1. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS application says grade is unsupported eventhough I have my certs?

    Hi. I'm trying to apply for an Electrical Labourer's card using my Level 3 2365 Electrical Installations (Buildings & Structures) certificate from City and Gills. I have passed the ECS health safety and environment assessment, but MyECS is still saying I am under-qualified for this grade. Am I...
  2. Thomas Connolly

    Electricians Mate Electricians Mate Application

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to find work as an electricians mate after gaining my C&G qualifications. I have completed a couple of small jobs and done some work alongside an established electrician. However, I'd like to be working and gaining experience in the 'electrics world' on a permanent...
  3. S

    The fun and stress starts again, planning application submited.

    Next project, this time the house as it looooooong overdue, let the ---- taking start, evens its Tel........ ;o)))) 3 bed converting to 5 bed, may or may not do the rear extension depends on costings, shed to be built in a Shu Sugi Ban way with a living roof.
  4. E

    First gold card applicant

    Hi, I've got my AM2 booked for November, and looking at the gold card requirements. the ecs state all new applicants from Jan this year, need the 18th edition. Will I need to do the 18th as a standalone, or will the AM2 qualify me to the 18th? Cheers
  5. G

    Niceic application health and safety policy

    Hi all got my date booked for me domestic installer with the niceic and looking for some guidance. I need a health and safety policy they send through a template but not to sure. Thanks gene
  6. krishaan

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Gold card application

    the jib website isn' very conclusive about which card I qualify for. I've just finished my 4 year apprenticeship and i also hold my initial verification and peridic inspection and testing quals so can I apply for an approved gold card even thouh I haven't been on site for two years as a...
  7. H

    ECS Card application & NVQ 3

    Dear All, I am a Bulgarian citizen who has been living and working in the UK around 5 years and would love to apply for ECS card. I have a master degree in Electronics but I don't know if it covers the NVQ level requirements for ECS card. I also have 2394, 2395, 17th edition and recently...
  8. S

    Application of diversity

    good evening all! sorry it is a late one. I have been doing a college assignment over the past 2 days which involves designing circuits calculating design current, volt drop and all that good stuff. One aspect is applying diversity. Now usually I am fine with this. I know to use table A2 of...
  9. H

    ECS Part P

    With my NICEIC welcome letter there's a form in there for an ECS Part P application - doesn't have much information so wondering if anyone here can tell me what it means etc and whether they applied for it?
  10. AyresomeBoro

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS Craft Card Application (JIB)

    Hi to all, Looking to open some extra doors for myself in the near future. I have heard through various people a 'Gold JIB' card could be beneficial to hold. I work as a commercial spark in a maintenance role. I have been time-served and working in this role for 3 years. I hold; NVQ Level...
  11. A

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) How do I apply for a JIB Card

    Hi, just a quick question about the CSCS , 17th edition and JIB cards. I finished college a year ago and have recently been looking at jobs, many of them require a CSCS card , 17th edition and a JIB card. I think the CSCS is a 1 day course and easy to arrange. I am not sure how I go about...
  12. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic

    question why do people get the domestic installer package when the approved contractor one is the same price ?????
  13. S

    House extension so need to remove and replace FIT installation

    What is the deal with temporarily moving an array to complete building works? No doubt it will be a complete nightmare but hopefully some good experience here? Do they notify or keep quiet?
  14. L

    JTL aptitude/assessment Test

    Hi all, Completely new here this being my first post. I have recently been offered a electrical apprenticeship with a local firm. This is under the condition i pass a JTL aptitude/assessment test. Does anyone on here have any advice they can give on what to study, what the test will entail...
  15. M

    ABB Frequency Inverter( Winder/Unwind. Application Program )

    I am a Beginner. I install a program ABB ACS800 ( Winder/Unwind , Application Program) .This inverter is used communication card to be run. I want to upload program to this inverter. This inverter program upload to another ABB inverter to download this program. I want to change (99.02...
  16. Worcester

    2 x 3.68kW on two MPAN's or 7.36kW on one, Tale of a helpful DNO

    Interesting discussion today with WPD, (My favourite DN0 :) ) with regards to extending an existing 3.68kW system. One pole, two overhead wires (single phase) two connections at the top of the pole to two seperate supplies, one terminates at the base of the pole, the other 10 m from the base...
  17. G

    EDF not recieved paperwork, but FIT application.

