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  1. D

    Recently changed a light switch which controlled 2 lights. Now only 1 light works. Pictures included

    There are 2 sets of lights surrounding my house outside. One set is a single light next to the door, a standard outdoor lamp. The second is a series of spot lights under the roof to the house. There was previously a single light switch in the living room which controlled both sets of lights...
  2. Lou

    (Pictures Thread): Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor electrical installations you find on your travels

    Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor installations you find on your travels. @Megawatt suggested this for codebreakers. I thought I'd throw it up in the main electrical forum for all to use. So this is a public thread, so please, no personal details of where the install is, and no naming...
  3. H

    5 years Experience. Working on my NVQ but need help

    Hello. My names ryan been doing electrics now for about 5 years. Put myself through college. Got level 2 and 3 under my belt and currently on my NVQ. However I’m struggling to determine what photos I actually need. I’m doing it with xs training. They have gave me resources but not clear at...
  4. C

    Solar inverter showing low dc input ( with pictures ) help please

    hi everyone, hopefully you can help. I have a 4kw solar panel system and just noticed a drop in how many kw it’s producing. I checked the inverter ( fronius primo ) and the lcd is showing low dc input on string 1. Any ideas of what the problem could be ? Even if I could narrow it down to what...
  5. H

    Advice on pictures in the links

    Looking to buy a house and took some pictures of the electrics. They seem old so I am after some advice on if it needs a rewire. The last 2 pictures are of the additional installation of a downstairs shower room. Don't know which website allows the adding of photos. dig - https://ibb.co/kYwBNd...
  6. Dave OCD

    Pictures of simple jobs done properly.

    I was thinking as per thread title why don't we post up some pictures of how we do the simple common things, would be interesting to get different views and also show the people new to the trade how things ought to be. I'll start off with a simple 3 plate ceiling rose pendant that my son did...
  7. C

    Pictures of Board work

    Someone posted a thread about showing pictures of boards the other day. Here is one I saw today. Brand new install by an electrician apparently with 20+ years experience
  8. M

    Quick Hi

    Not a sparky, I am a High Risk Health & Safety Consultant (ATEX and Explosives) and Certified Machinery Safety Expert (yes that is a thing!). I spend much of my life in high risk industrial environments where things tend to go bang with drastic consequences as well as being an EHS Auditor. I...
  9. Jurassic Sparks

    An interesting email I have juist received

    My Brother send me this, awaiting photos my reply was curt and informed the tenant of his rights, sounds like the sparkie is a muppet Someone at work has just moved into a rented flat, he's just shown me pictures. It has an electric shower, and when they switch it on sparks come out - between...
  10. Dan

    Juno Snaps Some Pictures Of Jupiter

    New images of Jupiter offer glimpse into what lies under planet's skin Some new pictures in of the giant. I've been watching this quite closely. Plenty more to come I think.
  11. N

    Fluke Scopemeter 199B

    Fluke Scopemeter 199B for dale Near perfect condition FlukeScopemeter 199B for sale, brand new Fluke battery and recently calibrated. 200MHz 2.5GS/s. Only comes with Test leads and charger selling for £750 ONO. Check out the ebay page for pictures. Selling because its hardly been used...
  12. P

    Rogue Traders

    Morning all, Just wondered if any customers or professionals on this site have any shocking stories or photographs they can share with me? We have done a piece on our blog "Solar PV Rogue Traders" and I'd like to continue it. Would be grateful for anything you could share.
  13. W

    alarm help

    Hi new to this and don't know if this is right part of forum. What it is i bought an alarm from ebay one that takes a sim card I've never fitted an alarm before but as it said (easy d i y fitting) i bought one. But the instructions are a bit mis spelt as made in China. Any way when i set it up...
  14. H

    PPE hard hat domestic?

    Hi, I am currently doing the NVQ3 and started taking pictures. The job inwhich I have started taking pictures is a lived in domestic property. Some pictures I have not been wearing a hard hat. Will this be a problem? I have always used the Hi-vis.
  15. D

    ring main fault

    hi after some advice? There is a fault on a rngmain showing dead short Line to neutral i have split the ring and identified the leg with the fault on . Although ran out of time to day to trace cables. The lady said she woke up sat morning the RCD had tripped ,so something obviously happend...
  16. G

    Anyone got a website showing bad diy wiring?

    Not sure where in the forum this post should go, so here seems a good place! Like most of us, I sometimes take pictures for my own amusement and/or to save the boss leaving his chair and actually visiting the site when I see dangerous wiring. I was wondering if anyone here knows of, or runs a...
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