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  1. N

    What to do with unneeded NM conductors?

    I'm updating my kitchen wiring and I believe the in-ceiling ventilation fan needs to be AFCI-protected. To accomplish this electrically all I need to do is pigtail into the hot wire of one of outlets on the load side of the AFCI outlet. Can I just clip off the unused neutral and ground wires...
  2. M

    Conductors in parallel

    "433.4 Overload protection of conductors in parallel Where a single protective device protects two or more conductors in parallel there shall be no branch circuits or devices for isolation or switching in the parallel conductors " I am in debate with another spark. I have installed 2x2.5mm...
  3. Pretty Mouth

    Why are main protective bonding conductors sized as they are

    Hi all. Hope you are all well and virus-free. This question is not how to select main protective bonding conductor sizes according to the regulations. That I understand how to do. What I am asking is: Why do the regulations require such a large CSA for Main Protective Bonding conductors...
  4. C

    Sub main & bonding conductors

    Installing Swa 35MM 4 c,to new school block. This supply will come of a MPB,nearby,to me the supply to this MPB does not comply. Concern once again are the size of the bonding conductors realative to the the Main REC supply. The drawing we have,have no input on this, it’s a Tncs system,& earth...
  5. O

    EICR and non standard conductors

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what I write on an EICR when I come across different conductors, I have a job with what I think looks like multi-stranded 4mm tinned copper on a ring. Particularly in the schedule of test results, do I just say it's 4mm/2.5mm and then add it as an observation, is it even...
  6. Pretty Mouth

    70s house, aluminium conductors

    I visited a client about a week ago, an elderly couple complaining that their lounge, hall and landing lights were all flickering simultaneously with a noticeable buzzing noise. When I arrived the lights appeared to be working ok (I asked them to switch them off until I could attend), so an...
  7. J

    Unused conductors in trunking

    The client has decided that redundant circuits, created by us by decommissioning obsolete equipment, should be, in the first instance, removed completely. If this can be shown to be unsafe, cutting back a metre at each end would suffice. I seem to remember a regulation that unused conductors in...
  8. Marcus Vaughan

    EICR - Code 1 or 2 - for unenclosed conductors in choc-blocs?

    Hi all, I've got a couple of examples of this; on a domestic EICR. I'm on the fence with the coding - C1 or C2. There is no copper showing on the live parts - but I wouldn't like to grab it. I just want to be consistent with this - I mean if it was just bare conductors twisted together...
  9. D

    2 conductors in the same Wago connector hole

    I've just watched a video on youtube about installing a bathroom extractor fan off of the light switch. In it the guy says how much easier this is when you use Wago connector blocks rather than a ceiling rose (about 7 and a half minutes in). He's using Wago 3-way lever connector 222 blocks...
  10. cprfenom

    Protective conductors on an EIC

    Afternoon all. Can I confirm that a protective conductor in section 16 of an EIC refers to bonding to services etc rather than a cpc of a final circuit?
  11. Michaelwgroves

    6mm Earth and Main protective bonding conductors

    Just been to a 1981 TN-C-S installation to fit new CU. Both Earth and Main protective bonding conductors are 6mm, which I understand was typical back then. 16mm tails with 60A DNO fuse. Upgrading earth and bonding is gonna be tough as run up cavity and round the corner, I ain't never gonna pull...
  12. kingeri

    Conductors in parallel......

    I was at a job on Friday in a big 4 storey house. One of the jobs I was there to do was to add sockets to a bedroom which actually didn't have any at all. The top floor sockets were on there own breaker, a 32A RCBO actually. There were two 4mm^2 T&Es at the RCBO so I initially thought it was...
  13. Sparky_marky2

    Non standard colour of conductors... your thoughts on this?

    My aunt and uncle came over today and we got on to the subject of electrics, he had a guy come over to one of his shops to add four new shop light fittings everything was fine and the certificates were issued, but one things my uncle said thats lingered is that the building being over 30 years...
  14. Ian1981

    Open pen conductors and future 18th edition considerations

    Electrical Safety First’s recent electrical installation safety roundtable focused on open-circuit PEN conductors, which serve as both a protective earthing and neutral conductor. Although PEN conductors within installations have been prohibited for some time now, older ones still remain in, for...
  15. S

    just live & S/L conductors in a metal enclosure ?

    Hi I am installing a Teletask Micros+ metal enclosure Is it ok to bring just Live and SW Live conductors though a 400mm by 20mm slot cut in the rear of the enclosure ( sometimes cut in the base ) I know I have to bring L N CPC conductors through the same hole but the N and the CPC conductors...
  16. L

    Connecting main protective bonding conductor into MET thoughts

    Any thoughts about connecting main protective bonding conductors into the MET instead of distribution boards? Watched a spark do it the other day and never really thought about it myself. Achieves the same result so it shouldn't be an issue.
  17. PLW


    Does it matter which method (method 1 or method 2) you use when testing for continuity of the circuit protective conductors? Or is each method dependent upon which the type of circuit you are testing on ring or radial? I have been told that test method 1 is used for lighting and radial...
  18. PLW

    Continuity Tests

    Is the continuity test for circuit protective conductors, the same test for ring and radial circuits or is there a different test for each type of circuit? Also what is the difference between testing for cpc continuity and testing for continuity for ring final circuit conductors?
  19. PLW

    Continuity Tests

    Is the continuity test for circuit protective conductors, the same test for ring and radial circuits or is there a different test for each type of circuit? Also what is the difference between testing for cpc continuity and testing for continuity for ring final circuit conductors?
  20. D

