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  1. C

    Domestic Difference in amperage though household meter question

    Hi, I have just joined as I have a non urgent but nagging question...hope you guys can give me peace of mind! Thank in advance. I have just checked the amperage coming in on the meter tails prior to the meter (Between the main fuse and the old style dial meter) this is 0.85 amps. However the...
  2. Y

    Main rcd tripping even though its 100 ma

    Hi There's a workshop outside the main building with a couple of sockets protected by a 30ma rcd. Even though the rcd inside the main fuse box is 100ma the 100 ma rcd trips without the 30ma not tripping. Changed 30ma rcd still same. How can I get the rcd in the workshop to trip without tripping...
  3. S

    See though RCD video

    One for pete
  4. Andy-1960

    What we have to compete with!

    My daughter works for a fashion company and one of the factories she deals with in a Pakistan is having an extension. Note the attention paid to health and safety! Love the fact they are mixing the concrete on the floor and pouring it into the shuttering with a bucket! Hope to get more pics as...
  5. J

    switch heights!!!

    started a new job today full refurb+extension builder wants the switches 920 ffl to middle of box -I did say blimey thats low!- he said architect wants them all inline with door handles :s know this aint too much of an issue as isn't a new build- but any of you guys been asked to do it that...
  6. A

    6mm split concentric

    Hi, can anyone tell me the maximum current carrying capacity for 6mm split concentric? Beried underground in a duct Thanks
  7. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Does anyone use Jarsoft Cable-mate

    I have and normally use Castline, but I found this online for £19.99 and while it's got it's bugs, it's not bad. Has anyone else used it?
  8. DPG

    UPS spec - help required.

    Morning all, and happy Friday! I've been asked my advice on what UPS would be suitable to run an ICT machine (ICT=In Circuit Test, it's machine that tests electronic PCB assemblies). Now it is fed from a standard 3 phase supply, but I am confused a little by the rating plate - I've attached a...
  9. S

    Done a job for a friend and they paid me with a spit pulsa 800e

    hello all, I've researched these tools and had one purchased for me after completing some work for a friend, I was interested in using it on the slabs instead of traditional sds drill and plu method. I used it this week and it's brilliant. Has anyone else used these and are they going to...
  10. S

    spur out to garage....

    I'll keep it to the point as poss. Just asking for you guys to please check if the following spur off is ok. Please see the pic below in conjunction. House C.U is at the opposite end of the house to the garage. Not looking to run more than 13a out in the garage. So for those reasons am just...
  11. Leesparkykent

    Work clothing

    What make do you go for? looking at ordering in some new T-shirts, sweaters etc but want something that's going to last.
  12. B

    Looking for weekend work in or near Peterborough

    Looking for weekend work in or near Peterborough
  13. J

    17th edition exam

    Hi, is it possible to do just the exam without doing the course, can't see anything online for just the exam. Thanks
  14. B

    Swimming pool help

    Could someone please give me some advice on a friends swimming pool installation. It is an indoor pool, one Side wall is approx 1.5m from the edge of the pool and the other is just over 2m from the edge. He wants to put some heating in and is talking about haverland rc12e electric oil rads...
  15. D

    Tv above an open fireplace?

    Morning all. I have been asked by client to fit a TV point above an open fire place. Bit dubious but can't find anything saying not to. What's your thoughts/experience?
  16. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Kin idiot

  17. mattg4321

    'Amd 3" apply to switch fuse in meter cabinet

    As above, what is the consensus here. If a switch fuse is fitted in an external meter cupboard, does this count as a similar assembly and have to be non combustible? I've had to do a couple recently and have used the Wylex A3 unit, which is a really nice bit of kit, but its a bit of a beast...
  18. stitch

    Fuse Replacement

    I came across this while browsing. It may come in useful if you need a quick solution. :D
  19. J

    Cooker disconnected, RCD trips

    Recently had an electric cooker removed, the wire was left hanging out of the connection unit having been disconnected at the cooker end (all switched off at the consumer unit). I think the bare earth was touching one of the other two wires. My question is why did the RCD trip when I turned the...
  20. mrloy99

    know it alls

    I havn't had much time for electricians forum lately ,due mainly to the attitudes of certain members who, when reply to sometimes simply queries, demand that a full test report be given and continue to berate the posters with the usual are you an electrician at all --------,sometimes over a...
  21. Leesparkykent

    Transit custom double cab

    Just wondering if anyone has one? I'm considering a double cab van LWB so if I ever have to pick/drop the kids off on my way to or from work I have the room. The missus is a nurse so sometimes is working unsociable hours and would make life easier if I could do this. I was speaking to someone in...
  22. L

    Touch Free Light Switch

    Hi All I have been asked by a customer for a touch free (wave) light switch that can control a dimmer as well???? Ideally wave your hand upwards and the lights get brighter, wave your hand downwards and it gets dimmer I have never heard of these before but the customer was 100% certain that...
  23. Phil Thompson

