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Discuss Email received from a company called Bizzby ltd. in the Business Related area at ElectriciansForums.net


Hello, I received an email this week from Bizzby ltd, asking if I want to join them as an electrician on some App. I will get jobs via their App and I can decide if I want to take on the job or not. The customer will already be billed by them and I will not pay for leads. This is what will happen if I decide to join them.
Has anybody got any information on this, as I am thinking it might be worth a shot.


They seem to be pushing hard on advertising at the moment:
BIZZBY Electricians Work - too good to be true? - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/bizzby-electricians-work-too-good-to-be-true.113481/
I think I might have had an email from them but it was immediately deleted so I did not read it.
I got this email from them in my spam, this week.

Good evening,

I’m short listing contractors for video doorbell, security camera, and other smart home installations for our newest partnership with Ring® through Amazon Home Services. Would you like me to include you?

If you're interested to opt in and get set up for receiving Amazon jobs please click here.

Jobs are free to claim through our mobile App and the payments go straight to your bank account within 7 days. Any questions, let me know.


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apparently, bizzby contract with the customer. they then pay you for doing the job. so no costs for leads etc.,just all depends on how good they are for paying up.


From their pdf

How do payments work?
You’ll receive a pre-agreed hourly rate or fixed price (depending on the service) directly to your bank account within 7 working days. We’ll also send you automatic invoices. If the job is cancelled within less than 24 hours, you will be entitled to a cancellation fee.

Who sets the price?
Some of the jobs have a pre-agreed hourly rate, some require you to quote and others are fixed price. You can pick and choose the jobs that suit you on price, location and time, and will always be guaranteed to receive the amount you see when accepting it.

Who recommended me?
Our research team is always looking for highly qualified tradespeople by working closely with estate agents, competent person schemes, trade bodies as well as checking customer reviews. They recommend only the best professionals for us to contact!

What are the next steps to become an approved contractor?
As we’ve pre-approved you for our suppliers list all you need to do is click here to tell us more about your service offering and coverage area. Once that’s done, you’ll receive your login details for the App which gives you access to jobs, and a request to send us your liability insurance and professional qualifications to complete our vetting checks.


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Another 'middle man' money maker sitting at a desk.
How to make a living without getting your hands dirty...….or any outlay for materials.
Many a time it backfires on them, leaving them owing money to individual contractors...… before they wind up and start again from scratch.


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How can a scam like this quote a job they haven't seen?

The mug doing the job will be caught I the middle having to do work and supply parts that are not going to be paid for....


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Pricing, for say lights on Amazon, appear to include a further option price for fitting, so fitting two lights £110, that I have just seen.
Somehow, they must then need the light installer, who will not see £110 and Bizzby must be in the chain somehow.


How can a scam like this quote a job they haven't seen?

The mug doing the job will be caught I the middle having to do work and supply parts that are not going to be paid for....
Valid point. How much labor and materials required to complete the job.


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Valid point. How much labor and materials required to complete the job.
For this you would need a crystal ball

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