1. T


    As above can hear sound but the screen is all black any help
  2. B

    A picture paints thousand words

    Dear All, I took this photograph as because I need a new box. I need a new box as the switch on this one do'es has ceased to function. I found it ceases to function as my washing machine shut down. I have three questions, 1 What is the correct description of this box? 2 As a novice to...
  3. Moley

    Had to stop and take a picture

    Just as I came off the M74 onto the A71 last night just outside Stonehouse :)
  4. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's most challenging picture puzzle yet... what does this box do?

    You've seen some curious stuff in my vintage picture puzzles before but what can you make of this black box? I want to know not only what's inside but also its main electrical specifications; there are two in particular for which I need the actual figures. There will be a few picture clues to...
  5. T

    A picture says a thousands words

    Couldn't resist sharing a pic of view where I am
  6. G

    Honeywell security alarm problem

    Hello, I have an issue with my house alarm system. It is all Honeywell and its a couple of years old. My bell box is making no sound/noise when activated.the warning light is flashing underneath. It's a reson 8 bell box, on inspection in the bell box the timer is set to Test. There is a little...
  7. B


    Not my work but its one of many rehashes of the Sargent Peppers lonely hearts club cover. Not all the celebs on it are dead (cue Santa at the back) its the news in a picture.
  8. M

    Is this an acceptable means of earthing ?

    Hello all, I am doing a consumer unit upgrade for a family member in a domestic household, However i am unsure if ther earthing arrangement is up to scratch, As it is, the main eartghing conductor is clamped onto the incoming supply conduits. Southern electric have been and installed a key...
  9. D

    Thermodare Night Storage - asbestos?

    I am concerned that the attached night storage heater may contain asbestos, would anyone know 100% based on the attached picture of the model and serial number? I've checked the lists posted online and it looks like it isn't listed but it's a bit confusing as there are so many listed
  10. S

    Hello, im new and need advise on how to include a image.

    Hello Its Scott ive just joined. I want to post a question but I don't understand how to inset a photo of my boilers wiring diagram. When I click image it say image URL. What do I do.
  11. K

    'State 5 sources of information which would help you design this installation'

    I have been given an assignment by college for my first week as a level 3 student which has to be in tomorrow. I have been unable to do it due to being in work the entire weekend and all of today(I know it's no excuse but you know..) and I am struggling a little with this question. I have...
  12. D

    Old MEB service head fuse bs number

    Hi Guys, i came across an old MEB service head the other day when carrying out a landlord check, I've not come across one of these before and could do with knowing what type of fuse is normally in them please, it's just the BS number for my paperwork. i have attached a picture
  13. Z

    Question regarding service cable / head for EICR

    I'm doing an EICR for a customer in an old property at the moment, and there are a few things I'm not entirely sure about. The consumer unit is in a kitchen cupboard, mounted behind the units below the worktop on what looks to be some old wooden panelling from a previous kitchen (the back panel...
  14. R

    Domestic CCTV system with automatic switch on TV

    Hi everyone. Someone has phoned me and asked for a CCTV system. They say their friend has one when the camera is activated through motion it will change channel on his normal TV or pops up in the corner? I've asked him to ask his friend for the make but wondered if anyone on here has any...
  15. N

    Advice - Please 2 or 3 wire circuit

    sorry for such a basic question, is the circuit in the picture attached a 2 wire circuit or a three wire circuit, I am looking to install a 2 gang dimmer switch and it says it needs a three circuit with neutral Zwave TKB Dual Paddle Wall Dimmer2 Thanks Neville
  16. happyhippydad

    Does anyone know where to get RCBO's for this... Steeple?

    I've found one 32A RCBO (double way), but I know you can get single way Steeple RCBO's as I've seen them, but I just cant see them anymore!! Does anyone know where to find RCBO's that will fit this Consumer Unit? I need x3 32A and x1 6A... I have spent quite a while looking! Ebay has the x1...
  17. B

    DNO Earthing

    The DNO earthing on a TN-S supply to the MET block is no more than 6mm. On the customers side the Main earthing from CU to MET is in 16mm and the bonding to the Gas and Water is in 10mm. The Ze readings are low at 0.13, is there a requirement to get the earthing from the MET to the supply head...
  18. W

    Conduit support in marquee

    Have a job to fit 9 fluorescent fittings in a very large marquee made up with large aluminium poles . I want to run the circuit in conduit , can anybody tell me if there is anything out there I can use to secure the conduit to the aluminium poles making up the roof of the marquee . I have found...
  19. D

    Megger 1710

    Hi All, i am replacing an old Megger and am currently looking at a 1710 replacement. It is on the net and currently showing Err29. would anyone know if this is a minor fault or is it a case of a picture taken wit no leads attached please? hope to hear from someone at their earliest convenience.
  20. B

    light switch / light istallation

    Hi been a while since I posted. I sorted my previous lighting issue out in the pantry I have a query on another task. I currently have a one gang light switch in one room and in another area I have run a new cable for yet another light I was wanting to wire this to the existing switch with a...
  21. R

    some nice work

    Hi just thought i would show you guys some photos of the work iam trying to replace.Photo 1 is 4core 35sq mains feed to 2 storey office block, no2 is i.5 feeding lighting in several offices this is the best photo of the circuit the rest contain old rubber,single pvc only surface,conectors...
  22. B

    Extending TT to remote outbuilding ??

    Hi all. As I understand it, exported earth is only an issue for PME situations? Therefore, when a domestic installation is a TT and power is to be brought out to a remote outbuilding, is there a requirement to fit a second earth electrode and if so, should this be independent of the house TT...
  23. U

    Great job, truly ingenious

    Saw this in someone's loft. Funny thing is, obviously old but the house is rented and had a EICR from 2 month ago....something tells me wwhoever done it could be arsed to look anywhere
  24. sparkymalarky

    Advantages and disadvantages of Ring Circuits

    Found this argument on the IET website and it made for interesting reading at work! http://www.------.org/resources/wiring-regulations/ringcir.cfm?type=zip
  25. K

    Domestic Old style porcelian fuses

    Hi all, I recently been to an installation where there was an old style porcelian fuse at the service head/cut out. Unlike ones I am familiair with this one was longer and thinner (visually looks more like a nail brush). Are these still suitable for continued service, or should this be...
  26. I

    It's been a long day! switching help required..

    hi, please could anyone tell me what is wrong with this? thanks.
  27. hasel5

    Some old pics from a inspection

    Just found these on a hard drive any thoughts
  28. C

    Picture lighting help for above dartboard. Connecting a plug

    Picture lighting help for above dartboard. Connecting a plug Hello all , iv just joined the forum & was hoping to get some help on wiring up a picture light, hopefully after a while ill be able to give something back to the forum :). Anyway im putting a Picture light above my dartboard,ill not...
  29. S

    mk narrow kitchen sockets?

    Need 2 replace customers MK socket. This is not as tall as the standard twin sockets Mk tech support dont know what i mean (want a picture sending) and wholesalers dont either This is obviously an old product(seen them before -never had 2 replace 1) Would like to know if any suppliers still...
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