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  1. P

    Difference between lutron and quinetics?

    Morning chaps, Just doing some research for a job I have coming up where I need to reduce the amount of cables on show and also the customers wants all smart lighting too. I’m looking into both quinetics and Lutron has anyone ever had many dealings with either of these also what is the...
  2. W

    Wiring newer Lutron style 3-way light switch

    Hi guys I'd like to switch out the old rocker light switches with Lutron style. The 3-way ones have terminals X, Y, Z in the picture all on one side. The Newer style has two on the right, one on the left, A, B, C (ignoring the earth). Could any kind person please tell me the map from X, Y, Z...
  3. J

    0-10v dimming (Lutron)

    I have been given a tasty basement job in Fulham The lighting is by a lighting designer AV guy to cover lutron RA2 controls- me to 1st fix Some of the lighting is spec'ed to be 0-10v 1) what is the advantage of 0-10v (as the wiring seems more invloved)- just smoother dimming? 2) is it a case...
  4. loulew

    Pro Electrician Synergy Integrated Solutions - Kent - London - South East -

    Providing Smart Home Solutions across Kent, London and The South East. At Synergy Integrated Solutions our goal is to provide you with a Smart Home fit for modern living. All aspects of Electrical and Smart Home Integration Undertaken, some of these are listed below; Smart Lighting (Rako...
  5. john watts

    INSTYLE LED - LED strip light specialists

    Hi All, We are a Leicestershire based LED lighting company, specialising in commercial grade LED strip lights and all of the accessorise including control gear, extrusions, power supplies and more. We can ship to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. For prices or questions: Please call...
  6. N

    Lutron GrafikEye wallstation wiring

    First post here, hopefully someone can advise. I just finished renovating my house, part of which involved reusing an existing GRX-3106 in a different part of the house, controlling 5 loads. The work wasn't done by an experienced Lutron installer, but the electrician associated with my rather...
  7. simpson93

    Old lutron graphic eye

    Morning all, Quick question to see if anyone had/tried to do an led upgrade on an older Lutron graphic eye system? Had there been any problems with compatibility? Where capacitors needed etc?
  8. Ian B

    Any Lutron Homeworks installers got an HWI-WCI on the shelf you no longer need?

    If so drop me a PM please ;)
  9. simpson93

    Lutron certification. How and where

    Good evening all, Due to an increaseing demand from my clients for modifications and repairs on Lutron systems I’m keen to broaden my Knowledge on these systems. And so I’m looking for advise on where to find the right course’s to Become Lutron certified etc.
  10. N

    Lutron LCP128 - Costs???

    Evening all, I'm doing a restaurant refurb and the client is insisting on a Lutron Panel. I have used these previously however I'm more used to iLight or Mode. Does anyone have an idea *Roughly* how much a Lutron LCP128 panel and 2 scene setting touch pads would cost? I'm obtaining quotes but...
  11. R

    Lutron Rania Dimmer Switches

    Just wondered if anyone had experience of installing the Lutron Rania Dimmer Switches - with masters and slaves?
  12. J

    Lutron Grafik Eye

    Been asked to tender for a kitchen extension which will have 3 'zones' of lights: 10x LED downlights 2x wall lights 3x pendants over island but the main contract has said the client is keen on getting Lutron Grafik Eye. still in early stages for this job but wanted to get clued up prior. what...
  13. C


    Hello guys I have a new house installation job coming up in which Lutron series 4 has been specified. If anyone has any experience with this system is it really as plug and play as the manufacturer says? Looks like quite an interesting Job, I am quite familiar with commercial systems like...
  14. H

    New job - seeking information on home automation / lutron lighting

    I've recently started helping my friend on a few big home automation jobs. We're both qualified electricians but he's being doing this high end fancy lighting/ custom installing work for a while now and I want to learn as much as I can to help make myself more employable to his boss. They deal...
  15. C

    Lutron home works system

    Working on lutron system at moment,3 storey home,over 300 lights & fibre optics,anybody worked on these lighting racks,after a few tips.Bascially all cables go back to rack,worry about fibres,they look a pain,house real old,large oak beams,& routing these are gonna be a major prob,cheers guys
  16. M

    Domestic lighting controllers

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good lighting controller possibly 4 zone for general domestic use? thanks
  17. D

    Lutron Dimmer lighting control unit. Bargain!!!!

    For Sale: Lutron Grafik Eye Grx-3106-ce. 6 way lighting control unit. Great for new construction or refurbs. Multiple settings for numerous scenes! Rrp from lutron is £1000. Selling for £400ono. Plus comes with seperate remote control unit for free, Rrp £180. Lutron GRAFIK Eye® 3000 System...
  18. J

    Lutron Grafik Eye and LEDs

    Afternoon. i have an LED replacement project where I will be using Lutron control. I cant remember the rule of thumb to apply to LED loads e.g 800W per zone for SELV, but this figure is reduced for LED. Can anyone remind me what that might be. Havent got the stomach to trawl their giudes or...
  19. S

    Lutron Rania Dual Dimmers

    anyone used these to replace a 2 gang 1 way switch plate?? really crap quality. had an issue with 1 out of 3 i had fitted.
  20. K

    Lutron Dimmer

    Hi Anyone got any advice which transformers I might use for Lutron Dimmers, my wholesaler isnt to sure if his bog standard 230/12V will suffice? Cheers
  21. S

    Lutron testing

    Hi, i have installed a Lutron Graphic eye 3000 series lighting system on a new build project. it has come to testing and certifying the property. i was wandering how the best way to produce the certificates is? does the Lutron controller need a certificate of its own, or do i just test all the...
  22. S

    Lutron rania dimmer problem

    I've been asked by a customer to look at a lutron rania dimmer. The problem is when switched on the lights flash light a strobe light all over the room. Spoke to lutron they believe that it overcurrent so I split the room lighting and still have same problem. Anyone come across this before...
  23. B

    3G triac dimmer

    Evenin' all, I'm in need of a 3 gang dimmer capable of dimming LEDs, incandescent ES lamps, and a 12v solid state transformer for a wire track with GU10 LEDs on it. (also has to look snazzy:cool:) I've found lutron triacs to be super duper for the leds but will this be compatible with a...
  24. G

    Lutron switches

    I have been asked to install some lutron dimmers. Do the switches need a neutral? The customer has handed them to me without any instructions. Currently there are standard dimmers in place, no neutral.
  25. D

    RCBO advice

    hi, I am installing some Lutron (smart dimmable scene) lighting in a penthouse flat and would like your advice on circuit breakers. All the wiring is above the suspended plasterboard ceiling and 'batwing ' clipped to concrete 250 mm above. There are no switch drops as all switching is done by...
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