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  1. M

    Online training while at homw

    Sparkyninja is doing free online training during these changed times it’s a great time for doing some CPD and using our time wisely. Personally I’m doing my NEBOSH Diploma, let’s not waste the time. The guv is going to announce help for self employment and gig economy. The guys who have been...
  2. C

    LED Lighting

    Hi,Im just a fresher as design engineer. While browsing, I read that 330ohms resistor has to be placed parallel across an LED light, can someone tell me if it is necessary and why?
  3. Dan

    It's been a while since I asked....

    .... how the hell are you? lol I've been on the forums day and night for about 8 weeks now. But haven't asked how you guys are much, if at all. So let's do it in one foul swoop. :D HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS AND GALS?
  4. D

    It’s been a while , Delroy

    One for the domesticated sparks...Enjoy
  5. N

    Siemens RCCB trips even while inductive motor is off

    Good day everyone This is my first thread here, and I'm writing because I have a problem which I'm not sure how to solve. Since its company money, I just want to make sure that the conclusion to the problem is correct. We have an autoclave that works at 121 celsius to sterilize with steam. Its...
  6. Dan

    May find a bit of forum lag while I'm updating things

    I'm updating a few things, including the anti-spam systems which clearly weren't working. I had changed the settings a few times over the last few weeks but it seems they're humans physically filling out the registration forms and then using bots to post. So I've completely changed the spam...
  7. HVManiac

    How much current is drawn by an 18,600 BTU A/C compressor while running at atmospheric pressure

    Hi folks, I recently got a 26 year old hermetic A/C compressor. I plan to use this as a vacuum pump mostly for some of my hobby projects after adding an air filter and a moisture removal setup to it. The specs on the label on the A/C said that it power draw is 2450 Watts, 11.5Amps. Does it...
  8. I

    Socket live all the while

    Hi can someone shed some light on the above ? swapped out a single gang wall socket ( working perfect ) for single gang with usb, simple job wire up like for like. however the flick switch on the new usb socket which was working perfect for two days does now not cut the power and the socket is...
  9. T

    Laptop charges off 12v battery/inverter when full, stops after a while

    Hey so I have a 300W inverter and a 24ah 12v battery. This works to run and charge my laptop for a couple of hours, however after a while the laptop stops charging but I can still charge my phone off the USB that the inverter comes with. Can someone explain why this might happen, does the...
  10. S

    Best mess I've seen for a while!

  11. D

    New to the site, from Northern Ireland

    Hi I'm Dave and like the title says I'm new to the site :) I currently hold EAL NVQ level 3 , C&G 2394/2395 and 17th edition. Also been thinking about going out on my own when I return from my holidays in a few weeks time, likely doing domestic work. But just thought I'd introduce myself and...
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Not as good as DelBoy

  13. Edtwozeronine

    PAT testers being phased out?

    This is a good one for the rumour mill. A friend at college said he went to a specialist shop and while he was there buying something else he enquired about the cost of a PAT testing machine. The bloke behind the counter said "I'm not sure it'll be worth your while getting one mate, once our...
  14. J


    Hi everybody, Been on this forum a while and about time I was introducing myself - had a reminder from Dan a while back also. I have started a small family run business primarily focusing on electrical inspection and test with associated remedial work. I have learnt quite a bit more since...
  15. polo1

    Domestic Wet pants catastrophe

    Ok, so I've been asked to check a possibly faulty lower immersion element. Sure enough, it's gubbed. Fortunately I had a spare the correct size in the van. Drain down a massive cylinder, but can't get the element shifted. Not insured for hot works, so ask the letting agents to organise a...
  16. S

    A sad tale

    He grabbed me around my slender neck; I could not call or scream. He dragged me to his dingy room, Where we could not be seen. He tore away my flimsy wrap, And took upon my form. I was so cold, damp and scared, While he was hot and warm. His fervent lips he pressed to mine, I gave...
  17. W

    Overdue introduction

    Hi Dan thanks for the use of your site, haven't been on here in a while though. I am a qualified spark however been working for local authority for a while so been off the circuit, did you see what I did there Anyway Will I Am nice to meet you all
  18. darkwood

    The Witcher is now waiting on my PS4 for after work

    Been waiting for this title for a while ... it will keep me out of the pub a while I dare say :yes:
  19. S

    RCD trip out

    I've been called to a job for a friend as his swimming pool pump keep tripping the RCD, it took me a while to work out how the other electrician had wired it but of what I see, it's a bit of a mess. I'll do my best to explain for the pool I can see 3 MCB's used 1st is a 6A type b in to a time...
  20. GMES

    Don't try this at work

    Bit of fun, I hope the link works, I can't believe they fell for it!! https://www.------------/photo.php?v=676323815795861
  21. G

    RCD both tripping and refusing to trip!?

