1. Pete999

    MF and Crimps

    Just a quick question, I should be aware of the answer, but I'm not sure. Are inline crimps classed as Maintenance free joints?
  2. N

    Nest Heat Link on a Worcester Bosch 280

    I have an old Worcester Bosch 280 combi. Currently it doesn't have a stat connected so the connectors on the board are N (Unused) 1 & 2 (marked as Room Stat) are jumpered, and I get 240V from 2 when metered out, but nothing from 1 (assumed to be stat switch on) 3 is unused and unmarked 4 is...
  3. B


    Hi, DIY'er here. Looking for some expert help as I am very confused :-) One of the sockets in my living room doesnt seem to be working after I changed the socket. However when I use my voltage tester it tells me the current is live. I have checked all the connections in the socket and they seem...
  4. N

    Rj45 cable plugs and sockets

    I have just finished wiring a house in cat5e cable and have connected up all the plugs and sockets, but after testing it with the continuity tester it comes up with non-parallel, this happens when the green and orange cores are connected in the socket, but when I take them out it says connected...
  5. H

    Legrand grid switch

    Evening chaps anybody know if you can get the legrand synergy grid switch marked with wine cooler ? Or it'll have to be a blank one. Cheers chaps
  6. K

    Changing switch front plate

    Good afternoon, firstly forgive me if this seems like a simple question but just wanna make sure I get it right. I am changing the front plate on a fused connection bit in the kitchen but couldn't find one in the range I needed so opted for a switched fcu. I have isolated the circuit and taken...
  7. F

    test & inspection meter -tail codes

    i have been away from test/ inspection for a while and have got 3 months work on student properties ready for the new year. I am enquiring about the meter tails, most of the propties will prob be 16mm tails and 10mm earthing so on the forms would i be correct by putting this a code 3 , will...
  8. B

    ADE Alarm Query

    I found an new Accenta 8 panel and bell in my old store whilst transferring everything to my newly built store/workshop, as i intended to alarm it anyway i used those, i also found a couple of PIRO 202 combined smoke and intruder detectors and am about to install those as well but not sure about...
  9. E

    Shower isolator

    Hey my learned friends. could anyone point me in the right direction of a regulation that would go against putting a shower isolator near the mains and not in or just outside the bathroom.. Is there a reg or is it just good working practice? ive looked at this thread but I need regs...
  10. C

    Suppliers fuse?

    How do i go about finding out the size type of suppliers fuse/cutout without cutting their tags? is there any numbers i could ring , someone who would hold that info? Obviousley need that info to complete EIC!
  11. A

    Domestic Labelling Meter tails

    Hi Newbie here with a question. I'm due my assessment with Elecsa in about 10 days and my assessment job will be a new consumer unit installation. I've had to put in new tails meter to consumer unit ( the old ones were wired 6mm twin and earth believe or not!!). Anyway I have marked the...
  12. R


    Customer having kitched rewired, wants isolator switches marked up for Dishwasher, Washing machine and Tumble dryer, anybody know where I can get theses from, preferbly MK ones if they exist. Thanks.
  13. E

    getting the cut out fuse changed??

    a customer needs a cu replacement and the meter tails are 16mm and the earth 10mm run from a receesed box outside the flats front door and the cut out fuse is marked up upgade the meter tails nd earth is going to be a right pain in the A*** it unherd to ask the dno to put a 80...
  14. N

    isolator switches to fixed kitchen appliances

    Evening all. I am having a brain fart regarding isolator switches to fixed kitchen appliances - mainly because I've never seen one :o (and the wholesalers are shut now). I'd be :D if someone could explain how they are wired to an unswitched socket. Also for the following scenario would I need...
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