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  1. Risteard

    ETEK protective devices

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the following: Type B RCD + 2 MCB Garage / Mini Metal Consumer unit - EV Charge Point Install - I believe...
  2. P

    looking for used Megger CI and sfx 32 devices

    Hello there, i am constantly in search of used Megger CI (cable identification) and sfx 32 (cable fault location) devices, if your company happens to need to dispose old megger cable testing devices, please contact me, i will offer a reasonable price depending on its condition. My email is...
  3. L

    UK Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch

    Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch
  4. Adam_92

    breaking capacity of overcurrent devices

    I’m wondering if someone can tell me in the OSG or regs that it has the short circuit breaking capacity of overcurrent devices someone said it was table 7.2A but can’t find it anywhere
  5. E

    Introduction to Surge Protection Devices

    Hi Guys just reading this link & thought someone might be interested Practical tips for installing surge protection devices in low voltage panel | EEP -...
  6. S

    Multiple audio devices to IP cameras

    Good afternoon all, I am new here, so please excuse my inexperience... I am looking to add CCTV external outdoor microphones (Netview External microphone) to all 10 of my IP Camera's (Bosch FLEXDOME 5000 outdoor HD). The IP camera's are some distance away from the PoE Switch and NAS storage...
  7. The Flyinhos

    Cheap MCB lockout devices

    Had these arrive today, thought it was quite a bargain. 10x lockouts for £9.00 including VAT and delivery. Thought they maybe cheap n nasty, but pleasantly surprised. Can't knock em for the money.
  8. a-z electrics

    Surge Protection Devices for domestic - what do you think?

    Evening all, Just attended elex exeter and see there's a big push on these SPDs coming as standard now in domestic consumer units. Hager, Lewden and Contactum to name just 3. I have had at least 2 clients in the last few months whose appliances have been damaged by apparently surges on the...
  9. Midwest

    Devices plugged into BS1363 Socket Oulet

    Came across this today, a device, which was plugged into a socket outlet, experience a short circuit of plug in power supply. Pics below. I suspect the device was damaged by a heavy item being placed up against it over a period of time, causing the low voltage wiring being exposed &...
  10. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Single Phase & (some) Three Phase Boards & Devices

    Afternoon all, I've had another clear out. I thought I'd offer it up to you guys before I whack it on eBay. I'm ideally looking for an offer on the lot, however i'm happy to take offers to suit what you need. Here's what's available: 1 x Single phase 11 way consumer unit 100 amp incomer -...
  11. Z

    Help advice needed please, testing medical devices

    Hi I’m hoping someone could point me into the right direction. Thank you in advance for my many questions. To give you my background I currently work as an IT consultant / trainer and look after approximately 70 GP practices. I am freelance and have been asked on a few occasions about PAT...
  12. R

    Coordination between conductor and oveload devices

    A good memory trick for exam conditions for coordination Ib In Iz (Alphabet) the earlier letters are always lower in value than the earlier ones, saves remembering Ib < In In < Iz Ib < Iz
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    18th ed Arc Fault Devices - £120 each!

    Just watched this video on the GSH youtube channel Crabtree have released there 2 module Arc Fault device, reckon they will be £120 each and needed on basically all non light circuits. They dont say specifically but were 'hinting' as the video was likely made last week and would be interested if...
  14. O

    Laser measure devices - suggestions please

    Fed up with using a tape measure and in the market for a laser device Any suggestions? Recommendations from personal experience? Thanks
  15. mattg4321

    Surge protection devices (SPD)

    Hi guys, hopefully someones going to be able to point me in the right direction here. We do a lot of work for a small retirement home locally that has recently decided to fit lightning protection. We've pretty much been strong armed into fitting SPD's on behalf of the lightning firm (LF). Being...
  16. U

    One power supply 2 devices - help with switches needed please

    hi all, I'm making a hopefully simple easier pump system to do small water changes on my reef tank. I need some help please to confirm my circuitry so I know I'm using the right switches ratings etc I'm going to be using the following: 1x 12v 1amp DC power supply Connected too 1x emergency...
  17. littlespark

    Limit to number of devices on BT Homehub 6 (infinity2)?

    After a lot of t-ing and fro-ing, I got a replacement HH6 from BT as the original was disconnecting devices at random. I was asked on the phone once about how many devices, and when I listed them, they said that was the problem. As my wife and I both work from home, with 3 kids, I probably have...
  18. Pete999

    Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

    I used to fit these as a matter of course on my of the installations I did overseas, and understand that you can now get them to fit into a C/U if I'm not mistaken. Mrs Pete999 has been whinging about getting one fitted, now I want to fit one for whole house protection, not sure of what to get...
  19. A

    Electrical OM software

    Has anyone else used this software? Seems pretty good tbf but seem to be unable to spec rcds amd rcbos... Am I going wrong somewhere?
  20. Leesparkykent

    kentec fire alarm

    What's peoples opinions on kentec fire alarm panels? I have an installation of about 80 points and been looking at this panel and Apollo XP95 range of devices. Any pitfalls, things I should look out for etc? Cheers
  21. westward10

    Clipsal rcbo.

