1. J

    How many times can you resit an AM2s section??

    Hello all, Straight to the question, I have passed everything on my am2s part from the oline exam I am now on my 3rd attempt!!!! I was told today by my employer that college had told him if I fail 3rd time I have to resit the whole thing again! is this ture ? I cant find anything online...
  2. Lister1987

    ATEX section?

    I know we've got boards for the main categories of sparkle; domestic, commercial and industrial but after watching a SparkyNinja webinar on Electricians and ATEX, I found it facinating and it got me thinking about here and noticed we don't have an ATEX section for all the quirky differences...
  3. J

    The First Table in Section 7 of Onsite Guide....

    The first table in the OSG, p64 (it has no table name). It says the following maximum loads are assumed per circuit, and then it lists circuits and their rating, along with Load. My question, is this table showing maximum load that it's recommended these circuits should reach? Or is the Load...
  4. Zdb

    Updates to section 722.

    Looks like it will be easier to install EV chargers.
  5. B

    Measuring Ze from DB fed from section board

    Would a DB fed from section board be considered as the origin in regard to ze or would that be at the section board. Cheers
  6. C

    Water bond, Insulated Section.

    Afternoon Gents, Came across a nice scenario today. Water pipe comes from the street, into the kitchen through a concrete floor. 100mm of copper behind a kickboard where it comes through the concrete 300ish mm of Plastic Pipe, 100mm of copper then stop tap. 90 percent of the installation is...
  7. Joe Beaven

    Christmas Lights Section Problem

    Hi, I had an electrician install some LED rope lights on Friday. The lights have worked fine until today. Now there is a small section which is not lighting up. They are 220V and IP65 Waterproof. Please can someone tell me how to correct this? Thank you, Joe
  8. SparkyChick

    Trainee Section - Low Traffic... Why?

    Hi all, This message is from the staff and we'd like to hear your thoughts/comments. As you probably know, we have an area of the forums set aside for members who are on electrical training courses. This is 'staffed' if you will by members with the 'Forum Mentor' badge and staff. The idea is...
  9. P

    Removing small section of coving

    I need to remove a small section of plaster coving to run a new cable from the wall downstairs to under the upstairs floorboards (putting a new light in they want on a seperate switch). So ideally I want to remove a small section of coving and then replace it. I have done this in the past with...
  10. P

    Fault Finding Terminology: NET AM2 section C2.

    Hi all, Sadly I have to retake the fault finding section of the AM2 next Monday. We used a multimeter to determine faults. There are millions of types of fault, however only 4 types of wiring faults are being tested: Open Circuit = unambiguous/obvious = no ohm reading. High Resistance =...
  11. G

    Two pairs of tails from meter to two DB's - what do I record in Section L?

    Evening all, been a long time since I posted on here but I could use some advice if there's any going! I've been asked to provide an EICR for a small building we look after for our client under contract. We are all done physically on site, but I've hit a snag filling out the report itself, in...
  12. O

    Elex Sandown Park, the 18th Edition and Section 8

    Went to Elex today ...... not much going on..... not many freebies on offer! I did sit though the NICEIC talk on the 18th Edition, not much to say really except nothing has been decided except the cover is going to be blue. Section 8 - The impact of the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) – New Part...
  13. N

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit Electrical Installation Certificate Section 7 & 8

    I am really struggling with the section 7 of the Napit Installation Cert. The reason is because the demo forms I have filled in during the course and examples elsewhere all seem to contradict eachother and it appears many people can't agree either. So by going through forums and looking at...
  14. C

    Help needed on Technical drawings (last section of assignment work)

    Hi there, I have just moved from Cambridge to Plymouth upon completing my Level 2 & 3 Electrical installation training (2365). I have some assignment work to finish off for it and I'm stuck on the last task of technical drawings (cable routing). As I have now moved from Cambridge I'm not able...
  15. LewisM

    Section cut from outer sheath of armoured cable.

    Some of these armoured cables have a section of outer sheath cut from them the only reason I can think of as to why is to get a better bend on the cable, any thoughts?
  16. C

    Stuck on L3 section of work relating to fault diagnosis and rectification

    Good evening, Got stuck on a section of my written work which we have been instructed to complete but as I haven't experienced these scenarios yet am struggling a little bit and haven't had much luck researching through notes/ handouts and guidance notes. People on here have been very helpful...
  17. GMES

    Our resource section

    Guys and girls, just to let you know that our resource area is fully functional again so please feel free to upload anything you have that might help other members and equally feel free to download anything you find of interest. It is full of really useful manuals, diagrams and guidance...
  18. G

    Trainee new member

    Hi to all New to forum, thought i would sign up for any help and advice, I might need whilst Gaz
  19. Z

    Trainee Section Help

    Hi , I was just wondering if someone could give us a hand on accessing the trainee section, I can't seem to find it. Cheers
  20. M

    Trainee section?

    Is it just me or has the trainee section vanished, I'm asking as I have a question that hopefully someone in that area can help me with :)
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