1. Zdb

    NVQ sample portfolio

    I came across this on an electrical group which might be of use to anyone starting or doing the NVQ3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/unt8btuxofw1cwi/AABLgITqPTIdUnX4ns39Lb_da?dl=0
  2. S

    Portfolio Almost Done - Need Testing Evidence

    Hi everyone, I've done the AM2 and all the portfolio except Testing and Fault Finding. I need photographic evidence showing me testing and recording results. My firm does testing but not very often and when they do it's usually last minute and rushed, making it hard to take the time to document...
  3. Moaz

    Level 3 Portfolio. Need help.

    Guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through these questions?? There's about 90 underpinning questions. But here's the first page...
  4. Moaz


    Guys, does anyone have a portfolio i could use? Need some help ASAP!!
  5. J

    Electricians nvq portfolio Download

    Hey guys Wanted to ask if anyone had a link or a download of the nvq portfolio I've just started it And really need help it
  6. Prime Design

    Commercial Looking for site work in London/Watford for completion of NVQ L3 Portfolio

    Hi all, I have enrolled on to the NVQ level 3 course with the AM2 assessment and I'm eager to complete my portfolio in order to further my career. I've worked on various sites, worked for various reactive maintenance firms and now I work for myself. I've focused on been a self employed domestic...
  7. Prime Design

    2356-99 NVQ L3 Portfolio and Site Work

    Hi all, I have enrolled on to the NVQ level 3 course with the AM2 assessment and I'm eager to complete my portfolio in order to further my career. I started off working for free as I had a career change at the age of 26. I've worked on various sites, worked for various reactive maintenance...
  8. P

    2357 portfolio information

    hi chaps, Does anyone have a list of what is required for the lv3 2357 portfolio? I haven't started the course yet, just want to get a head start. Cheers
  9. J

    Nvq 3 portfolio! Need a sample please or some

    hello all, new here! Just after some help really! Been sparking for 6 years now and got all my qualifications including my AM2 but now I need to complete my porfolio in order to get my JiB Gold Card I’ve been looking for a sample portfolio or even someone’s finished to get an idea of how...
  10. B

    Finishing my Portfolio self employed subby

    Can I finish my portfolio as self employed as long as I have a qualified person to sign my witness testimony?
  11. B

    Going self employed, with level 3 portfolio to complete

    Hi guys, I've just finished my college course, with my portfolio to start/complete. So could I work for another firm as an improver or self employed subby, and finish my portfolio? Due to a change in circumstances I need to be in a job earning more money but I want to finish my apprenticeship...
  12. T

    NVQ Level 3 Portfolio?? EAL

    Hi all, I am an apprentice electrician, been a mate for about 2 years but had to go cards in and complete an apprenticeship. this was the only way to get my course paid for and my wages coming in each week to pay the bills. i have always taken pictures and other evidence to put in my portfolio...
  13. G

    A little help with some NVQ level 3 portfolio questions!

    Hello hope everyone's well, I wonder if anyone out there can help me with a portfolio question that I need to do for my Level 3 electrical installation NVQ course? The question is: 1. Check the safety of electrical systems prior to the commencement of diagnosing and correcting electrical...
  14. K

    2357 Portfolio Question I dont understand

    Hi All, Im trying to answer this requirement for my portfolio: 'Show me evidence of procedures that are in accordance with requirements for electrical systems and equipment for relevant sections of the building regs' (criteria section 312.1.2) Now it may be me but Im struggling to answer this...
  15. C

    Advice required if you have had similar predicament

    Hi all I have completed level 2/3 2330 and 2 years ago started a job as an improver electrician at a maintenance firm. 12 months in i began working to Level 3 NVQ. However, the qualified electrician i was working with resigned shortly after. Good news is i got more responsibility and...
  16. S

    Advice required

    Currently working as a Qualifed Supervior under the NICEIC Approved Contractors scheme, been on the tools for 11 years and work mostly on domestic and commercial. However I haven't got my NVQ3 or am2, was always told I didn't need them. What courses are available for me to compete these or...
  17. S


    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a contact / number to arrange to do an Am2 somehow? Got my level 2/ 3 but never finished portfolio on nvq due to my company going bust so had to sort college out myself, I've got 5 years experience being qualified just never needed my gold card because of...
  18. Irina Nistor

    Commercial NVQ portfolio - New Electrician in Borehamwood Looking for a Chance

    Hi, guys, im an electrician to be or wonna be, got 4 years experience on site, technical certf C&G2365 Level3, testing and inspecting course, have my own testing kit Fluke 1652B, ready to jump on building up my testing and ionspecting skills, 17th edition and still need to build my NVQ...
  19. S

    I'm dissapointed with Not A Chance

    So disappointed with Not A Chance. The day arrived for induction doesn't even last 40mins. The assessor doesn't explain in many details , more like he's quickly flicked the pages. At the end of session wanted to ask him more question but he's more into hurry out to the office collecting the fees...
  20. C

    Im confused with my qualifications???

    Right.... My training officer isnt what id describe as a clever bloke.... Infact it would be closer to the truth if id have said the opposite... Iv tried to have him explain what im gonna ask but im none the wiser lol. Ive done my 3 years at college, ive done my am2 and my portfoilio is just...
  21. B

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) can i get my jib card?

    hi there im new to the site i currently hold my 2330 level 2&3 nvq 2 16th regs and will have my nvq 3 complete in about a month so when i get my nvq can i get my jib card as an electritian many thanks
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