1. S

    Help with certification

    Hi, Hope all are well, I just need clarification on a job Ive done with regards to the certification. I have wired an extension to house which includes a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The old house is installed to 17th edition. The extension has a new DB that the extension circuits are...
  2. mak

    Trainee Couple of questions, r1r2, Zs and polarity

    On a ring main we test r1r2 at every outlet since there is no end of the circuit and every test should return same-ish figure unless there is a loose connection or socket is on a spur, right? What about the the radial circuit? Other than to check polarity is there a point to test anywhere other...
  3. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  4. A

    couple of PAT testing questions

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a UNI-T PAT tester ( UT528) and have few questions: It is mentioned in the handbook, to limit the earth continuity test for some appliances such as TV between 20 and 200 mA. When I check the UNI-T operation manual, it is mentioned the test current for earth...
  5. sam400

    Couple of tools for sale

    Have a couple of bits for sale. Don’t do much install now so don’t have a need for them anymore. Prob going to be a £5 each to post or you can collect from bexhill. I’ve priced them at approx 1/2 what I paid for them. Whia torque screwdriver in case, used about half a dozen times. In good used...
  6. Dan

    Upgrading the forum in a couple of weeks guys and gals

    I'll be upgrading the forum in a few weeks. Giving you a heads up now so by the time I do it, most regulars should know about it. Comes with the ability to uploads videos directly into threads and posts. My server guy isn't too happy about that. Bandwidth will skyrocket. Ha Due to the lack...
  7. M

    Domestic Is this a reasonable quote for a couple of jobs?

    Hi, I need to get some work done so that I can get an electrical safety certificate for property. I called in an Electrician and he suggested that I need to do the following; 1. Replace old fuse box with Consumer unit (£350) 2. Upgrade Gas and Water main earthing and bonding (£90) 3...
  8. O

    Couple of question about Can-bus ready LED's

    Hello at present I drive a Vauxhall Vectra C 1.9cdti 16V 150bhp 56 plate. I wish to add some extra lights to my vehicle, as in Angel Eyes (Halo rings) to my head lights, also some extra indicators to the door mirrors and possibly some LED strip lights to the headlights that also connect to the...
  9. 7

    Couple of questions to the wise

    New connection to refurb, what does the S.S.E MP band represent on the incoming feed. Secondly, how come they can get away with wrapping the earth in tape whilst we are required to follow the regs
  10. littlespark

    Hotpoint washing machine with a couple of issues

    Fairly new washing machine with 2 problems. 1. When starting up a new wash, the motor turns the drum slightly. Repeats a few times, then runs as normal. Some form of starter on the motor failing? 2. The washing comes out after the program still wet. There's no puddles on the floor under the...
  11. Z

    What a mess, only supposed to add a couple of sockets too..

    Going to look into this tomorrow the client sent this thru for me to look at. Interesting. Not sure It'll turn out well. For either of us. Iain
  12. SparkyChick

    Domestic remodel - Sanity check on a couple of things

    Hi all, Currently quoting for a fairly extensive remodel of a kitchen diner, and I have a couple of things I'd appreciate a sanity check on. 1. Structural steel bonding - My brain is telling me based on what I've read and understood that I don't need to bond the new structural steels. They...
  13. Soulsurfer

    Self Levelling laser what's decent ?

    Hey all, after a strong light / non cheapy laser to project horizontal & vertical lines for downlights and metal boxes etc.. my mate from up North just got a green one for his ceiling fixing company think was a Hilti, said was £600 plus but long distance and apparently much better in bright...
  14. M

    TIS Multifunction Tester for sale

    hi, apologises if i have posted this in the wrong place, first post. I have a TIS Multifunction Tester for sale. £500 ovno. Excellent Condition. Comes complete with test leads a new calibration certificate upto December 2017.
  15. GMES

    Sunday Sunday

    Just had a late Breakfast ( Normally have it 9-10 oclock ) Grilled Bacon Grilled fresh Tomatoes Poached eggs Baked Beans Bread n Butter Mug of Coffee 3 Choc Digestives with 2nd Mug of Coffee God I love Sunday Mornings, What about you Lads!!
  16. Dan

    Aurora - Ever Been Lucky Enough To See It?

    This is on my list. Still haven't seen it yet it's been on my list for years. Anybody been lucky enough to see one of them, if so where and how? I've seen a couple of cruises where they say if you don't see it after a couple of weeks you get your money back.
  17. Hellmooth

    Schneider board or other?

    Just about to fit a new amendment 3 board, haven't installed one yet although have worked on a few BG ones. Yesss are having an open day on Friday and the easy 9 is down to £65 for a 10 way, same as the MK, what's people's preference?
  18. Midwest

    Grid switches in Kitchens

    I know this has been asked before, but was a while ago, so just wondered what members views are now. Over the weekend, me and the missus had an exciting time looking at some show houses. Yep we live right on the raggedy edge. Any hows, I noticed all the developers, used one bank of grid...
  19. S

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB grade card renewal

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a SJIB grade card. I sent my forms off over a week ago and hoped it would be here by now as i am finding it difficult to get onto sites without it. Its not a regrade just a like for like
  20. V

    Domestic Sparky Job Satisfaction

    I had one of those jobs today. I got a call from a neighbour of an old couple who had totally lost their power in the house and there had been lots of smoke and arcing behind a kitchen socket they were really scared the whole lot was going to go up in flames. I don't normally do call out but...
  21. T

    NIC Assessment on Friday - Health and Safety and documents needed?