    Tested a Crabtree Polestar board today full of Sector rcbos, tested many of these boards and never seen this. The only Crabtree devices were two mcbs but the Sector devices are identical to Crabtree devices. Out of the nineteen four failed which is something you don't get with Crabtree rcbos...
  22. J

    Using powerline homeplugs across separate circuits

    I have just bought an Innuos music server not realising it has no built in Wi-fi capability, but needs an ethernet wired connection to the router. This could be done only by placing it in the cupboard where the router lives, whereas I wanted to place it alongside my Naim streamer upstairs. So...
  23. J

    CTEC intermitant zone fault

    Hello can any body help I have been pulling my hair out for 2 days in a carehome we have a ctec conventional panel that is coming up zone 6 fault the problem is its in fault sometimes for 2 seconds then clears sometimes 5 to 10 mins which is not giving me enough time to properly investigate. I...
  24. O

    BT Broadband and Network dropping out..

    Over the last couple of days our internet connection and rather bizarrely, the internal connections to al our devices seem to drop out/lock out. I've been running both the 2.4 ghz and the 5 ghz wifi and I have just turned off the 5 ghz to see if this helps. We also have a number of powerline...
  25. K

    USB ports within sockets

    HI all A client ask if i could look into the idea of having one of those USB + standard stock installed in her house. I know there are a couple of comments in this forum but just thought I would ask as they are older threads. So has any one has any experience with them (as i have not) if so...
  26. T

    Devices for meter field testing

    What kind of testing devices you use to measure meter accuracy, when you inspecting metering point?
  27. G

    Commercial Generator + UPS Woes

    Greetings, I'm in the Philippines and have an office full of PCs that need to run with as little interruption as possible. Power is pretty reliable here in general, but we have rotational blackouts for an hour a day at the moment due to a regional shortage caused by damage from the typhoon in...
  28. S

    schedule of inspections help

    Just a quick question, in the general section of this form, 1. presence of under voltage protective devices, there are passive rcds on the cu and no dol starter, I've put n/a for this 2. Connection of single pole devices for protection or switching in line conductors only, all sockets used...
  29. I

    Solar Cache+ and Immersun - Immersion Controls

    Has anyone installed one of these devices and if so do you have any feedback on performance/reliability? I have been speaking with one of the people who developed the system (Terry) and they sound an ideal solution if they work as described and are reliable. A customer has contacted us...
  30. kingeri

    RCD cop-out

    Was talking with a fellow spark (young chap) tonight and he was telling me about many times he couldn't achieve satisfactory Zs so he just doesn't bother cos the circuit is RCD protected. I said that the RCD is a secondary line of defense....the MCB should still bloody work (in fact it should...
  31. infinity

    Eversolar TL4000 wireless data logging...

    Does anyone know if there are any wireless data logging/ monitoring devices for the eversolar? ideally i want to check it remotely as i rent the house out but generally want to just check occasionally its actually working so im not wasting any of the sunshine! Ive heard of the solar eye but...
  32. P


    Morning Guys I know that if a 100mA RCD is followed by a 30mA RCD, the 100mA needs to be S type. If a 300mA RCD is followed by a 30mA RCD (Farm installation) does the 300mA need to be S Type? Cheers Pete
  33. C

    alarm cable ccc

    hi im installing one of these pg 27 whats the ccc of general 6 core alarm cable? just planning cable for right side of tranformer [cable between devices] max 2amps roughly a 8 meter run i'll probably just use...
  34. D

    Tt rcd

    Hi All hope you can define this for me TT installation 100mA RCD, is a main switch required in conjuction with this. I do not think so as a this (and all others ?) RCD conforms to BSEN 60947 so why would some think that an addition method of isolation is required ?? Dev
  35. B

    Isolators mounted on panel doors

    I have been told that it is acceptable to physically mount a panel isolator of up to 63Amps on the panel door. This has been refuted by a third party citing EN60204-1 clause 11.2.1 which states: - No devices except devices for operating, indicating, measuring, and cooling shall be mounted on...
  36. R

    Fault Current (Prospective)

    Does this have to be measured at the consumer unit, or can it be done at a socket outlet
  37. D

    RCD trips on incoming power dips

    Property suffers from high number of voltage anomalies - all traced back to high voltage faults by EDF. Problem is that the RCD (80A 30ma) trips on most of these. Mega gives 2M across the circuit. RCD has been replaced as a precaution but same issue. What could the possible problem be? -...
  38. scotsparky

    Max Zs for sub mains

    Anybody know where the chart for a BSEN 60947-2 Btype mcb are in the BRB?
  39. K

    Short circuit capacity???????

    How do you work out the overcurrent devices short circuit capacity in KA, i thought it was just written on it, if you can't find it what do you do then? HELP!!!!!!!!!
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