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  1. Pete999

    Glo in the dark screwdriver someone was asking about them

    CK TOOLS T49283PD VDE SLIM SCREWDRIVER SET 5 PIECE GLO IN THE DARK | eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/113708847892 CK dextro VDE slim glo, a while ago someone was enquiring about this item saw this in Mays PE
  2. D

    Saying hi, and asking lighting question...

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. This is a bit different - I'm not an electrician, but I'm working on a lighting project that might be interesting to electricians, so thought I'd come here to find out if it is (and apologies if it's not). I'll make a post in the lighting section to see if anyone...
  3. R

    Phone calls asking if I want to sell/know value of my Business

    Hi all, I`ve been trading for the last 8 years, in the last 8ish months I`ve been getting calls from firms asking if I would be interested in selling my business. Also getting calls saying that they have clients that want to invest in the area and would I sell or when I say no they ask whether I...
  4. E

    very tentative about asking this.

    Hi all, Ok let me get my concerns out of the way first… Every time I see someone ask for advice, especially when they are an ‘outsider’ so to speak, people seem to take great pleasure in shooting them down, telling them what they can’t do or not giving helpful advice in any shape of form. In...
  5. B

    Pictures needed

    Anyone got any pictures of before and after work need some for my college portfolio Cheers
  6. E

    Kitchen LED transformer requirement

    Got a string of 12v led bulbs with a total of 30w which I want to use one transformer. What size/type of transformer to power these would you suggest. cheers
  7. V

    Do you need an inspection and testing certificate

    If someone owns a house and is not renting it out but wants to live in it themselves do they by law need an inspection and testing certificate to move in
  8. gatuka

    pass mark %

    does anyone know the pass mark for initial verification
  9. telectrix


    A couple are asleep when a pounding is heard at their front door The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3:00 in the morning!" He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was...
  10. S

    How much capacity of a labelling machine is good?

    How can we decide that the capacity is good of labelling machine? what should it be?
  11. A

    Fuse breaking capacity

    where do you look to find the breaking capacity of fuses?
  12. P

    Trades Gateway

    Hello all, I have a Couple questions. 1:) Has anyone completed ANY practical training with Trades Gateway? 2:) Has ANYONE completed a course with them and if so how long did it take? I am asking as I am now on module 24 out of 40 and have not been offered any practical training and upon...
  13. A


    Dears Are RCBO used in 3 phase loads, and the other question is about using RCBO for loads located in hazardous area, is it an obligation or not Regards
  14. P

    PIR report

    elo guys, when filling out a PIR on the section about number and type of live conductors do we count the earth in a tncs system. so for example in a single phase system would we mark this as a single phase 2 wire or 3 wire?
  15. P

    registering for 2391 inspection and test

    Could anyone offer me advise on how to register. Approached Niceic and all they did was offer me the new 2394 / 95 training courses.
  16. S

    16mm T+E for Loft Extension, (en- suit shower. )

    Just wondering if any sparks out there would have any obligations or concerns about a proposed installation for loft conversion,, ( see drawing for details..).. Hear loads of conflicting theories about cable sizing for showers , some of them are borderline at best... and different...
  17. M

    What would you expect from a trainee ?

    Evening guys, im looking for a little bit of advice and guidance for my current situation please I currently work full time as a trainee electrician, and have had this job for the past 6 weeks while studying my 2365 level 2 at college on evenings what I would like to know, is from your...
  18. F

    conduit wiring

    been asked to look at job to add extra sockets in kitchen and install downlights house wired in metal conduit no rcd protection metal fusebox any ideas on adding sockets and lights appreciated
  19. R

    Power consumption for a 3 phase connection

    Sir Can you pls what is Power consumption for a 3 phase connection compared to a single phase Thanking you, Sudesh
  20. S

    Conduit bender

    hi guys im looking for a conduit bender (20mm and 25mm). i have seen them for sale on the internet but they were 527 pounds new. im not paying that much for a bit of metal that bends another bit of metal so if anyone knows of anyone selling one second hand please could you let me know please...
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