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economy 7

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    Horstmann Economy 7 not working

    Hello, my Horstmann E7 isn't working in my apartment. I can here the clock timer ticking and the boost timer is working but no hot water is being expelled. The indicator lights for boost or timed are not lit up. Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot/fix? Please let me know if more...
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    Economy 7 multi rate meter advice.

    Hi guys, I have a 2 rate electric meter with Economy 7 tariff as the property had night storage heating. All of the old night storage heaters have been removed and replaced with Rointe Kryos electric radiators which are connected to a new consumer unit and nothing is now using the old Economy...
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    HORSTMANN VMK 7D SRS economy 7 times

    I really hope that someone can help! I've watched some YouTube videos and searched online but nothing really helps. We have a Hortsmann VMK 7D SRS, in a rented property. What I need to know is: * What time is the cheaper rate (economy 7) set for * Do we get an extra cheap rate boost between...
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    How to use a horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater

    Ive recently moved in to a rented property and am unhappy with how high the bills are. Im trying to figure out why - the property is a two-bedroomed flat, two people occupying, everything is electric, storage heaters and horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater. I'm sure we're using the storage...
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    What kind of Electric Shower install is possible with my existing consumer unit?

    Hi I am moving into a ground floor flat and would like to have a new electric shower installed above an existing bath tub, unfortunately due to low pressure from the hot water tank a plumber has advised a mixer shower is not an option and neither is a pump. I am rather new to all this sort of...
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