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  1. T

    Bathroom extractor fan ipx query

    Hi, Buying a replacement extractor fan. It falls into zone one with the room setup. Looking at two fans. One is rated zone 1 one is rated zone 2 and both have ipx4 ratings from what I can see and from wider reading ipx4 is the requirement for zone one and two? is the ipx rating all the...
  2. S

    Query on registered electrician

    I recently came across an electrician who came to my house, hardly spoke a word of English and had a translator with him. I noticed he was wearing a NAPIT id badge around his neck. My query is do NAPIT allow translators for foreign electricians? I mean if he cant speak English then how could he...
  3. W

    Kitchen fan installation query

    So today I was coring a 6 inch hole for a kitchen fan, now I cut my hole in the kitchen plasterboard and used a long sds bit to drill out the way, then I cored my 6 inch hole back the way. The hole coming back in is slightly off, am I best coring from inside back out until the first bricks...
  4. G

    Chinese Jacuzzi bath query

    Hi, I am after some advice please. I am a bathroom fitter and are in the process of installing a jacuzzi bath. All plumbed in and ready to test but instructions say to connect to a 16A magnetothermic switch with a 30ma differential & earth socket! The bath has a cable with a 2 pin socket on. I...
  5. frontier219

    Landlord's EICR query

    Afternoon all, Just wondering what everyone's response to the following scenario is. Letting agents have asked us to carry out an EICR. There was a previous failed EICR that has been lost and isn't able to be retrieved. We were told that the landlord had had their own electrician in to carry...
  6. A

    2013 Seat Ibiza stereo install query.

    Trying to install an aftermarket pioneer stereo using an ISO Harness Adaptor - CT20VW02. I can't work out what to do with the red (ignition switch) & orange (illumination) wires. I've looked at hardwiring them to the fuse board but can't find the correct fuse adaptor. Is there a different...
  7. C

    Rj45 cat5e outlet wiring query

    htps://we.tl/t-JHXw09romZ quick share to photo Hi there. I am trying to convert previous cable network cat5e installed when had non fibre in 2015 to digital. I have an outlet downstairs which used to be my master bt socket converted to t658a rj45 connected via an ethernet to the router. From...
  8. J

    Consumer Unit Query?

    The pic. is my friends consumer unit and what I can’t understand is: the left RCD is in tripped/off position yet he tells me the circuits 6,7,and 8 in the house are alive? I thought the mcb’s 6,7,8 were connected from the left RCD and hence although mcb’s are closed the circuits should be dead...
  9. K

    Pricing query - too high or tight builder?

    Hi all! Posted on here a couple of years ago and got great advice. Have been self employed a couple of years now and always find pricing work the hardest part of the job. Was recently asked to price for a kitchen and lounge rewire by the builder doing the work. I have priced at 5 days in total...
  10. D

    Query about Horstmann C-stat room sensor

    Hi there I’m new here and hoping I’m posting in the right place. I am a homeowner with little electrical or heating knowledge. I have a room sensor connected to the heating system which controls the radiators in the house. This one has something like an error on it which I don’t know how to...
  11. M

    Main bonding questions

    Probably a basic question In an installation with pipework or cable ladder that's not extraneous as such but is connected to earthed metal What's the logic for not main bonding it as the metalwork can surely introduce a potential in a fault situation?
  12. sythai

    Off peak query - but of help please

    Evening All Just want to check I've got his correct.... have a property with peak & off-peak DB. The tails from both DBs peak & off-peak go into the same henley blocks. Then looks like off-peak DB supply is run through a contractor, which I assume is controlled via time clock in the meter...
  13. W

    Aico Hush Switch Query

    Does anyone know if this needs to be the first in line of your circuit? Or if it can just be wired in series with the rest of the detectors
  14. charlesrr

    UK DIY - Reading meter query (see video). Do I have 3 rates?

    Hi. Is there a better forum for this? Anyway I've moved into a new place and the meter is weird. (I just had one physical reading at my old house, but this has loads of "pages" on an LCD). The new place has electric storage radiators (which are currently all turned off at the wall), some of...
  15. W

    Water Heater wiring query

    Just wondering if someone with more experience can enlighten me, called out to a bar today. Plumber was in to replace immersion element but FCU was faulty and wouldn’t switch off . Noticed that both the top and bottom elements were being supplied from the local ring circuit and were constantly...
  16. A

    Outside lighting query

    Planning on doing some outside lighting, armoured around the perimeter of garden, glanded into adaptable boxes, then conduit mounted up fence posts finishing in end boxes. Then was planning to fit downward facing lights (up-downs without up) to the face of the conduit end boxes. Was wondering if...
  17. E

    Led security light query

    Hi all, I have just replaced my old broken security light with the light in the following link. FEAHRZEUG 30W Security Lights... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09NKN99VH?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share When I wire the light up with the old lights wire it is very very dim. When I wire the light into...
  18. E

    NVQ evidence gathering query

    I’m looking to complete level 3 soon and then the NVQ (I also posted about a catch 22 with this). From reading the forum some advice is to do work in our own home, for friends and whenever possible free of charge or as an electricians mate with an experienced electrician. Could I start...
  19. lozarus

    Street Light Earthing/Bonding Query

    Apologies in advance if I'm missing the obvious here or not referring to the correct section of 18th or the GN's. In honesty I think I'll get a better answer from the discussion here anyway. So I'm about to do some head upgrades from failed SOX to LED. A reasonably starightforward like-for-like...
  20. W

    EICR coding question

    Came across this on an EICR and was wondering how everyone else would code it. Basically there’s a sangamo time clock that controls a contactor which switches a 3 phase DB for storage heaters, strange set up in a flat. So you’ve basically got 6mm cables in this sangamo time clock that are...
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