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  1. J

    Double to single light switch

    Good morning all. I am new to the forum and hoping someone can help with a query i have. Currently i have a double light switch which operates two separate lights at each end of my kitchen. I would like to change the light switch to a single allowing me to turn on/off both lights at the same...
  2. A

    Domestic Bathroom extractor fan switch query

    Hi there I hope this is the right place. I am having a house rewire, and the electrician has told us that it's against regulations to have a specific switch for the bathroom extractor fan. It has an isolator switch, and all switches are outside the bathroom, but at the moment his configuration...
  3. DT1991

    Can anyone help with a fire alarm query.

    Can anyone assist me in finding out if all cables involved with a fire alarm system must be FP or similar. By fire alarm I mean sounders, call points, door holders etc. Thanks.
  4. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Max Demand/Diversity Query

    Hello All, Iv been asked to pick up the remedials on someone else's EICR that was done last year on a school for Deaf Children. One of the items listed on the report is the conductors leading to the sub mains from the main panel are undersized. I popped the cover off to have a look and sure...
  5. E

    Earthing System Query

    Hi, just a quick question... I’m at the stage now where I’m being pretty nosey at other people’s consumer units/supply set ups etc to further improve my understanding and recognition of the different earthing systems found in domestic properties. The image below was taken at a member of my...
  6. B

    Query about 12 & 24 hour supply

    Hi I'm new here . I have a simple question please. At work we have *12 hour supply* and *24 hour supply* labels on some of the distribution boards. What is meant by this please???
  7. T

    Commercial Ryefield Query

    Hi all, Been asked today to quote for installing a Ryefield board which will in turn supply 1 x shop with 3 phase power and also 3 x flats with single phase power. My question is... Would the DNO connect directly into the Ryefield board or will they expect some form of isolation which I will...
  8. M

    Emergency Lighting query

    It's been a while since I tested emergency lights and I just wanted to clarify something. If the lights not working and the green LED light is off, is this an inverter and if the LED light is off and the lights still not working is this a dead battery?
  9. M

    Domestic House supply questions

    Hi all, Got a bit of a query with my mains supply where it enters the house. Its in an empty room that i'd like to either fit a bathroom in (as in my picture) or a toilet and wash basin. Would I need to have this DNO fuse etc moved or can it be boxed in with a water sealed access hatch? All I've...
  10. J

    Rather Low R1+R2 Query

    Quick query I’m hoping someone can clear up. Im just looking at an example of a schedule of test results in a book I’m studying and I’ve come across an example I don’t understand. A lighting circuit protected by a 6amp 60898 Type C (Ref Method 100) using 1.5/1.0 T&E is measuring out R1+R2 at...
  11. T

    Complete dwelling refurb inc re wire query

    Hi all New here. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum! I have a query regarding what will and won’t be possible with regard to a property I own in the north east. The 3 bed semi is empty and being completely stripped out of all finishes and all services inc water and plumbing. Right back...
  12. T

    Quick Thermostat Query

    Good morning all, Probably quite a simple question for all of those who use thermostats/temperature sensors regularly. I'm in need of a thermostat which has the ability to close it's contacts once the temperature in the room has reached a degree which is deemed too high. Do most thermostats...
  13. Alrebcon180

    Main 185mm earthing query

    Hi guys bit of knowledge needed.. Have a 2x185mm 3phase supply going to a panel board with 800amp main switch from a UK Power networks transformer about 15m away, also run with them a 185mm earth which goes to a earth bar next to the panel board where all the outgoing swa earth overlays are...
  14. R

    Electrician RCBO trip test query - Testing wrong or is there a fault?

    Hi, Can anyone please explain why my friend's 30mA trip RCBOs passes the trip test (e.g. x5 is less than 40ms) when the test is done at the consumer unit but fails when the test is done at the sockets. Is he doing something wrong or is there a fault somewhere (the RCBO or the circuit...
  15. J

    Domestic Earthing Copper Pipe Lamps Query

    Hi, I build lamps from copper piping and various other bits and bobs (including the occasional trumpet!!). The lamps are made from sections of copper pipe connected to elbow joints and other copper plumbing connectors. The lamp terminates at a brass lampholder at one end and a plastic clamp at...
  16. the pict

    A query about KVA and cost

    A customer has been quoted 11,000 quid to upgrade to 3 phase a whole load of cable and a pole mounted 11kva are required is 11kva a standard or are they punting us one so to future proof further requests for loads P
  17. mrloy99

    Irish job query for testing

    Hi I have a testing job to do in ireland.The test sheets i've to use ask for the R2 reading only..not R1+R2.....It is impractical to use the long wander lead method so I was thinking to work it out from R1+R2-(R1+Rn)/2=R2.........I was thinking to use this as opposed to R1+R2/2 to take account...
  18. A

    Electrical heating system Query

    Hello!! I am writing here to ask if anyone can help me with an issue I am facing. In the apartment I live in, I have Applimo electric radiators mounted into the walls and a radiator in the bathroom. There is also a Sunvic thermostat (old one, not digital) mounted onto the wall in the living...
  19. S

    Mains Powered Medical Headlamp repair query

    Dear Electricians, I am a veterinary surgeon and need help from someone in the know as to how to bring an old bit of equipment back to life. It is a headmounted lamp with a special mirror to allow examination of the retinas of dogs and cats, however my query relates to the power supply for the...
  20. A

    Socket location query

    I am looking to install a fused spur and double socket in a new place, but the new place is located on a wall which has the soil stack nicely boxed in. The question being is this acceptable???
  21. S

    Electric shower query

    Spark just put in a electric shower (Triton) and hit a small problem, black brick wall behind the tiles where he wanted to install. He said not to worry, he will just trunk it up into the ceiling (which goes into the loft). To do this, he cut a hole in the top of the shower box. He hasn't...
  22. Aaronj46

    10.5KW shower 10mm stud wall query?