    I have been away from a refurb job while other (inc. the owner) have been in and on my return I found that the RCD (for a cooker circuit and three power circuits) is tripping. It triped even when a fairly basic piece of equipment such as my makita drill charger of the owners kettle was plugged...
  22. L

    fluke 1652c continuity readings

    Does anyone else have problems with there continuity readings my readings never seem to be stable for example a newly installed ring end to end resistance on neutral and line ill get .46 and then a reading of .04 on line end to end the leads are always nulled and I even check readings on calcard...
  23. Prime Design

    Domestic IR Tests & Fault Finding

    Hi fellow electricians, I'll get straight to the point. How low do the readings for an IR test need to be on 250V or 500V scale before a 30mA RCD or 32A MCB trips when the circuit is live and in operation and where would I find that information? I know it will trip straight away with a dead...
  24. SJD

    EICR code for tripping MCB?

    While carrying out a periodic inspection and test, I have a socket circuit where after power is removed for a while, then restored, the B16 MCB trips fairly reliably. There are quite a number of office-type appliances connected that are always switched on (PCs, printer, shredder, surge...
  25. P

    New to the UK from Australia, just have a few Qs

    Hi guys, I've recently moved to London from Australia and just touching base to see what the go is with being a sparky in the UK. So far I've got a NI number, booked in to the T64 3 day 17th edition course to convert my Aussie ticket to a UK one, booked a ECS health and safety course to get...
  26. V

    Domestic 8.5Kw Shower Tripping

    Hello, I've read a few similar threads online but none come up with an answer. I recentally replaced a 7.2 Kw shower with a Triton 8.5 Kw shower. But trips the mcb after of running the shower for 20 minutes. While installing the shower I replaced the 6mm with 10mm T&E, and the 50 amp pull cord...
  27. T


    Alright lads, anyone done the new testing course? Is it harder to pass then 2391? Got a feeling my reg books are going to have to be my new best friend for a while
  28. A

    Commercial Eicr on a pub

    Dont you just love it, all the punters must think they are a dab hand at electrics, and the must all be willing to do it for a few pints. First switch i drop the cover off and i find this, its like a rats nest, Anyone else do many eicr's on pubs? And do you come across thing like this quite...
  29. S

    Socket fixing

    Just a quick one for any tips. While drilling screw holes for a socket box the hammer action of the drill pushedd the brick into the cavity. Although not completely lost, to fis with cement etc will take a while to set before trying again. Does anyone have any quick fix tips so the box can be...
  30. L

    marginally baffled

    Hi all, have new power supply & CU (split load), all fine for a month (no changes) while on holiday one RCD tripped, suspected downstairs ring, put on MCBO, again while away tripped? The puzzle to me is that having tested the ring all fine although the R1+R2 are high (below pass) and it never...
  31. P

    solar course

    Hi, looking for some info on solar courses, mate is intrested in getting into this, has no real electrical experience (auto spark). Asked if i knew what was best but i dont have a clue, any ideas what courses or qualification are reqd. Thanks in advance
  32. S

    Design criteria for roof top PV installation?

    How to select the battery of desired type and rating out of so many available batteries? For example if I wish to support a 20 KW system with back up of 1 hour, 3 hours and 5 hours then what should be the ratings of the different battery banks respectively. How does the battery voltage affect...
  33. D

    Bidoyng fuses.... These look the ticket!

    BIDOYNG - Kelvatek My lad has just started as trainee engineer with SSE. He's just come through with the iPad showing me these beasties that the are starting to fit in subbies Quit interesting stuff, i like the inbuilt TDR and the fancy gateway myself. I can see this kind of stuff filtering...
  34. R

    Just wanted to say hi

    Hi, my name is Richard, I am in West Sussex and have recently completed a domestic installer course. I am now concidering my options, do I set up as self employed, shadow a spark or sign up to an agency. Any advice will be gratefully received. I would also like to thank everyone at...
  35. gazzamikes

    Portable appliance testing

    what is the going rate for Portable appliance testing please? thanks!
  36. the pict

    shower pump and extractor

    Any one ever wired a extractor to run when the pump is running only, is there a connection within the electrics connection box IE run side of the motor. over run I suppose is easy enough from the perm live Pict
  37. C

    circuit tracers

    Hi people i am new hear and looking for some advice on circuit tracers, theres a few out there and we have a lot of ECRs to be carried out in the near future. Has any body got one and are they good are rubbish. I am concerned of spending a lot and they not doing as they say !!! Any advice...
  38. a1guvner

    Day works - How far would you go

    A while back whilst carry out day works for a main contractor (small old school firm) boss man asks if we could bypass his meter on a TBS while he contructs a new build, of course declined to get implicated in this kind of work. but if he did manage to find someone to do this would it be on his...
  39. sythai

    Resistor across a dimmer... help please

    Hi Chaps, Hope someone can help me with the following. Have got a couple of wall lights on a standard rocker switch at present, with 2 x low energy lamps. These come to less than 40watts in total. Customer want to put a dimmer in that is rated from from 40w - 300w. Sure I've heard before...
  40. R

    Earths cut off at switch

    Been doing work on a farmhouse and shes had one or two blokes doing various rooms before they got plastered. She was told in good faith that they were bona fide experienced sparks and she paid accordingly anyway i was asked while i was there if i could have a look at a two way sw which is part...
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