    Best books for 2395/94

    I am contemplating doing the 2395 at my local college starting in August, just missed the 94 but hopefully they will be running it again in November. I've seen a few books online, but was looking any recommendations from guys who have done the courses recently. Or any other advice.
  24. G

    Sockets with integrated USB connections

    Hi I am new to the forum and finishing of my training with a 3 month placement starting next week, as i am hesitant to go straight out and work alone, i figure to do a good job takes more than a bit of theory and a freshly printed City and Guilds! I am not sure if this is the correct forum to...
  25. R

    Pictures of work completed

    Just wondering is there a thread on this of work completed? Like surface work etc? Pictures showing this as can give other sparks ideas :vanish: Good feeling to be proud of the work you completed too! Just an idea folks!
  26. L

    Installing PV non MCS

    Hope somebody can help I am a time served sparks and a PV installer with all the relevant qualification. I have installed around 250 PV systems and signed them off as I m NICEIC registered. The MCS was dealt with through the companies I was installing for. So here is the question- As the...
  27. polo1

    Megger 1720

    Hi folks, I'm in the market for a new 1720. Best price I have seen is via the forum sponsor Test Meter, £764 ( & this includes a free r2, 30m wander lead). Leaving aside flea bay and up a gumtree, has anyone seen a better deal elsewhere. Also, what would be a reasonable sale price for a 1520 in...
  28. vxwestie

    waterproof switch replacement for standard 2way

    Any one come across a waterproof IP65 or similar replacement for a standard 2way switch in a 35mm recessed back box? Ive been looking around but have come up blank. Its a finished and tiled internal wall, and furniture makes its unacceotable to have the added depth of a surface IP switch.
  29. Leesparkykent

    Best 600x600 led fitting?

    Wondering what others fit for quality and price? Just fitted over 100 ansell and had 7 failures straight out the box.
  30. T

    What software do you use?

    Hi Folks I'm getting fed up of writing all my forms out twice because I have the writing of a 4 year old. Also not naturally the most organised of people so thinking it will be easier for me to get some software. Not to mention it will be more professional! I'd ideally like something I can use...
  31. happyhippydad

    What does OL mean on fluke T5?

    Evening all.. I have bought a PD690 proving unit and when I test my T5-600 I get the letters OL on the fluke. Does this mean off limit? I did check with a good company and they said that this was a suitable proving unit for the T5-600. It's just a bit off putting as the whole idea is for me...
  32. Q

    Quiet time of year

    I was super busy in December right through to February. Almost unable to keep up. Then March has been almost dead! A few little jobs but the enquiries have died right down.. How is everyone else finding things at the moment?
  33. spud1

    Fault on three phase sports floodlighting

    Hi, I have a single fitting on a 3 gang, 3 phase floodlight over an astro-turf at a school that wont work. I have changed the 2kW MH lamp with no joy. Is there a safe way I can test the dedicated ballast and ignitor for correct operation? There is voltage on the incoming terminals on the...
  34. yellowvanman

    Change off-peak outlet to socket

    Asked to remove a couple of storage heaters and replace with a socket outlet. No RCD CU in place but obviously can fit RCD socket outlet, but I will have to extend cables in off-peak CU to 'on-peak' CU. I don't believe I need to RCD protect the circuit because the new cable I'm installing...
  35. A

    solar PV qualification advice

    Hi guys I'm thinking of changing sector and was wondering 1, what is the most appropriate and up to date qual for PV? Is it 2399? 2, is there much work ahead for 10or so years in this sector? As I've been told the hype of PV is over. Thanks
  36. A

    Anyone know some info on this fuse?

    hi all can anyone help, I'm trying to fill in the 'characteristics of primary supply' box in on cert and need some more details. hopefully the picture will attach below, anywho so far i've got BS88 and 60A rating. any ideas on 'Type' and 'short circuit capacity'? I've tried dno and supplier...
  37. happyhippydad

    30mA RCD requirement?

    Evening all.. I have just been to quote for a bathroom extractor fan and a kitchen extractor fan. I was pretty sure I understood the RCD requirements but it gets a bit confusing sometimes! The bathroom extractor will probably be 230V (could be ELV though) and all cables will be in trunking in...
  38. B


    Hi all This might sound crazy but I want to make my own generator in my garage and power my own property, fed up of these electricity bills, any ideas where to start. Magnets ?? Coils windings ???? Sure it won't take much to generate 230v at 50hz
  39. Les Macaulay

    Nominal Voltage

    Why has nominal voltage gone from 250Volts back in the good old days, to 240Volts, several years ago, to 230Volts more recently? What is the legal max and min tolerance in the 230Volt level?
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