1. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Electricians CRM Software

    Hello all, Just looking into some new software to help with CRM as my old system is no longer feesable, would be interested in what any of you are all using and if there are any good features with it or anything you find a bonus to our industry specifically? Many Thanks
  2. L - did you get an email too?

    Wondering if anyone else has come across this site? Looks like it's the customer version of MyBuilder as got an email about it launching today? Love the idea of telling other trades about how bad/good someone was to work with and the map function seems like a great way to locate customers to...
  3. S

    Funnyest scam email enquiry ever?

    As title, here it is: Hello, Myself and my family are in the process of moving in to the house we currently live in. The survey has flagged up few issues with some part of the building which they suggest needs urgent attention. We are sure you must be fully booked at this time of the...
  4. telectrix

    email fail on galaxy phone.

    as says last synched a few days ago.only way to get emails is to delete the email account, then re-install it.then the emails come in, but the after the current ones, no more come in and i have to delete the account again and re-install. any geeks got any ideas???
  5. Murdoch

    Anyone go their email addresses?

    In Wiring Matters which arrived today: Just thought it would be handy to send them both links to a variety of threads on the 18th edition
  6. telectrix

    email, failure on samsung phone

    galaxy S6. was fine with emails till back in august last year, it stopped receiving emails. also i can't send. the email account works perfectly on laptop, but no traffic to/from phone. i have not altered any settings. anyone have a scooby?
  7. buzzlightyear

    return of the jedi, back at you.

    just received the spams from e.g. Katie Ellis & Paul Scott. having their been many of them posted to some of the sparks on this forum .so I have send both scam mails forward to each other .happy days .
  8. weevilward

    Odd email - scam? Anyone had similar???

    just received an email that got my spider-sense tingling. The wording is odd, and there is nothing specific in the email like, where they live, or a phone number, or who recommended me. I’ve had mailshots before thanks to being listed on CPS websites and ESR, but never one like this. See what...
  9. captaincaveman

    Anyone receiving any email scams directed at electricians?

    Hi all. I've recently been receiving lots of iffy looking emails asking to send me pics of jobs that want doing. I've ignored some which are just too vague and suspicious but just replied to one which sounds more credible. Just wondering if there is a new wave of scams directed at electricians...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody else had this email from subbynetwork

    Just had an email arrive from 'subbynetwork' Seems they are another of the websites linking people together but appears its trade to trade this time... can submit one quote per month free then its £179 per year. Doubt i will be signing up, but if people have any experiences good or bad, please...
  11. K

    Herts Electricians mate required

    Hi Guys We are looking for an electricians mate to join the team! Candidates are preferable from the followings areas - St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Luton, Welwyn Garden City, Borehamwood, Watford. Applicants will have around 1 year experience on domestic/commercial...
  12. sham

    Email received from a company called Bizzby ltd.

    Hello, I received an email this week from Bizzby ltd, asking if I want to join them as an electrician on some App. I will get jobs via their App and I can decide if I want to take on the job or not. The customer will already be billed by them and I will not pay for leads. This is what will...
  13. nicnic66

    Do you post or email invoices?

    Just wondered what people prefer for invoicing? Post to customer or email?
  14. littlespark

    Can't create new email on win live mail

    I'm getting an error message that reads "A problem occurred when trying to open this message. A problem has occurred. Please try again." I get this if I try to create a new message, or reply to, or forward an existing message. Its only started doing this today. I haven't changed any settings It...
  15. Pete999

    Found this in my email today, hope you can see it

    ECA Survey Findings -
  16. Murdoch

    Email Alerts .............................

    Ok, fed up with them filing up my ios email accounts.... how do you turn them off Thanks
  17. Murdoch

    18th Edition email from Stroma

    So got an email today from Stroma outlining the changes planned for the 18th Edition: What are the proposed changes to the Wiring Regulations? Part 1 has been amended so that a statement has to be made on an EIC if using non-approved equipment. Part 2 has been expanded and amended with many...
  18. Vortigern

    Anyone looking for a job in the midlands?

    Fixed Wire Tester Job in Bristol Jobsite - £3.64 per test, wonderful!
  19. Asher1111

    A.Botfield electrical services

    Business Overview All electrical work undertaken contact Ashley - 07808 152982 / 01522 540039 A.Botfield electrical services are able to undertake projects from a domestic socket addition to a house rewire right through to a commercial installation, Qualified electrician with upto date technical...
  20. TomBradley

    Narec Distributed Energy (Renewable energy training provider)

    We are a commercial spin out from the UK National Renewable Energy Centre. We offer a range of training and consultancy courses at our LOGIC accredited training centre in Blyth, Northumberland. Electrical related courses we offer are: Heat Pumps Installation & Maintenance Training (Logic Level...