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  1. F

    Fluke 199C

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with my FLUKE 199C oscilloscope battery which becomes dead very often and the oscilloscope will not turn on anymore even when the power adapter is connected. Is there any way to make it run on the power adapter regardless of the battery condition.
  2. buzzlightyear

    how often do you

    how often do you change your screw drivers in years or not change them at all.
  3. M

    Quick Hi

    Not a sparky, I am a High Risk Health & Safety Consultant (ATEX and Explosives) and Certified Machinery Safety Expert (yes that is a thing!). I spend much of my life in high risk industrial environments where things tend to go bang with drastic consequences as well as being an EHS Auditor. I...
  4. kingeri

    Domestic 4mm 32a Radial In Trunking

    Changed a CU today and noticed the kitchen sockets were wired in 4mm t&e surface mounted in trunking and on a 32A breaker. Now, the CCC for this is strictly only 30A (ref.method B). Would anyone be overly bothered about this? Common sense tells me that it is unlikely this cable will be asked to...
  5. Z

    The problem with learning by wrote and working without calculation

    Firstly I just want to say that working from tables and on site guides can be great for convenience, and this is good. But so often the very presence of these easy and convenient rules of thumb to comply with regulation may prevent a person from developing a deep technical understanding of why...
  6. Dan Brown

    cracked socket outlets and fcu

    Hi all I've come across a double gang socket outlet with a crack running from the earth upwards and one from the live downwards What could have caused this would excess amperage cause this Same goes for the switched FCU, it has a crack on the face where the fuse input is situated
  7. B

    Scheme providers cash cow vs must have.

    Often wonder what many electricians commercial or domestic really think of being a member of one of the scheme providers. Are they really there to help provide a valuable service to practicing electricians ? Or are they just a pain in the backside that are always trying to find new ways to...
  8. J

    Audi battery intermittent drain

    Audi A6 – 2007 Since I bought the car 2.5 years ago at a main Audi dealership it’s had an intermittent battery drain which I’ve tried all sorts to trace. It’s getting steadily worse and none of the ‘standard’ techniques have traced it yet, mostly due to the intermittency of the fault. The...
  9. M

    European socket fitted in UK.

    Hi. Are there any requirements or contraindications to fit European socket in the wall within the ring circuit?
  10. happyhippydad

    How to get a weatherproof seal on conduit?

    Quite often I see conduit going into an adaptable box or conduit box 'outside'. This is fine if it is coming in from the bottom, you can just use a normal adaptor to go into the box, but often it comes in from the side and the adaptors are not IP rated. I just wondered if anyone here uses...
  11. C

    working abroad

    Thinking of working in United Arab Emirates would like some advice of where to look for jobs, who to get advice from . Colin
  12. S

    is a requirement for a periodic inspection ever statutory?

    i know that you're supposed to get a periodic inspection done if there is a change of use or owner of a premises. but under what regulation is that and is it ever required by law? just something that i started thinking about after talking to a new shop owner about how awful the electrics were...
  13. Markc

    Stolen Panels

    Not knowing of many problems of panels being stolen off roofs but for information, and if anyone here gets offered them, 16 panels have been stolen of Brooke, Norfolk village hall roof. I don't have details of what the panels are but they were part of a 48 panel system. It took 9 days for the...
  14. C

    Any Flour corp sparks working in Afghanistan

    Are there any U.K/N.I certified sparks working for flour corp using this forum,if so what are the minimum requirements (quals,h/s,experience etc),for gaining a position as an electrician in Afghanistan? Any info/opinions would be greatly appreciated.thanks
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