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  1. A

    Is my calibration showing my tester is faulty?

    Hi lads, I have a Megger 1552. I didn't really use it in the last couple of years. I was planning to get more into testing again, so sent it for calibration. Unfortunately, it failed. I was told it requires a new side socket where the test leads plug into the tester. As the tester is old...
  2. Lister1987

    Brother PTE550W & ETouch Editor 5.2 - Attribute names not showing in transferred label editting window on E550W.

    Just had a bash at duplicting a PAT label so i can store it on the machine (for some god awful reason whoever they hired to make thier Cable Label Tool app didn't add in a feature to save transferred labels to the machine which is a ball ache. I've created my label, added all the fields i need...
  3. Confused...

    Aube TH232 showing HI

    Hello My Aube TH232 is showing the error message HI which means the actual floor temprature is above 70C But its not....the floor is at ambient temperature of 24C Its not the thermometer as I have swapped it for a new one with the same error message So I presume the sensor has failed? Would...
  4. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  5. J

    Not showing lvl 3 on gold ecs

    Hi, Has anyone applied for a new ecs gold card as of late? I have recently finished lvl 3 test and inspection . The qualification shows on back of the card, but, does not show lvl 3??
  6. J

    Socket showing live on both ring mcb’s ?

    I have a socket in a house showing up as live on both ring 1 and ring 2 ? powered up the house today and used a socket tester and it was flashing on both rings when I isolated each one on their individual MCB’s ? does anyone know what this could be ?
  7. O

    Electric meter installation - need access to neighbour's flat

    Hi there I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong place, My prepayment electric meter screen went blank last week, I was advised this was to do with a power cut, I am currently on supply. I live in a block of flats and the electrician that came out advised that they would need access to...
  8. M

    not showing voltage

    Hi Guys. When testing an electronic light transformer on or off load 240v/60w for output voltage my old Fluke 77 or my new Fluke 117 won't detect any voltage either on AC or DC or auto, but my Fluke T120 will pick up the 12v output. Anybody know why this is. Thanks Mack.
  9. C

    Honneywell Thermostat showing low temp and Frost Mode

    Hi My thermostat usually shows a room temp of between 18 and 20 degrees However occasionally it is displaying FROST MODE and showing low temperatures. Basically when it goes like this we can either have heating on or off with no control which is very annoying! Can anyone advise, I have...
  10. G

    Domestic Smart light switch showing voltage when off

    Hi - went to a client tonight to wire a two way lightwave smart master and slave switch. When connected as stated on instructions the light was permanently on and when the switch was actually pressed on the bulb flickered. When I checked voltage across the live and switch live terminals it...
  11. K

    Multimeter showing reading when nothing is plugged in

    I want to talk about the context to this first, I'm in my first year at college studying level 2 electrical installation and for Christmas my family got me a toolkit which had some tools , multimeter and a soldering iron. They didn't really know much about things like that and they wanted it to...
  12. C

    Solar inverter showing low dc input ( with pictures ) help please

    hi everyone, hopefully you can help. I have a 4kw solar panel system and just noticed a drop in how many kw it’s producing. I checked the inverter ( fronius primo ) and the lcd is showing low dc input on string 1. Any ideas of what the problem could be ? Even if I could narrow it down to what...
  13. J

    Domestic Mains tester showing Oven casing as live

    When I turn my oven on and touch a mains tester screwdriver against the casing it illuminates. It’s only happens when the heating element is on. The oven heats well and shows no other signs of issues. The casing is clearly not properly live as it’s touched all the time. Is this something to...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Image showing effects of consumer unit fire!

    This popper up on my twitter feed tonight, shows a house gutted in Greater London from fire due to a consumer unit fire.... Make sure you double check your terminations and installs and it can almost always be avoided if you do things properly.
  15. D

    12V DC adaptor showing 19V

    I was checking polarity using multimeter on some 12v DC adaptors I have. Doing this showed me the voltage. Here on my readings: 12V DC 200ma = 19V 12V DC 500ma = 16V 12V DC 1000ma = 14V Question 1): Why are they not showing 12V? Is this because all happen to be unregulated? Question 2): Why...
  16. K

    Very old cut out info

    Came across this recently. Looks like 30s, 40s maybe. Does anybody have any info, Bs number, kA values...
  17. E

    Domestic Reverse polarity on kitchen socket

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anybody can shed a wee bit of light, got a phone call earlier tongiht from a customer stating he was getting a shock from the socket and the sink. went over to have a look he advised he replaced all sockets with stainless steel ones and one kept shocking him so here...
  18. C

    Philips M100 intercom system. Help?

    Hi Folks,Any of you good people had any dealings with one of these systems? It's an old system in a large office type building. I know these are outdated now but been asked to have a look. Working fine until very recently. We have very little information on the system. Can't say sorry we're not...
  19. H

    32a RCBO Failing 5x with >50v showing

    Hi Circuit Info 32a B RCBO Feeding a Combi Boiler through a FCU in the airing cupboard of the bathroom. Tested at 1/2 Passed tested at 1 > passed reading Oo 20.5 and 180o at 21.3 When testing at x5 the RCBO is tripping but my meter (kewtech KT63) is showing fail >50v Im assuming that this...
  20. J

    Ring testing

    Hi had some rather strange reading today, that i have never seen. Was carrying out a ring test today on a EICR (r1,rn,r2) and i was getting r1=0.38 r2 = 0.39 and was getting a strange reading of r2=75v??? Any idea why im getting a voltage reading?
  21. B

    Problem with MCS database?

    Just registered an installation with the MCS database. Normally the certificate is generated and emailed to me immediately. This morning it is giving a message: "This certificate is pending generation and is unavailable for editing or download at this time" Anyone else had this? The only...
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