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  1. Malcolm

    Anyone know what this light is called?

    Hi all. As the title states, has anyone seen where to get one of these from or know what they are called? Sorry about the people in the picture. All the wiring must be behind the metal plate on the ceiling. What looks like the cable dropping down to the light is actually a metal rod. The live...
  2. sham

    Email received from a company called Bizzby ltd.

    Hello, I received an email this week from Bizzby ltd, asking if I want to join them as an electrician on some App. I will get jobs via their App and I can decide if I want to take on the job or not. The customer will already be billed by them and I will not pay for leads. This is what will...
  3. the pict

    I dont know what its called but I need one

    I have a metrel MFT and my spiral lead has gave up ..... so what kind of plug is on the machine side it must be called something ...as I want to make up my own Pict
  4. ED17

    Getting Called Back To Do "Snagging"

    I was thinking about some of the "snagging" I've been called back to over the past year. I've had the common "socket for appliance not working" which turns out to mean switched fused spur above worktop turned off. Been back to fix "faulty light switches" and had to explain to tenants that it's...
  5. D

    I despair at some so called "approved" electrical contractors

    My son and daughter in law have just bought a very nice listed building that has had electrical works carried out and certified by a few different electrical contractors. My gripe is the cooker panel switch, connected upside down, IE turn of the cooker main switch and the socket goes off as...
  6. Marvo

    Just Got Called Dumb...............

    .....and I don't think I like it. :(
  7. Dan

    Maintenance firm called NPE Maintenance, anybody heard of them?

    Maintenance firm called NPE Maintenance, anybody heard of them? advice reviews and feedback 2017 had a phone call today from a property maintenance firm called npe maintenance wanting me to go and fix tiles in a local clothing store anyone worked for them before ? anyone worked for a...
  8. Pete999

    Sparky School

    Going to get pilloried I just know it, Sparky School WTF, is there a Carpenter, Gas Fitter, Plumber School, Tiler School, my apologies to the younger generations,
  9. Dan

    Cold Callers List - A List Of Numbers To Block Or Ignore Or Tell To Eff Off

    Thought we could do with a handy list of cold callers that's you've had recently, so others can avoid their sales calls. Who was the last firm to cold call you related to your business? (Not talking about PPI claims, we all know to ignore those lol)
  10. Leesparkykent

    Guy Martins Speed

    Did anyone watch it last night? 700BHP engine and 160MPH in a transit van that he had wrote off a few months earlier. Well pleased with himself that he managed to do 100k miles on the same set of brake pads lol.
  11. M

    Your opinion about a training center

    Hello. I am a newbie that just started working as electrician's mate and I am interested about following an electrician course having the option for weekend attendance. Someone from a college that has the workshop in Luton called me yesterday to arrange an interview to check my eligibility. Is...
  12. R

    Should it not be PA Testing?

    I've noticed that it's called PAT Testing everywhere but surely it should be called PA Testing otherwise its Portable Appliance Testing Testing!!!!!:dunce2:
  13. S

    Warning: Do not work for ahearne agency

    Just a heads up for anyone doing agency work. If you come across an agency called Ahearne stay well clear. They used to be called Gulmanda. I worked for them for 8days hired by an Irish woman called Jackie. She always uses a mobile never an office number. Tried to force me to go under the...
  14. walsh builders


    Does any one use Stroma Certification? I'm with Elecsa and I find them great. But, I keep getting emails from stroma, they offer the same certification as the other companies plus free third party certification (not something I would do, so irrelevant to my situation) for £288 include...
  15. T

    Billing DNO

    Hello all, Friday night around 11pm I had a phone call, saying over the last couple days they think they have seen smoke coming from there downlights, (they decided to ignore this) until 11pm the next day!! I arrived at the property had a Look at the downlights (non firerated) and noticed abit...
  16. G

    Blairs faults

    He started world war 1 He started world war 2 He was responsible for the Miners strikes He invaded the falkland Islands He invented the Poll tax He started the American banking crises He called a police officer a pleb He started the Bedroom Tax He started the pasty tax He decided to raise...
  17. darkwood

    Callouts you should never have been called to!

    Just been called out to a customer saying the hot water is luke warm at best and been like that a week now, so after asking a few questions over phone to save a trip I decided I needed to go out and check it out... It was a simple set-up on inspection supply to a mechanical 2hr boost timer only...
  18. N

    2394/5 combined

    Hi all. I want to get 2394/5 combined course done. Been looking at a training provider called Eversafe based in Wickford Essex, has anyone used these before and have any opinions on them. Thanks.
  19. driverman

    smoke - heat - carbon alarms

    I will be installing several smoke - heat and carbon monoxide detectors shortly as per spec. I've not done carbon monoxide detectors before. I take it, electrically wiring them is the same as smoke and heat detectors. They will be wired and interconnected on one circuit and protected by a RCBO...
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