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  1. R

    Need NAPIT documented procedures spreadsheets for tomorrow anyone help.

    Somehow managed to delete the template for spreadsheets , can someone email me the Napit documented procedures spreadsheet. Email to [email protected]
  2. P

    Schüco 215w poly panels Available

    Hello everyone, We have 330 Schuco 215w (MPE215 PS 05) Poly panels available for delivery next week if anyone is interested at £1.20p per watt. For more information, please contact, [email protected]
  3. A

    Astronergy/Chint panels available - midlands stocked £0.95/w

    Have the following stock available of Astronergy/Chint panels, both £0.95/w: 185 Mono panels (1580 x 808 x 45mm) - 42 on a pallet 225 Poly Panels (1652 x 994 x 45mm) - 34 on a pallet Both available in good quantities, all stocked at our Northaampton warehouse. Collections welcome or can...
  4. S

    Scottish and southern DNO

    Can someone provide a link to Scottish and Southern DNO forms please? Thanks
  5. telectrix

    PV istallation team wanted

    saw this advertised. might be of intSolar PV Electrician Installers Location:LiverpoolSalary:£600 per dayDate posted:04/11/2011 12:01Job type:PermanentCompany:Bright Sparks RecruitmentContact:Neil LeaheyRef:TotaljobsJob ID:52081789Teams of Solar PV Installers required for start of 21st...
  6. F

    200Wp-225Wp-230Wp Panels in stock and going fast!

    Dear all, I have had some installers calling me regarding a lack of panels in stock for installs, we are the French solar manufacturer Tenesol, we currently have the following: - TE220-60 cell Poly (+ tolerance) 220Wp - TE225-60 cell Poly (+ tolerance) 225Wp -...
  7. D

    Napit documents

    Have got my assessment coming up and wondered if any body had the relevant documents i need for the assessment ? eg. complaints log, waste disposal etc....or maybe examples ? Many thanks in advance [email protected]
  8. R

    MCS Sign off

    Ive just , as of yesterday done an installation in Manchester on my house to get my MCS .Problem now is NAPIT are so busy that i may not be able to get it signed off with this tarrif if i cant get mcs approved in time. Is there an option for me to get this completed job MCS signed off by a...
  9. SRE

    New MCS 001?????

    As if we don't have enough to do there's now a new edition of MCS001 that takes effect from 1st December, only problem is I can't find it anywhere!! Any clues????
  10. SRE

    On Roof DC Risk Assessment

    I'm in the middle of reviewing our mcs documentation including risk assessments and have realised that we haven't got a specific on roof dc connection risk assessment for our roofers. Does anyone else have one specifically for the roofers?
  11. C

    Contract opportunties for MCS PV Installers

    Hello I am looking to recruit MCS Solar PV installers for schemes across the South East and South West from the roof down. These roles will work woth a team of roofers who will fit the array and the rails. If anyone is interested or would like to know more please send your contact details to...
  12. W


    Hi there can any Electrical contractor offer me some work experience in the Northants area please. Im 17th edition qualified to City and Guilds 2330 level 2 and 3 and im currently doing a HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Please email me at :hair:[email protected]
  13. I

    High Quality Intelligent Energy Efficient Luminaires for the Industrial Sector

    Somar are a manufacturer of High Quality Energy efficient luminaires for the Industrial sector. specialising in Warehousing, Manufacturing and any industial facility over 5M in height We are looking for Qualified electrical contractors as installers and also as referral partners which can be a...
  14. R

    london olci electician courses

    hi im new on this site...and i need help..i want to start a career as an electrician and i have an appointment with a provider from olci ..and i want to now if this course can realy transform me in an electrician ....i never been working in this ...and i dont now too much about...
  15. M

    sparkies - hager rcd required!

    just been to a job where rcd main switch for 3 phase db has developed a fault - tripping on load from 2 different circuits - so I need a replacement. HAGER 63 AMP (AT LEAST), 30mA 4 POLE RCD. they're available online at silly money, which I may have to pay, but one of you may have one lying...
  16. M

    Testing PV Install

    As i'm fairly newto the PV market I wonder if anybody can confirm whether or not it is acceptable to use the information obtained from the inverter for the required test results? rather than phisically conducting the test?
  17. R

    pv jobs

    are you at the moment working in solar pv and looking to expand your operation if you had the work ?we are from an energy and insulation background who have recently included solar pv within our remit.we are looking to team up with an installation team or company.respond on here of contact me on...
  18. S


    Hi all, just bought PIRFORM, and im not happy!! Installed on to my computer fine but no im trying to complete certs its giving me some serious grief and is about to be thrown out the window along with my computer!! Just wondered who else had it and if the had problems with it too?? Or even...
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