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  1. D

    Problems with Bathroom lights

    Please help! We’ve recently developed an issue with our lights in the bathroom. The ceiling is a false ceiling and there are 6 spotlights in the false ceiling. The spotlights take the lightbulbs I’ve attached as a picture (Led Gu10 5.5W Warm White 2700K). Having replaced the bulbs, we now have...
  2. Leroy Merlin

    Network problems - Blupont 72

    Hi all I have a customer having issues with their Blupont A72 DVR system. System is plugged in, cameras working and confirmed recording. I'm trying to connect to their broadband so that I can set up mobile access to the camera feed. The system is in the attic and uses plug in network...
  3. Edtwozeronine

    Domestic Treadmill problems again...

    I first had issues about 6 months ago with my second hand treadmill tripping the ring part of the way into a session, since then I've sent off my controller board to treadmill doctor co uk. He repaired the board and sent it back after approximately a month. Since then I've had the a dedicated...
  4. D

    resistance problems 2002 jaguar S type

    Hi bit of a strange one as load is put on my electrical system the resistance across body earth increases if I measure negative battery lead resistance it rises from 0.1 Ohm to about 10Ohms Any ideas how to fix Cheers Dave
  5. I

    ICertifi software problems

    Hello does anyone use the iCertifi software When I enter the type of mcb for example Type b 60898 32a it automatically comes up with 1.40 Max ZS I know it only slightly out but if bs7671 says its 1.37 that’s what it is And you can’t manually change it . I’ve got a assessment soon and don’t...
  6. P

    LED Flicker earth leakage problems

    Alright lads, new here as looking for some advice on a fault I've never come across and can't pinpoint.. Basically Got LED LIGHTS on compatible dimmers etc...problem I have is now and again they flicker....and I can hear a sound in fuse board as if there's an arc? But there are no loose...
  7. H

    Electric motor problems on dust extract

    Hi all, hope i can get a bit of help here. I have a dust extract in my shed which i use when i am turning. This morning i went to switch it on and it blew the 13A fuse, i replaced it hoping the fuse was at fault which it wasn't, well i had to try. The motor plate 230v, 13amp, 2 pole, single...
  8. S

    Continual problems with Shower isolator.

    I get regular work from a student landlord. In one of his properties the shower isolator switch has burnt out on the feed side several times. I've replaced the switch twice (last time with an MK) and the shower's also been replaced. Insulation resistance on the circuit is >500 and the MCB...
  9. S

    Domestic Electrical buzzing wall causing appliance problems

    Hi there, new to the forum so be gentle! We live in a second floor flat above a bakery shop. The shop has plenty of machinery including large freezers that run all night. Recently we have noticed a reasonably high pitched electrical buzz coming from one wall in our flat. Across multiple rooms...
  10. S

    Domestic Shower power problems

    Hi. I fitted a new shower yesterday but it's not working. I don't know what's going on with it but it's strange. The old one is probably about 15 - 20 years old and before I fitted the new one I tested (with an electricians screwdriver) the black and red cables and they were both live. I...
  11. Ric Arthurton


    Hi, my names Ric. (Apologises for the essay) Im new here but with only one question, or problem! Ive purchased an RGB LED strip to go behind my TV and to avoid bending the strip round the 4 corners of the TV, Ive also purchased L Shape RGB Strip Connectors. Now since purchasing Ive noticed...
  12. The_apprentice2.0

    Megger MFT 1552 problems ... advice please

    Hopefully someone who has had previous experience can advise. My MFT 1552 has not been calibrated in a while (as I only use it for fault basic finding in industrial sector) However it has started playing up .... it is absolutely fine on voltage continuity etc .... but giving spurious readings...
  13. G

    Help single phase motor problems

    Hello I am hoping someone can help me please. I am having problems with a motor on my home made 2 x 72" belt grinder This is the motor I have it wired via a DOL motor starter. Recently it stopped running under load, once I removed the grinding belt the motor would stutter and my main drive...
  14. D

    12v socket ,leisure battery

    Hi, have a campervan (Toyota Lucida) set up with a leisure battery. It has a smart battery protector that runs to the front 12v socket, a second one in the back that has a switch aswell that runs a small fridge and the head unit is also powered through it. Problem is the 2 sockets aren't working...
  15. F

    Thermal Store problems

    Hi guys (and gals) I hope you can help me. Will try to keep it fairly brief! :grin: Have a Torrent ECO with woodburner downstairs, so gravity. All working well for the past year, apart from rads getting hot then cool (as the water gets pushed round the system) so instead of standing with my...
  16. T

    Fan,ducting & condensation problems

    Hello,i hope you are well. About 6 months ago an electrician installed a vent axia silhouete 150xt (241m3/hr 20w 3mtr recommened ducting) into out small bathroom. Instead of roofer puting roof vent directly above bathroom he put it at other side of building above kitchen were kitchen vent is...
  17. M

    Fiesta st500 fan problems

    got an mk6 fiesta st500 And radiator fan won’t work Put power direct to it and it runs fine Fuses are fine but can’t find relay? Changed temp sensor There’s a resistor in bottom of fan shroud this fell apart Does this stop the fan working or does it control the speed? And it’s really expensive...
  18. F

    Lighting Problems (beeser box )

    Hi I'm buying these lights 7011 Osca 200 The instruction say I need to buy a beeser box which is 60mm and I am having trouble finding it I have shown bellow the image from the website. if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated
  19. simpson93

    Freestanding electric cooker, induction hob problems.

    Evening all, I’ve had a fault recently with a hotpoint free standing electric cooker and wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. The problem itself is with the induction hob part of the cooker, the hob had blown when a pot was placed on top and the mcb tripped Within a few minutes. The...
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