insulation resistance

  1. M

    AM2S Insulation Resistance Test on RCBO

    Hello, I’ve got my AM2S coming up and I’ve been revising like mad but I’m stuck on something. I’ve read that it’s a 3 phase board with just one RCBO for the ring circuit. Assuming they want me to do a global IR test, can I take the conductors out of the RCBO, switch it off, and then test...
  2. newfutile

    Insulation resistance problems

    During an insulation resistance test IR at an EICR I measured 0.0014 MegOhms from line to earth. When I disconnected the neutral from the neutral bar it's 116 MegOhms lowest (on the outside bollards). However measuring from disconnected neutrals to earth all read over 200 MegOhms. So it...
  3. D

    Stage 2 insulation resistance test

    I have installed a circuit for an oven and carried out all of the relevant testing so far. Apart from a neon on the double pole isolation switch, there is no current using equipment connected to the circuit yet as the property is empty. In this situation, would one just make a note on the...
  4. R

    Insulation resistance for devices

    I was checking the IR on a socket circuit and found 0.4M between neutral/earth. The reading came from a garage door motor that was plugged in. once unplugged the IR was good. Does the circuit need to be cleared of all things plugged in when testing or does this constitute as a fault. I was...
  5. Calebp43

    Insulation resistance confusion

    Been to a fault finding job and lights where tripping the rcbo. After further investigation we found that it was a blue strapper cable (old wiring) from one switch to another using 3 core. Let's call this cable 1. After hacking some of the cable out the wall we found that the other flat t and e...
  6. Pegasus

    Insulation Resistance Test, trying to wrap my head around it

    I am self-teaching fault-finding and testing, but I can't wrap my head around insulation resistance tests. From my understanding you send 500V for domestics down the conductors using an Multi-Function Tester, and the values should be over 1M Ohm, now my question is why should the resistance be...
  7. W

    Insulation resistance query

    Was testing a 3 phase DB for storage heating. While testing I noticed I was getting continuity between 2 of the circuits, which were on separate phases. Each storage heater has its own 20A radial, and when doing an insulation resistance test between 2 of the circuits I get a reading of 0.00...
  8. O

    AM2S Assesment , Insulation Resistance

    Just done my exam, passed everything except Insulation Resistance... I can't think how I could've failed because it isn't the hardest thing on the wrold, Tester was on 500V and I tested circuits separately. Only way I could've failed was how I tested my Ring Final, I wago one leg of ring...
  9. HappyHippyDad

    What are the dangers of poor insulation resistance results between neutral and earth?

    What are the dangers of poor insulation resistance results (i.e <1Mohm) between neutral and earth? If all other tests are ok, what are the dangers of the above? My thoughts are it may indicate a breakdown of the insulation somewhere. However, what are the dangers of this breakdown between...
  10. S

    For Sale Megger MIT230 insulation tester

    Megger MIT230 insulation tester for sale only reason for sale is because it was replaced with multifunction tester. £150
  11. P

    Insulation resistance of Pink Fibre

    Hi there, Does any one know what kind of insulation resistance to expect for pink fibre wall/ceiling insulation? I'm trying to figure out if the cheap insulation meter I have is actually giving me a reasonable answer. here's a bit of background: I have a GFCI mounted in an electrical panel...
  12. D

    How do you disconnect neon lights in sockets while doing insulation resistance test.

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering how do you disconnect neon lights from socket outlets when doing insulation resistance test, as this will effect the readings, thanks.
  13. B

    UK Insulation resistance whole board.

    Hi all. Changing a CU in an ex-council flat, pme system, no RCD's, and initially tried to IR test whole board L/N joined to earth, got a reading of 0.28 Ohms. Then did each circuit individually (2 X RFC, 2 X lights, 1 X cooker), L/N joined to the circuit's CPC, and got between 0.25 and 0.30...
  14. KeenPensioner

    Insulation Resistance zero Ohms

    Hi all. As I've said before, I'm not an electrician but an adult learner. I have a second hand Fluke 1653B MFT which is out of calibration but I use a CalCard to see how far out it is and it's not too bad. I've watched a thousand videos on EICRs etc and just want to increase my knowledge - if...
  15. timhoward

    Insulation resistance difference both ends of ring final cct

    Initial fault was RCD tripping, narrowed down to a ring final cct. IR tests on that cct with all loads removed were showing almost zero between neutral and cpc. So I broke the ring apart and eventually found the nail through a cable, and got that all sorted. Now its testing ok in as much as...
  16. J

    Insulation Resistance query

    When doing domestic testing, I spend quite a bit of time removing loads & vulnerable equipment prior to carrying out IR tests- allowing me to test between L - N without risk to vulnerable equipment or getting inaccurate readings. I’ve spoken to a number of sparks who go straight to testing L&N...
  17. K

    Low Insulation resistance test on smoke detectors

    Hi Everyone Just a question bothering me as you cannot do Insulation resistance test on smoke detectors as they can become damaged so obviously smoke detectors are sensitive but they are also installed on lighting circuit so if perform low insulation resistance test 250V between Live and...
  18. D

    Insulation Resistance - Low Reading on Ring

    Newbie Testing Question: I am getting a very low IR reading between L&N on a kitchen ring (0.01M). The ring was working fine with no tripping before testing. Can anyone shed any light on what may be causing this low reading? Thanks
  19. J

    Insulation resistance on new installation

    I have recently completed a rewire as part of a complete back to brick renovation in a pretty standard domestic property. Upon carrying out initial verification I uncovered a few strange IR readings. Multiple circuits with low(ish) readings of around 150-200Mohm. However they all tended to rise...
  20. D

    Is it ok to do insulation resistance test on RCBO at 500v?

    I know you are not supposed to do a insulation test on circuits that are protected by an RCD at 500v because it may damage the electronic components inside the RCD so that's why you switch the RCD off before you test the individual circuits, however, what if the circuits are all protected by...
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