1. ananoxoto

    Connecting RGBW nude wire to a RGBW connector

    Hi! What is the best way to connect an RGB wire to a RGB connector. I mean, are there quick connectors to attach to a RGB cable without solding with tin? These two pictures show what I want to connect. Thanks
  2. D

    Broken retaining tab on car connector-can it be fixed

    Hello guys, while doing some job on my car, the retaining tab on the rear differential controller connector broke off. The connector looks like this: Circled is the broken tab. Since the connector is part of the controller (what a stupid idea)-it can't be replaced... Do you guys have any ideas...
  3. W

    Connector type identification

    Evening all. This connector looks a tad ill. I have checked the volts coming out of the battery pack (has 4 C 1.5v batteries) and it's 0.3v! Batteries are fine. So I suspect cleaning the connector anymore is not going to help and needs replacing? Blowed if I can find out what this type of...
  4. J

    Connector type 07A11

    I am trying to find some connectors, male with female contacts, supposedly IP67 known as 07A11, I am only looking for 4 or ideally 6 as per the photo here: These are available via alibaba, but at a minimum quantity of 1000 ($350 USD) dimensions are as below: I can't actually find them...
  5. timhoward

    Anderson connector for 230v supply?

    I thought I took a photo earlier but seemingly not. Someone's fitted a joint box to move a consumer unit. It's a refreshingly neat job. Din rail, wagos DIN connectors for final circuits etc. It's even fully labelled up. One thing is a first for me. Inside the enclosure, an Anderson 2 pin plug...
  6. T

    Need 12V 2A Battery and connector

    Hi, I sometimes wish to use my mobile router off battery. Its one of these,name%204GEE%20Home%20Router%202. It needs 12V, 2A. I can get a battery for this. But what is the name of the connector used on the router?
  7. S

    What connector is this?

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what type of connector this is and where I can buy the female counter part from? Pics attached
  8. N

    Block connector melting

    Hello. 3 phase alternator to rectifier is melting the inline 3 pin block connector (twice), not the connector at the rectifier. Does it need heavier wiring/connectors?
  9. M

    Flex connector - no earth on lights

    I have a cable twin + earth coming from wall switch with 3 amp fuse - I want to connect it to some LED lights with a flex connector. LEDs have no earth, so what do I do with the earth wire coming from switch to flex connector? Thanks
  10. W

    How to disconnect a Lucas Rists 1988 connector?

    Looking for advice. I've spent the last three months diagnosing an electrical issue on an SZ series 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spur and have located the suspect wire on the starter circuit. I've got two questions: 1. Can anyone advise me on how to get a wire disconnected from an old Rists...
  11. K

    Fused switch to tumble dryer connector issue

    I have had a new kitchen 3 months ago and the new integrated tumble dryer stopped working. No power, nothing. It is under warranty so an engineer came out and fixed it. He said that the plug has been cut off and a three pin push fit connector is in its place. He replaced the cable and plugged it...
  12. Mike Johnson

    Interesting connector.

    Should be in the Arms section, but : Compact Wire Connectors, CTRICALVER 6 pcs Compact Splicing Connectors, Lever Nut Assortment Conductor, 3 in 6 Out Electrical Connectors Blocks with 18 pcs Screws : DIY & Tools -...
  13. M

    What connector is this?

    Does anyone know what connector this is and where one could be sourced from, think its from around 1970s (Before me) Thanks
  14. GoBeau

    Why are the first 5-6 LED’s on my 24V LED Lighting Strips not lighting after a connector is added?

    I just installed some 24V LED Lighting Strips single colour in my kitchen and it seems at every point where I added a quick connector that connects a 2 wire conductors to the LED Strip that the first section of LED’s don’t light up (about 5-6 LED’s). The plastic connectors are the type where...
  15. U

    4 pin connector to 110v plug

    Hello, First time poster, long time reader. I have a small fan/heater combo unit as I'm building out an incubator. The unit I received is 125w 110v AC power that has 4 wires that go into a male 4 pin connector. 2 wires operate the hot plate and 2 wires operate the fan. How can I convert...
  16. A

    BP connector to Anderson plug?

    I have recently had a 12v solar installation done on my camper van by an RV specialist. He told me to buy an Anderson plug to connect my fridge to the wiring he's installed however after purchasing one I'm confused. The ends of the wires he's marked "fridge" are terminated with BP connectors...
  17. V

    Please help me identify this VAG group connector.

    It's the female connector embedded within the outer tail light cluster on an MY2016 skoda superb. You can see the part number on the male plug on the car's wiring harness, but the local dealer parts dept can't or won't figure out what the female connector is. Can you help? Also knowing the...
  18. H

    anyone recognise this 12v connector

    Hi all, not an electrician, doing some DIY van stuff. Got a Citroen Relay 2015, the pictures 1&2 are of another 12v supply [without the actual socket] it was behind a blank cover. I have bought a new cigarette lighter to fit but the connections don't match. Halfords had no clue what it was. The...
  19. N

    Help needed with a simple motorcycle connector issue (novice)

    Hi all. I decided to sign up to reach out to some experienced folks who may be able to point me in the direction of how to make this work (and more importantly, the right way). This is going to be a piece of cake for everyone here (but me) I am sure. To keep a long story short, I am setting up...