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  1. S

    Best LED Downlighter for bathroom with white tiles

    Hi All, We've moved into a new build property and our bathroom, which has glossy white with a hint of grey speckle Porclenosa tiles, is looking a bit dull which I believe is the result of the downlighters. We have 3 x 7.9W, 38 degrees, 3000K downlighters in the bathroom and they seem to be...
  2. S

    Solar roof tiles

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where to get solar roof tiles from please? Like Solar Century's c21e slate tile? Hitting a brick wall with Solar Century and so are one of their supposed distributors.
  3. Soulsurfer

    Zone 1 dual fuel towel rail ?

    So I have a client who requested a towel rail fitted at the end of the bath on wall, opposite end from shower (fixed) and taps and so is right bang in zone 1. Never fitted any before unless in zone 2 at least, OSG seems to okay it but through flex outlet, but I'm thinking it would be really...
  4. dansk

    Tesla Solar Roof

    seen this? Tesla Energy | Tesla - couldn't belive it at first, how realistic the tiles look, and new storage solution to power a house for the day.
  5. T

    Underfloor heating fault

    Hello, I have electric underfloor heating in our bedroom under ceramic tile. there are two systems wired to one touch screen stat, (1x15m & 1x5m) they were installed about 2 years ago and worked great for about 8 month. now the larger one does not heat up? i have tried wiring it direct to the...
  6. Jurassic Sparks

    An interesting email I have juist received

    My Brother send me this, awaiting photos my reply was curt and informed the tenant of his rights, sounds like the sparkie is a muppet Someone at work has just moved into a rented flat, he's just shown me pictures. It has an electric shower, and when they switch it on sparks come out - between...
  7. S

    Panel Positions

    Hi can anyone tell me if there is any rules on where panels can go. As in distance from ridge and edge of roof. Cheers
  8. B

    MCS NC - roofing advice please

    I would be grateful for some roofing advice. Just had my third MCS assessment after an 18 month gap and having got zero non-conformities on 3 technologies on previous assessments with two different inspectors have scored six NCs on this one with the third inspector. I showed him a PV...
  9. P

    Marley Solar Tiles

    Does anyone know of a supplier for Marley solar tiles? Regards Tom
  10. T

    Domestic underfloor heating

    Anyone know of a decent underfloor heating system for use on top of floor boards under tiles
  11. W

    Socket spacers?

    Hi all I am replacing a cooker isolator which is on a tiled wall. The isolator sits on quite deep due to the depth of the tiles. Is there any spacers/washers I can between the box and isolator so it is flush with the tiles? I have seen the box extensions you can get. Thanks
  12. K

    Under floor heating

    Hi everyone, i have had a couple of enquiries about electric underfloor heating and would just like some advice as to which is the best product to useI am looking at warmup and heatmat at the moment. if youve installed any how well does it work ? and how easy was it to install ? thanks
  13. S

    Rosemary Hard clay roof tiles problem

    Ok I am newbie here but have a question about the above which I hope is cool. I am attaching a Juliette balcony to a loft dorma which is clad in rosemary red hard clay roof tiles. All the tiles are attached and are vertical. I need to drill around 16 holes 8mm sometimes through double...
  14. amlu

    fixing a bathroom fan into tiled wall

    got a fan to fix into a wall, wall is tiled high up to the ceiling. how to do it? drill between tiles/drill tiles? special drill bits? silicone/gripfill? :)
  15. N

    Domestic Aube TH232 used under Travertine not working well

    Hi We've just had Aube TH232 electric underfloor heating fitted under a new Travertine floor in our conservatory and although the tiles are warming, they're doing so very slowly. In fact, we've manually set the temperature to 40C and its only at 21C ( on F mode) after 3 hours. Can anyone tell...
  16. P

    solar tiles

    Lads anyone used them? new roof so should be ok! what do i need to look out for?
  17. S

    Domestic Help please with PIR Occupancy detector

    Hi All, Sam here, first post in the forums although I have been reading them for some time now. I have been given a small job of replacing a PIR detector in a bathroom which is used to switch on/off the ceiling lights. The previous installer connected a large plastic pir detector usually...
  18. 0

    Drilling tiles

    Installing a 4" extract fan in bathroom. Completely tiled.....9x15" tiles. Is it advisable to drill a 4" hole in one of the tiles to outside. Going to be using a core drill. Thought about ceiling mounted but loft is fully boarded and FULL of stuff. Thanks.
  19. C

    Opinions required on work quality please.

    Hi All I have just had a PV installation fitted and not very impressed with the job on the roof, I was under the impression the idea was to grind a bit out of tiles for the fixings so they sit properly, I would be grateful for any opinions on the quality of the job, I have posted a load of...
  20. S

    Any ideas what this type of roof tile is actually called?

    Hi All, Relatively new to the forum but have been reading lots of your posts regarding the state of the industry and supplier issues with interest!!! I need to order a roofing system for the roof as shown below, but are struggling to identify the type of tile. Any ideas?:53::53::53: Many...
  21. J

    what to charge to commistion a pv system for roofer, thoughts on solar tiles

    Hi Guys, I am newly MCS accredited and have had a roofer approach me and ask me to install and commissiong a pv tile system(tiles are c21e solar tile, from solar centuray). It has 2 invertors, one invertor for18 of the tiles at 47 watt each and the other invertor for 12 tiles at 47 watt...
  22. B

    how to make the hole in tiled wall nice?

    I am going to install an extract fan in a bathroom. it is on first floor. it should be a quick job but the outside wall is tiled wall, the tiles are about 100mmx100mm, how to make it nice? can i just buy this kit? cheers
  23. R

    Solar PV Tiles - Has anyone got any advice?

    Hi, I have a potential customer who want PV tiles. I know that they are expensive but I don't know where to get them from. Have you installed PV tiles and if so where did they come from and were they any good?
  24. i=p/u

    broken socket outlet

    yo, went to fix socket outlet tonight, and what has happened is the wings inside back box has broken off, so faceplate wont screw back on. dont want to try get box out as is tiled. has any of yous just put large screw right through back of box.or have a better soloution.. thanks
  25. R

    Advice for rosemary roof

    Hi all we have managed to avoid doing an install on a roof covered in rosemary tiles.. so far, but Monday we have our first, anyone got any tips?
  26. B

    Solar Cable Through Roof?

    Hi Sorry if dumb question, but I'm looking into PV and was wondering how the DC cable gets from roof to consumer unit. Does it go through hole in tiles and is there a method of sealing, or does it go along roof tiles and in under eaves? If so, how is it attached to stop it flailing about in...
  27. P

    Underfloor Heating Systems.

    Hello to all... Right pleasantries over and down to business. I have never installed an Electric underfloor system before and have a client looking at them. Naturally being a spark I'd prefer to get the job rather than a plumber so was hoping to get some guidance/advice. What are the pro's...
  28. P

    solar survey

    Hi all I just wondered how other peeps go about surveying a domestic property for solar pv? Any tips or advice? Does anyone use any specific type of software to help with shading and sun paths etc?
  29. D

    day to day work

    Well seen as i dont upload much i thought i would enlighten you on my day to day full time job as a Building Engineer on a Data Centre!! How to rope off and work safe
  30. M

    Under tile heating

    Hey chaps, I have just been asked by a regular client to look at fitting them some dimplex mat type under tile heating, thing is they have as far as i can see been intended to be powered via an rcd fused spur, taken off of an existing ring main socket spur cable. Anybody know if this is the kind...
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