1. O

    On stage at 8 pm tonight ....can’t wait

    at the o2
  2. P

    Two Stage Pull Switch For Bathroom???

    Does anybody know if there is such a thing as a "two stage" switch for the bathroom? ie pull once, and the light comes on, then pull a second time and the extractor fan comes on?
  3. M

    Remote switching of 3 phase consumer unit

    Hi Guys I have a client that wants to switch a 3p cu (for lighting only) remotley.It is for back stage lighting . They want to switch it on automatically to bring up the lights on the stage when they fire up their PA system which currently remotely switches the amplifiers which are just below...
  4. rolyberkin

    Conduit in Summer House - Aesthetics Photos Required

    Has anyone got any photos of installs they have done in non insulated or non plasterboard finished garden log cabins summer houses? I am purely interested in the aesthetics I am after examples in white plastic, black plastic, galv conduit and MI if anyone can help? I am about to wire a summer...
  5. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB apprentice stages?

    So I have recently had a look on the JIB website I wanted to look into apprentice wages, I downloaded the hand book and found the rates but it states 4 different rates for 4 different "stages". I have looked and looked but can't find a clear definition for the 4 apprentice stages and wondering...
  6. R

    sockets next to baptism pool

    hi everyone i'm looking for some advice/reassurance on a argument i'm currently having with a designer and architect on a brand new church i'm working on, i'll try and be as brief as possible, in the worship room there's a large baptism pool (2m x 4m x 1m) with a small stage...
  7. D

    A couple of testing questions

    Evening all I am in the process of re-wiring a 4 storey property and have 2 c/units, 1 in the cellar and 1 on the 2nd floor. I have run a cable from the henley box up to the 2nd c/unit on the 2nd floor and I'm wondering if I need to provide test results for this cable on the schedule? Also the...
  8. C

    Planning permission for 8kW commercial roof Northamptonshire

    We have the go ahead from a customer to install a 9 kW installation on a commercial building roof in Northamptonshire. The installation will be on a flat roof and the building is currently unoccupied. Will we need planning permission and if so how long does this normally take? In other words can...
  9. E

    Micro inverters - Check with DNO

    I have been advised by WPD, my DNO that they are sending a letter advising all customers who notify with micro inverters that they must be disconnected untill a G83 compliance certificate can be provided for the whole install. A generic one for the unit is not acceptable. I have not done a...
  10. Worcester

    AC Voltage Drop 250m run

    We've got a site where we're installing a 50kWp (3 phase) system on a barn and then feeding the main buildings 250m away. I've just gone through the BRB, and allowing for both the operating temperature and load factor, I got results of 95mm2 Cu and 120mm2 Al - this seems a bit on the large...
  11. S

    Signing off other people work?????

    Hello All I am new to this forum so bear with me. This is my situation, i hope you can help. I have an american friend who is an electrician in the states. He is here on a visa that means he can't earn money while he is here. But he is willing to rewire my house for me for free, except for...
  12. S

    Anyone IET members?

    Just want to know if any or many on this forum are members of the IET? If so, what's the crack with it? Is it benficial/worth it? Recommended? Being a factory / automation / raggeddyarsed spark; would it benefit or promote? Just a passing interest in the cult... not the She Sells Sanctuary...
  13. S

    3 step test on ring final circuits

    hi guys n gals, just swotting up on some test procedures and im wondering how many of you do a 3 stage test on ring main circuits? i know from previous employers on a new build for instance, they just wanted me to get the end to end results and then go round to every socket and record which...
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