    Customer just rang, was at work so not got all info, but the jist is he said there was a problem getting his FIT payment as EDF say they havent recieved the paperwork, i think they have received the FIT application forms because i emailed them, i think its the PV commission sheet and Electrical...
  18. O

    Mobile application development

    Hi all, I am developing an application for Android. I use an SDK and Adobe Flash Builder to complete this task. There is a page that offers relevant information about this topic. Also code snippets that handle the physical buttons and the rotation features of the mobile devices can be found...
  19. R

    Need your help with a software

    Hello, I am interested about building an own application. I am not a programmer and only know a little about C. I have found a good site that offers several solutions. Basically it is about how you can build an own application with an SDK called Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. It is written in C# and that...
  20. P

    Mains meter going backwards

    Installed 12 x 2.5Kw LG panels in December and they seem to be doing well (two arrays - 6 south facing and 6 west on four roofs). Happy to report that a mains meter reading taken today is at the same level as end-March, and that's apart from the FITS payments! With this current hot spell pretty...
  21. K

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib/ ecs card help

    sent off to regrade my jib card a few weeks ago, sent my certificates for 2330 l2, l3, NVQ l3,17th, got my card back expecting a nice gold JIB card. Opened the letter and got a white card, ECS at the top and electrician graded with ANCILLARY OPERATIVE at the bottom. Is this a ECS card and not...
  22. M

    Schedule of protection settings on G83/1form (UK power network form)

    On the UK power networks G83/1 notification form, in the section information to be included, where it asks for- Computer print out (where possible)or other schedule of protection settings what do you include? is it just a link to the inverters manufacturers website or ? and Electricity...
  23. F

    Panels on FIT application in.

    Well after months of deciding on what equipment and company to go with I finally have solar panels on my roof (Sunday) 20x195w Linuo & 3.6 Aurora inverter. Thank you to all the people that post on here as the information gained has been extremely helpful in making my decisions and changing them...
  24. M

    Solar PV expectations,,

    Hi All, I'm near stafford, got a low level garden building ( 1.2 mtrs hi, 5 degree slope ) ready to install mid next week, ideally 3Kw, 12, panels, Fronius or Aurora power 1 inverter !! Can any of you installers tell us what the nationwide availability of panels / inverters is, word is...
  25. S

    Mitigation of risk - from a customer perspective

    Firstly, I would like to offer sincere best wishes to all of the people on this forum who have helped me. I have learned so much and now, with this latest news, I feel so saddened for the PV companies who have invested heavily on a promise and have been so severely kicked in the teeth. A...
  26. P

    Can anyone beat the cut-off date for a 47.75 kWp installation?

    Our only "large" PV install is due to have a planning permission decision on or before 23rd November this year, but I think we cannot beat the 12th December for the installation / FIT application confirmation date as we are only a small company - does anybody think we have a chance of beating...
  27. K

    MFT1720 & loop testing

    Hi there I don't work as a full-time electrical, but I have 16th edition and also I am electrical graduate so I understand theory but I have just got my hands on the megger 1720. I want to do Ze and Zs or R1+R2 and therefore via equation work out Zs. When I look at the tester it has: Z, Max...
  28. W

    NIC Approved

    Hi all As above i am awaiting my assessment for A/C and i have six largish jobs ready to show, but in the application i noticed it says must be completed within the last six months, well my problem is i am only a sole trader and would find it near impossible to have enough jobs from enough...
  29. B

    New Ofgem 5 day rule for customers to submit first kWh reading

    Hi, A customer has just informed me that E-On have told him he must submit his first reading within 5 days. This came from Ofgem apparently but I have not heard about this before? Has anyone else heard this?
  30. F

    DNO ENA Application Form

    I just called UK Power networks regarding a 17kw install, They said I need to fill in this form After looking at this form, I am a little confused! - a lot of information on here, very very very...
  31. R

    Does anyone use a Thermal Imaging Camera, either post or pre installation?

    If so, what camera do you use and is it working for you? We want to analyse the market and determine if the majority of people are using our camera's or other camera's? Let me know your thoughts? Cheers, Rich.
  32. Y

    FIT payments from MCS registraion

    Hi Guys Sorry if this seems an old subject but its new to me. When I first started looking into PV I was informed that : Do your first install then get your MCS done. Then when your customer registers for the feed in tariff the start date for 1st payment will be back dated to commission date of...
  33. M

    DNO pre-application timescales

    Hi I'm looking at doing a pre-application for a 4kWp system to Western Power (playing safe as I hear they are starting to bit a bit more rigid with G83) and am wondering if anyone has got any experience of this and ideas as to how long it is likely to take? Thanks Mike
  34. dansk

    Help with Commercial Quoting Process

    Hi, Going to do a commercial site visit tomorrow - its for a customer i have already worked for on a domestic level, now he wants a quote for PV on his business unit. I need help with identifying the process. This is how i imagine it works: Site visit, measure roof check electrical (not an...
  35. Markc


    I have a question this time! I have had to make application to the DNO for the allowance of a 8Kw PV system. I may as well talked to my 5 year old as he knows more about microgeneration than the useless girl on the phone! Has anyone here made an application to the DNO and how did they go...
  36. P

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB card, anyone know how long they take to come through

    as the title just sending off for my first jib card as I will be visiting sites shortly. got all the relevent quals etc just wondering on the time scale. thanks in advance
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