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  1. G

    Don't know why but got to thinking on the way home.

    With the advent of PV feed in, how do DNO guys safely isolate? Did they ever? Have they always worked live or do they now have to work under the assumption that everything is live?
  2. E

    Domestic courses question, don't beat me.

    Hi All I'm new here and need some guidance on training to compliment my job. I'm a self employed kitchen fitter that's looking into the hated domestic course so I can do my own electrics and sign off. I have a few reasons for this which I won't bore you with. I fully understand that I will be...
  3. SWD

    Don't you just love helping

    out a neighbour to repair a puncture on their Range Rover and they ask you would you like this, oooh I wouldn't say no, hardly used.
  4. Automation ATO

    I don't quite understand the brushless motor parameters

    ITEM Qunt SERVO MOTOR 3 PHASE BRUSHLESS 2 IFT 6034-4AK 71 – 3AA1 EN 60034,NO YF P 921 6207 01 003 H CE Mo 1.65/2.0NM IO= 2.15/2.6A 60/100K MN= 1.4NM ŋN = 6000/MINT UIN-300 VY IM B5 IP-65 TH...
  5. Zdb

    Don't suppose these exist?

    Need to install a load of outdoor sockets to be used for Air-Con equipment (vac pumps etc) local to some condensers. Anyway I was just wondering if there is such a thing as an IP rated 3 position rotary switch? The idea is that the normal rotary isolator could power the condenser in position...
  6. buzzlightyear

    Don't you love customers forget you priced up a job

    Gets a call form a customer asking can you give a price for some put out side lighting, whats the address and your name .so the customer tells me ,ok will give you a time and a date to have a look, wait a minute been their before pricing up a cctv systems,gave him a price ,he said at the time...
  7. SparkyChick

    Extractor fans that don't need a fuse

    Hi all, I've been trying to find fans that don't require fusing down according to the instructions. Can anyone recommend any please? These are just replacements and I'm trying to keep the cost down for the customer so if I can avoid extra work to install fuses etc. I'd like to. Thanks SC
  8. buzzlightyear

    don't go into the water

    I have been on holiday and just got back .weather ok .water cold . so I decided to take a dip in the sea for a nice long swim .but I did not take me snorkelling gear with me this time .having been for the swim I decided to si t on the beach to warm up like a bloody seal ,and watch the locals...
  9. Ash_C

    Don't worry about this little guy

    Introducing myself, Ashley from Eastbourne hoping to transition back to the tools after a minor intermission in medical engineering. Hopeful to gain some of your knowledge and wisdom. Cheers
  10. Murdoch

    475 properties .................... don't be fooled

    I was the lucky recipient of this email today (information redacted): Good Morning, Due to further expansion within the GU Postcode Area, Nxxxxxxxx Dxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx require a qualified Electrician to maintain a 12 month contract. You will be required to look after 475 domestic rental...
  11. D


    Hi guys, bit of advice needed. I currently work in an electrical engineering factory building high voltage switchgear. I am a qualified electrician but have been out of contracting for 6/7 years now. I have been given an opportunity to set up an electrical arm to a building company. Keen as I...
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Can't sleep, don't take sleeping pill.

    Just watch this bloke for 5 minutes guaranteed to send you off, Trainees beware.
  13. Pete999

    Homeserve, don't laugh are they getting better?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have had some bother with a leaking Kitchen tap, not a cheap one, quite expensive to be honest. Any way the Guy who installed it for me is very elusive, annoying to be honest, promised to replace it under guarantee etc, just ignored all my calls and texts, so much...
  14. S

    EICR codes when RECENT works don't comply!?

    Just carried out an EICR on a standard semi which has had some work done in 2015-16. The works included connecting an outbuilding to the rear of the house to create a hall, WC and utility room. The Kitchen was also replaced, new cooker and shower circuits installed. The 1 sockets circuit does...
  15. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Why don't we have something like this in the UK?

    Or is that to much to ask?
  16. Lip.82

    Some people just don't appreciate the lengths you go to

    Anyone else been in this situation, if so how did you handle it? Get called out to someone who has a living room light that isn't working. Turn up on time, put boot covers on, dust sheet down, I'm polite, the light fitting is class 1 (and also faulty) getting power to it but not working. The...
  17. Murdoch

    You don't see much of this these days ...

    It was under the floor of a 1930's house Doesn't look to bad for its age!
  18. SWD

    Don't go to Dubai if you are a sparkz

    Brit sentenced to a month in jail in Dubai for drinking | Daily Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4969890/Brit-sentenced-month-jail-Dubai-drinking.html
  19. telectrix

    Why Don't Women??????????

    Q. Why don't women fart as much as men? A. Because they can't keep their mouths shut for long enough to build up the pressure. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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