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  1. Mike Johnson

    Car and bike electrical problems.

    We seem to be getting quite a few posts on electrical problems on cars and bike's, are we being referred too by auto electricians on other sites, or is this a new section we are encouraging? Just a question.
  2. D

    Problems with a breaker

    Having trouble figuring this one out. House was built 5 years ago. Eaton box and breakers. Over the past 3 weeks, the bedroom breaker keeps tripping at night. This is happening at night because that's when we have the fan on. Breaker is tripping every 90 minutes. There are 5 outlets and the...
  3. D

    Insulation testing problems

    Hi all, if I’m getting an insulation reading of 0.03 across N & L on a lighting circuit what would cause this? Neutral earth, live earth, are in the acceptable realms.
  4. S

    220 volt supply problems

    Hi guys. I was a commissiong technician before I retired. Hardware and software industrial automation. Miss the work but not the endless travel/ airports hotels etc. Those that know, know what I mean. I retired to Thailand 220 - 240 volt single phase 50 hertz supply here. Im used to 3 phase or...
  5. B

    Fridge causing problems

    Hi, I have been having issues with our fridge causing my modem and video card on my pc to drop out. -They are on the same ring circuit, have been for years with zero problems. The problem has been happening the last few weeks when the fridge compressor cuts out, It might blink a little on...
  6. J

    Ignition problems with 1964 FJ40 V8 swap

    Hi there…I’m hoping that someone may be able to help me identify an electrical part of my ignition. For reference I have a 1964 Toyota FJ40 with a V8 swap (1995 Chevy TBI) that I did not do. When I started it a couple of days ago the starter appeared to stay engaged and smoke started coming from...
  7. N

    Triton shower problems

    Bit of a strange one ive been told by everyone ive called had a triton t70xr 8.5kw The water started running cold like the tco kicked in after a few days of this happening, three times, the last time it took longer to come back and then only warm Only half the can heated up, the full power...
  8. O

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT log in problems.

    Is anyone else having trouble logging into the NAPIT portal site. It just keeps saying wrong password. This is on several different machines and different web browsers. It was working fine last night, I've even done a password reset which it seems to change ok but when I try to log back in it...
  9. newfutile

    Insulation resistance problems

    During an insulation resistance test IR at an EICR I measured 0.0014 MegOhms from line to earth. When I disconnected the neutral from the neutral bar it's 116 MegOhms lowest (on the outside bollards). However measuring from disconnected neutrals to earth all read over 200 MegOhms. So it...
  10. S

    problems trying to post pictures to forum

    Is anyone else having problems posting pictures to a forum? I would like to ask a question about a ceiling fan I'm trying to install, but I am unable to post any pictures. Error message: file is too large (or something to that effect)
  11. justcurioustwo

    Can a battery exchanger solve our EV problems?

    I personally think the EV concept needs a new approach. Instead of spending hours recharging the EV the user just swaps the discharged battery with a charged one. The exchange time would be les than it took to fill a standard car with gasoline. You drive into a narrow lane just like you now...
  12. T

    Problems with Solar Panel/Bilge Pump

    Sorry if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move. The specific setup: 12v Bilge Pump wired to a 24v solar panel with a resistor (I think). The situation: I'm a teacher at a school and we have 2 stream tables that have historically been run with a bilge pump connected to a small solar panel...
  13. pirate

    We all have problems with LEDs and dimmers...

    So often we have these difficulties...incompatible LEDs/dimmers...lamps staying lit, dimly and dimmers not doing the job. I hope to assist a friend who has such problems with his recently fitted new modules with remote control plus control at the switches themselves. These new switches were...
  14. B

    Any problems with PRYSMIAN 6242Y GREY 2.5MM² TWIN & EARTH CABLE 25M COIL

    Good afternoon, I purchased a 25mtr coil of PRYSMIAN 6242Y 2022 GREY 2.5MM² TWIN & EARTH CABLE in Screwfix at the start of July and found while trying to strip this cable using CK strippers, they parted the outside insulation but I could see that the grey insulation had not slipped up away...
  15. OnlQQker

    New Builds, What's Going On...

  16. Esking

    GFCI Outlet Problems

    This may be lengthy, apologize in advance. As far as my electrical knowledge, no professional training, have done simple household stuff such as replacing outlets and light switches, and used to do a lot of car wiring in my younger days (20+ years ago). The problem I'm encountering is this: We...
  17. cliffed

    Amendment now problems later

    Doing a EICR in a college…there have been many over the years, it’s approximately 50 years old & improvement happens every so often. The new amendment concerning all areas of the installation on support of cables to prevent premature collapse. This college consists of plastic containment...
  18. O

    New condensate pump driving me mad

    So Dad's Old condensate pump went kaput (screeching like a banshee, float valve sticking and wouldn't shut off due to said sticky float valve but still pumping away), service company come out, swap condensate pump (Plumbcenter 667888), however at one point they lose power to programmer and...
  19. dlt27

    Motor and inverter problems

    Hi all, and thanks in advance for any help that can be given. I had a call out to a factory the other day to connect a new motor the maintenance guy had installed, he said the old one had given up. When I got there I connected it up, and it ran for a bit then stopped. After questioning the guy...
  20. R

    Double socket problems!!

    I’m changing my double socket and upon removing the old one, I seem to have 3 separate wires coming in to it. So essentially I have 3 live wires, 3 neutral wires, and 3 earth wires. How do I connect the earth wires to the new socket as it only has 2 terminals? I’m fitting new chrome black...
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