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  1. D


    Evening all, My first post here, hope you are all welcoming :) I have my QS assessment coming up next week with the NIC. Question is, I am going to a property where I installed a 2way board, split the tails, upgraded the bondings etc. Straight forward job but the resident has a 24 hour oxygen...
  2. A

    Bs 5839 part 6 for partnp assesment

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. Got my initial assesment in a few weeks time and noticed in the guide to assesment pack it was recommended to get bs 5839 part 6 if carrkng out smoke alarm work. Just wondering if anyone has had an assesment recently and needed this? Cheers APE
  3. P

    new member-dreaded assesment again tomorrow!!

    Hi all, what a great forum! got the dreaded elecsa man round again tomorrow, doesn't matter how many times I do it.... still gives me the shivers! im member 177 so youd think I would have done it enough times now to be used to it, but another new bloke, another unknown, whish they would stick to...
  4. S

    Passed Part P assesment

    So yesterday had my stroma assesment and happy to say I passed. Would like to thank everyone who helped me in the last few weeks. The fun begins
  5. Sparky10

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Assessment 17th edition

    Hi Guys, Part of my NICEIC Assessment i have been told to provide my 17th Edition Certificate but As i finished my College in 2010 i have already been taught to 17th Edition Standards why would i need to take 17th edition Test again. My JIB card also states 17th Edition on the back...
  6. S

    Testing garage CU for assesment!!!

    Hi guys I have my assesment in little over a month, and looking for some advice when testing my log cabin. Do I need to fill out 2 test sheets. As my log cabin has it's own TT system. How would I measure Zs at my cabin? Im aware I Would only have Ze at origin DB. Sorry been out the game a while...
  7. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Assesment expectations

    Hi All, Firstly I am new to this forum and apologies if I am posting in the wrong area. I have recently attended the Part-P domestic installers course that covered the following: • City & Guilds 4141-01 - Electrical Installation Work within a Domestic Dwelling • City & Guilds 2393 – Building...
  8. S

    Proving unit on assesment?

    Hi guys just wondered how strict assessors are on the use of proving units. I'd rather save the £60 but if need be will purchase one. Anyone recently had assesment with stroma who didn't use one?? Thanks
  9. T

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment completed

    Hi all, just had my CPS assessment with Stroma today, and would just like to say how much I would recommend them. I know that most electricians are against these types of schemes, but until something different comes along, this is what we have to do! Big thanks to people on this forum who have...
  10. T

    safe isolation commercial enviroment

    Hi all I'm new to the forums and probably posted in the wrong place & this has probably been asked before but here we go.. I work for a fire and securine company who also havery just enrolled for niceic approved contractor as we supply the fcu etc for all our control gear in commercial/...
  11. londonfire

    Quickbooks 2013

    I have noticed costco currently have quickbooks pro 2013 for sale for under £100. I am currently using excel to keep my records and plan to do a self assesment when the time comes. Does anybody have expeience of using quickbooks for self assesment purposes? I am hope not to have to use an...
  12. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa forms

    hi everyone i need to be 100 percent sure on ducuments needed for assesment i have all books needed my question is on the checklist it says you need health and safety policy statemnet, risk assesment, quotations and complaints forms elecsa have provided me with example forms can i use these even...
  13. N

    Elecsa assesment

    Phew its over for another year , i can now relax no, no conformancies all ok ,passed , nice guy too ,
  14. C

    3 phase meter questions.

    Hi all, i have a quick question which i hope someone will know. Ive been metering for a year on single phase whole current meters, i have an assesment day thursday for a role installing 3 phase meters. how does the process of installing change? does anyone have a copy of 3 phase intallation...
  15. D

    niceic assesment help

    ive got my assessment coming up for niceic domestic contractor one of my jobs is a new distribution board and the other one is a additional socket i just want some information into what the assessor will be asking for and what is the overall process and how long do they spend at each of the...
  16. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic assesment help

    i have an assesment for the domestic niceic part p registration.. i just want to know what the assessor checks for and is it a stricat and hard assesment... cheers
  17. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic assesment help

    i have an assesment for the domestic niceic part p registration.. i just want to know what the assessor checks for and is it a strict and hard assesment... cheers
  18. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic assesment help

    i have an assesment for the domestic niceic part p registration.. i just want to know what the assessor checks for and is it a stricat and hard assesment... cheers
  19. D

    job assesment

    Ive got a 7 hour assesment for a job coming up, its in a industrial manufacturing background. What sorts of things would you guys expect to come up in the assesment. Any ideas would be great as i would like to do a bit of swatting before i attend it. Thanks
  20. R

    First jobs

    Whilst waiting for assesment can you just take on all the jobs that come in and select one major and one minor for inspection or do you do just the 2 jobs and await assesment. Chicken egg syndrome
  21. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic ?

    As an approved electrician I have been in touch with niceic regarding setting up on my own, they require me to inform them of two pieces of work to inspect one minor one major, I assume for the major as im not certified I will have to inform building control of the major, or will niceic cover...
  22. C

    easy testing

    hi guys i no u guys do testing day in and day out im only testing houses is there any sites on here to help me out with the testing side and the steps and stages r u could help me i just want to start the test with the right test i have a fluke 1652 :confused::confused:
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