    Hi all. Just reading through my NICEIC gubbins on what is required on Friday and noticed a couple of points. Such as my written health and safety policy and my risk assessments (neither of which i have) and also my regs book is Amendment 1 NOT Amendment 2. Do we think i am going to get pulled...
  22. akwoody2

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Hi, Is anyone else registered with Stroma? If so id like to hear your opinions and what your site visit consisted of. Thanks
  23. P

    Leaving the trade

    I don't know if any of you are in the same boat. I'm seriously considering leaving the trade all together, everybody wants to cut costs and its killing me! I don't even work for myself, I really feel for those of you fighting to win work. After being made to carry out a 4hr unpaid round trip...
  24. N6rul


    Hello guys, I have a question regarding fitting RCBO'S. WHEN fitting these to a non RCD board, would I need to upgrade the tails and earthing arrangement to current BS7671 standards?? I. E upgrade tails to 25mm², Earth 16mm², main bonding 10mm². I'm not installing one yet but may need to...
  25. N

    Loft insulation and 6W LED GU10 fittings?

    So any advice for what to do with loft insulation around GU10 light fittings with 6W (240v) bulbs in? At least one or two of them are to be under boarding too, so not much height above the top of the fitting and the boarding? (Couple of cm maybe?)
  26. P

    anyone fitted a chint board

    as the title. I know they are the cheaper end of price but its the link bars inside the boards that make them look so much better inside
  27. S

    Easy MCS - Doh

    I thought I might have a look at this system a couple weeks ago to make the transition to the new DTI guide etc a bit easier. I've taken advice from the Sun Lounge - thanks everyone, but have since had a couple of calls from Easy MCS. Basically they got me to try their online system for a week...
  28. i=p/u


  29. S

    Continuing with MCS?

    It's that time of year again, the MCS licence fee is due. Question is, is it worth persevering with MCS registration and PV installation. I can't see any hope of an improvement in the market and the green deal looks like a complete no hoper for the smaller contractors wanting to do a quality...
  30. G

    Domestic RCD tripping

    I have just installed 3 new sockets in my house. Before putting power on I went round with my multimeter and checked the resistances between earth and neutral/live to check there was no shorts and all tested ok so went round with a 240v rated floodlight to check all of the sockets with the power...
  31. A

    Wanted MFT!! £200

    Hey all Im after a MFT megger's look good.. After spending about £200 quid need one with cal cert Cheers
  32. W

    MEM BS3871 breakers

    Top o the mornin to you chaps, Anyone know where i can get my hands on a selection of such breakers? Helping the old man out with a few bits on his gaff as they have just had kitchen re done and i have done the power for them but their CU is a shambles - until i install the new board in the...
  33. E

    More tools for sale

    Finally cleared out the back of the van and have for sale: Lift N' Lock tool box Knipex 160mm Side Cutters (With 1.5 & 2.5 stripping holes built in) - New Fat Max Padsaw & Pouch - New Irwin Wood Chisel - New Irwin Knife (Stanly type) Bahco 325 large hacksaw Set of Irazola Teknoplus screwdrivers...
  34. yellowvanman

    Liability insurance

    Anybody got any recommendations for insurance companies to cover: £5 million liability for PV and Electrical Contracting Professional Indemnity to cover Periodic Inspections Renewal is due in a couple of weeks.
  35. H

    am2 2way and intermediate help

    Evening all,can anyone provide a clear diagram of the 2 way and intermediate switching requirements for the new am2 test,i have found a couple on here but they are not very clear. Thanks,Pete.
  36. Worcester

    Central Networks no longer e-on

    Just seen this on the e-on site: Anyone noticed any differences yet?
  37. R

    Pricing a rewire

    Does any body have any advice on how to price a house rewire.?? Whats the best way to calc how long, labour price etc. How to price materials . Thanks Robo
  38. rmaynard

    Domestic Advice needed - Kitchen socket

    I was asked my an elderly couple if i could fit a twin sso in their kitchen, i had to say no as im only part qualified and i know its a notifiable job. I found out yesterday evening that they had another sparky fit the socket for them but they wernt happy so asked me to go have a look, on the...
  39. R

    Flexable conduit

    Guys Picked up a few rolls of black round conduit today in lengths of 50M of 32mm and 30M of 50mm, got a few of each. The company I work for has got ****e loads stockpiled but the project is now complete and they want to get rid of it as it's taking up valuable space, the supplier is also...
  40. E

    Supply Voltage

    Hi All I was out in the sticks the other day at a pig farm and was looking at a couple of faulty sockets in an accomodation block when I did a voltage check the voltage would fluctuate between 205 and 218v this is the first time I've seen this. Any ideas and is it a problem. I checked back at...
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