    2395 written exam question

    Hello, Sat my 2395 written exam tonight. Two of the questions caused quite a bit of confusion amongst a few of us that sat and dissected it afterwards. The question was relating to an insulation resistance test on a lighting circuit where it was stated that the fluorescent lights could be...
  21. L

    Does it need it?

    hi everyone, I have got a job to do in a local hairdresser to change a consumer unit fed off an economy 7 meter. My question is do you need to test and notify the works like you would in a domestic dwelling? Also is it mandatory that the incoming services of water/gas are bonded with 10mm...
  22. I

    Un-sound electrical connection of live conductors

    Guys can you explain what may result of un-sound electrical connection of live conductors? Your advices will help me alot, thanks✌✌
  23. akwoody2

    EICR question

    Hi chaps, This may have been asked before but i cant seem to find it when searching so im sorry if someone easily finds it. Im currently carrying out a EICR at a commercial premises and the water is bonded from a sub DB and not the MET, its something that i understand needs to be noted but is...
  24. G

    Domestic Interesting cable system

    Did some work on a sheltered housing style flat from the 80's today. It was wired in a type of 'cable' I don't think I've seen before, comprising a flat flexible thick rubber 'conduit' with 3 separate tunnels each containing a PVC single core of very high quality, the sizes of the conductors...
  25. tony mc

    Which Reg in the Yellow book

    Reg 433.1.204 Is in relation to Accessories to BS 1363 supplied through a Ring Final circuit etc and Appendix 15 gives Ring and Radial circuit arrangements. The minimum CSA is 2.5 mm (1.5 MI ) unless a FCU is used and it can be reduced! Just been asked to find the Reg which states 1.5mm CSA...
  26. Adie moore

    my industrial inexperience?

    short story, I've come across a 3 phase distribution circuit wired in 4mm singles on 63a hrc fuses. I found this because 1 of the phases was on a 20a and had blown. this seams wrong to me but as I said I don't have much ind experience. this is a new circuit from a tap off box. also I don't want...
  27. K

    Domestic Conductors, Insulators, Semi-Conductors and Doping.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/night forum members. I'm a student in a Basic Computers Maintenance and Repair class at present and currently doing a project on the above title. In my project right now I'm looking for several things that I just can't seem to find or know how to put together. In...
  28. I

    Industrial Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

    Hi fella's , Following a recent report I have had sent to me t was deemed that multi-core SWA doubled up to supply a single phase piece of equipment, was unsatisfactory for following reasons. 'Poor onsite installation practice may result in increased risk of failure,electric shock or fire'...
  29. polo1

    Interconnected ring final circuits.

    My head's wasted having spent two hours trying to trace an interconnection between two ring final circuits. I started nice and methodical and went downhill from there:bigcry::bigcry:....under pressure to get to the next job, I gave up, but am back on Thursday to nail it on the head. So, how...
  30. J

    Low Insulation resistance readings when connecting final socket on ring?

    Hello All wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem i have with my IR readings. I recently rewired a house.. took care pulling cables in etc . finished 1st fix, checked cables by looping ring main in connector blocks and doing continuity and IR test . continuity was ok, IR read...
  31. T

    4 core fp200 ring circuit

    Came across a 2.5mm fp200 4 core cable used as part of a ring today, am I right in thinking this isn't an acceptable method as there will be only 1 earth wire in the cable ??
  32. R

    Intermidiate switching combinations

    Hi I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me or explaine how many combinations an intermidiate switch has when it come to r1+r2 testing, I know a 2 way lighting circuit is 6 but I can't remember about intermidiate circuits. any help would be appreciated thanks
  33. C

    Split load RCD woes

    The usual C.U. change problem. All circuits working except one (Ostensibly a ring circuit, once upon a time. It 'end-to-end's at the board) which seems to have a neutral to earth fault. I was methodical so I don't believe any neutral conductors were misplaced, but even putting the two...
  34. C

    Major works notification

    Hi, I've changed a consumer unit for a customer but noticed the earth and bonding conductors were undersized at 6mm csa. Do I put this down as a departure from 7671 or not issue to cert until the problem is rectified? Thanks Chris
  35. A

    Determining CSA of tails and sub mains

    So how do you guys determine the size of existing tails and sub main conductors when carrying out EICR or surveys. The reason I ask is, today I have been looking through some EICR and the conductor size stated of some of tails and sub mains is different to what I thought just by having a quick...
  36. J

    testing ze on a shared supply cable.

    Hi guys I done a quick search but could not find a answer, earthing system in question is TN-S. Supply cable comes in is terminated into two 1361 cut outs and then one set tails then go through to next door into another 1361. Am I wrong in believing that in order to test ze properly the next...
  37. M

    Question about testing

    Can somebody help im going to take my 2394 in February and as far as filling out certificates and sequence of tests im not too bad, but as im still a student and still learning im just a little unsure on a few tests and why there within a certain sequence. So why do you check continuity of...
  38. R

    what are your tricks of the trade

    Hi guys Just a bored sparks with very little on this evening. Might be a boring or repeated thread if so I apologise in advance. If anyone was to ask you what is your best trick of the trade what would it be? Simple, complicated, down right odd, anything that gets you out of a hole or just a...
  39. E

    Dedicated 32a2.5mm rfc for underfloor heating

    Hello all, doing rewire at the moment and i have pit underfloor heating on dedicated ring to save cable. No reason why not right? Conductors in parallel and all that. Not using fcu's just using stat as DP isolator. 7 zones/stats. Design current ok with Ref method B. Am I doing the right...
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