    So I have been working on a contract installing 10.5kw showers with B40 MCB's as specified by builders but occasionally a plot reports the shower tripping when having long showers. Hager don't do a 45A MCB but do a 45A RCBO but then its the cost....£££ The cable is ran in uninsulated studwork...
  23. R

    Light Switching Query!

    Hi I have a pendant light fitting and two spots. I want them operated off a double light switch. An electrician has installed a single cable out the top of the light switch as first fix which appears to be a 3 core and earth (see photo) when I was expecting to see two cables coming out of the...
  24. P

    Mains isolator query

    A fellow electrician wants to install a 100A isolator switch between the meter and cu. Is it correct that this also has to be metal as per 3rd ammendment. The wylex rec2 is plastic so does it need to be changed. Of you could share your expertise please.
  25. LazyTrucker

    12 volt laptop charger query

    Firstly I'm new here so forgive me if this is in the wrong place or a stupid query, I'm no electrician by any stretch. I'm looking at buying a charger to charge my laptop my truck whilst engine is running mostly. I'd rather not go down the inverter route if possible due to employers concerns...
  26. N

    Light switch wiring query

    hi. I went to put a new light switch in my porch that controls the light in there and the front door security light and when I took the old switch off the wall I found what you can see on the picture attached. Can someone explain why it is wired up like this?
  27. T

    Garage consumer unit query

    Hello, I'd like some help with my set up. I've not long moved into a house and want to have a small CU in the garage running a few sockets and a light circuit, pretty standard stuff. At present there is a 10mm AC running from the house CU to the garage, about 30ft run, that had a metal double...
  28. Marti

    Capaciter Start Motor converted to flick-of-the-finger-start query

    Hi Guys, Looking at a motor problem today. Nothing big, just interesting. An SP 400 watt motor with, it appears capacitor start phase shift. Press the start and the motor hums and gets warm but doesn't spin. Having tested all the lives with a MM I removed the capacitor. If I flick the cooling...
  29. R

    2016 new build, garage wiring query

    Hi all, new to this forum as a member but follow lots of the threads. In 2017 we moved in as the first owners of a new build by a small independent developer. I am a bit disappointed by the wiring into the garage by what feels a lazy approach by the sparky or architects. The garage is attached...
  30. L

    Three phase socket query

    Hi, We have a three phase 400v socket rated at 63A. It is proposed to use this for a mobile skid. There is an 18.5kw motor and an approximate estimate of current is 34A, the supplier is saying that the socket is not rated high enough as the skid has dual redundancy ( two 18.5kw motors) and as...
  31. C

    Lesson learnt and general socket query

    Hello All, So before commenting please be aware that I have learnt my lesson and will check the power is off myself in the future. I was hopping to change two single plug sockets in my house to two double sockets. The wiring is a bit old but on both single sockets I have two live (red)...
  32. Marti

    Megger LT320&RCDT310. Function Query from a student.

    G'd Evening People, Nearly finished my 2365 Level Three and really enjoyed the study; especially the inspection, testing and problem solving. To this end (ooh er, mrs) a friend has lent me a pair of Megger testers until I can fork out for the MFT. My query is that the LT320 seems to lack the...
  33. M

    A general query on lodging away.

    Hi guys Just wanting to know what the norm is for others and other companies. Im with an employer whos part of the jib which means we do get perks that i know are different to others. My question is current im working away roughly 180 miles from the works offices, normally we are a...
  34. Simong69

    Consumer Unit Query - Location Specifications

    Ive had a call from a customer who is in need of a CU upgrade - upon visitation and inspection i noticed that i couldn't gain access to the CU, this is due to the previous home owner having a new Gas boiler installed (im sorry i didnt take a picture, wish i had if now though) i could lift up the...
  35. L

    Just a general query to make sure I’m not being shafted by my employer

    Hi guys, I’m new to this forum game and what I basically need to know and can’t find any info on myself is what defines an electrician from a junior electrician? I passed my AM2 in May last year and everybody else who was on my course that has stayed in the electrical game that is seems to be...
  36. D

    Unsure of trip switches on fuse box?

    Hey folks I'm in a bit of a pickle right now, the new house we moved into has this: what is this switch with the FG on it? when I flip it up it just comes back down again, won't stay up.. all the plug sockets in the walls are dead at the moment so I'm guessing this is the key to getting them...
  37. Y

    NIC Certificate query

    In the process of selling a house that requires NIC certification, the house was rewired a number of years back to the 16th edition regulations. The dwelling has a TN-S supply with a split board. The lighting, first floor ring main and cooker not protected By an RCD. All other circuits (shower...
  38. mrloy99

    Feeder pillar query

    Hi.I've got a couple of queries regarding feeder pillars on a car park I an working at. There are 3 pillars.All are metal.No 1 is supplied by 70mm 4 core xlpe swa.3 phase and neutral.cpc/bond is the swa. No 2 is 25mm 4 core. And No 3 is 70mm 4 core. No 2 & 3 pillars also have water supply in a...
  39. E

    being on call over the festivities query

    am i right in thinking that being on call even with no callouts requires extra £? and would this really count towards my holidays if im on call?
  40. Z

    Home Made Powder Coat Oven query?

    Hi gents, I'm making a powder coating oven and I need some advise on power. I have an old smoker oven element that is plug in but 120v and i don't want to have to buy a transformer. Is there anything on the market like the pic below that will be as easy to install and plug in direct with 230v...
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