... Do you guys have any ideas...
  19. W

    Connector type identification

    Evening all. This connector looks a tad ill. I have checked the volts coming out of the battery pack (has 4 C 1.5v batteries) and it's 0.3v! Batteries are fine. So I suspect cleaning the connector anymore is not going to help and needs replacing? Blowed if I can find out what this type of...
  20. J

    Connector type 07A11

    I am trying to find some connectors, male with female contacts, supposedly IP67 known as 07A11, I am only looking for 4 or ideally 6 as per the photo here: These are available via alibaba, but at a minimum quantity of 1000 ($350 USD) dimensions are as below: I can't actually find them...


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