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  1. B

    Measuring Ze from DB fed from section board

    Would a DB fed from section board be considered as the origin in regard to ze or would that be at the section board. Cheers
  2. C

    Water bond, Insulated Section.

    Afternoon Gents, Came across a nice scenario today. Water pipe comes from the street, into the kitchen through a concrete floor. 100mm of copper behind a kickboard where it comes through the concrete 300ish mm of Plastic Pipe, 100mm of copper then stop tap. 90 percent of the installation is...
  3. SparkyChick

    Trainee Section - Low Traffic... Why?

    Hi all, This message is from the staff and we'd like to hear your thoughts/comments. As you probably know, we have an area of the forums set aside for members who are on electrical training courses. This is 'staffed' if you will by members with the 'Forum Mentor' badge and staff. The idea is...
  4. P

    Removing small section of coving

    I need to remove a small section of plaster coving to run a new cable from the wall downstairs to under the upstairs floorboards (putting a new light in they want on a seperate switch). So ideally I want to remove a small section of coving and then replace it. I have done this in the past with...
  5. P

    Fault Finding Terminology: NET AM2 section C2.

    Hi all, Sadly I have to retake the fault finding section of the AM2 next Monday. We used a multimeter to determine faults. There are millions of types of fault, however only 4 types of wiring faults are being tested: Open Circuit = unambiguous/obvious = no ohm reading. High Resistance =...
  6. Vortigern

    Woud you mind checking out our Electricians Insurance section

    Yes I woud, it annoys me that you can't even spell, so if you do business the same... Anyway I did check out your insurance and was surprised at how high the premiums were compared to your competitors. Rant over.
  7. G

    Two pairs of tails from meter to two DB's - what do I record in Section L?

    Evening all, been a long time since I posted on here but I could use some advice if there's any going! I've been asked to provide an EICR for a small building we look after for our client under contract. We are all done physically on site, but I've hit a snag filling out the report itself, in...
  8. Murdoch

    Elex Sandown Park, the 18th Edition and Section 8

    Went to Elex today ...... not much going on..... not many freebies on offer! I did sit though the NICEIC talk on the 18th Edition, not much to say really except nothing has been decided except the cover is going to be blue. Section 8 - The impact of the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) – New Part...
  9. N

    Napit Electrical Installation Certificate Section 7 & 8

    I am really struggling with the section 7 of the Napit Installation Cert. The reason is because the demo forms I have filled in during the course and examples elsewhere all seem to contradict eachother and it appears many people can't agree either. So by going through forums and looking at...
  10. C

    Help needed on Technical drawings (last section of assignment work)

    Hi there, I have just moved from Cambridge to Plymouth upon completing my Level 2 & 3 Electrical installation training (2365). I have some assignment work to finish off for it and I'm stuck on the last task of technical drawings (cable routing). As I have now moved from Cambridge I'm not able...
  11. LewisM

    Section cut from outer sheath of armoured cable.

    Some of these armoured cables have a section of outer sheath cut from them the only reason I can think of as to why is to get a better bend on the cable, any thoughts?
  12. GMES

    Our resource section

    Guys and girls, just to let you know that our resource area is fully functional again so please feel free to upload anything you have that might help other members and equally feel free to download anything you find of interest. It is full of really useful manuals, diagrams and guidance...
  13. G

    Trainee new member

    Hi to all New to forum, thought i would sign up for any help and advice, I might need whilst Gaz
  14. A

    EasyCert gods - questions

    Hiya On the Domestic install cert on here I think Im confused. Section 9 says "Particulars of installation referred to in this certificate" The install done is cutout-meter-Henley. One connection of Henley goes to house board. Other goes to a KMF which feeds a armoured which feeds the board...
  15. Lou

    Electricians Guide to Inspection and Testing Book

    This book explains how electrical installations should be inspected and tested. It is an essential reference book for all those studying for the City & Guilds 2394, 2395 or 2396 examinations. The book describes and explains the checks required during the visual inspection, and provides guidance...
  16. Lou

    Electricians Guide to Good Practice Book

    An indispensable reference book for help and guidance on the 17th Edition of the IET’s Wiring Regulations (BS7671). The book is approved for use during several City & Guilds examinations and is essential reading for all those involved in the design, installation, maintenance or inspection and...
  17. Dan

    Downloads Section For Pdf's And White Goods Instructions Etc Any Good?

    XenForo.com has a really good downloads system, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ that they sell, and perhaps would be handy for us to have, so that we can upload guides and PDF instructions and things for boilers and whatnot perhaps? Do you think it'd be a handy thing to have? And not...
  18. D

    How to work out min cross sectional area of live conductors?

    Hey need some help with some homework the question is 'Determine for one of the high bay lighting circuits within the workshop, the minimum cross sectional area of live conductors for current carrying capacity and voltage drop.' So if I have a lighting circuit with 5 high bay 150W luminaires...
  19. T

    RCD Protecion is hospital

    Hi people. Picked up a little job to move and rewire some lights, sockets and data points in a hospital. The room was used before as a casualty operating room. And is being converted into a low level operating room. The whole install is in metal conduit, metal trunking and singles. How ever...
  20. V

    JIB / ECS Card

    Hey all, i am going to apply for my ECS gold card but I'm a little unsure who exactly can sign section 9 as my sponsor. Does my sponsor have to be JIB registered? Also as they are not JIB registered can they sign section 5 JIB grading system. Thanks
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