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  1. Dan

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide Step 1: Click 'Video' in the main forum menu Step 2: Click the orange 'Add Media' button Step 3: Select the category for your video (let me know if you can't find a suitable category, or select 'Other') Step 4: Select either...
  2. mhar

    How to upload a file

    I want to create a thread around a .mov file taken by a very scared meter fitter. It is 1.23 MB. I don't appear to be able to upload it in it's current format so would appreciate baby steps advice on how to go about this
  3. Dan

    Update: Forum moved to new server and being tweaked

    Okay, So we've been running with various bugs for ages. The transfer was long overdue. We've done it now, we're fully on the new server. I'm tweaking the forum now and fixing the bugs so give me a couple of days before you start to tell me what's not working etc please. :)
  4. happyhippydad

    How to put a photo on the thread?

    Evening all.. I have just written out my thread and was about to post thinking that it would be easy to put a photo on (as it was in the old days), but I cannot. There used to be a very simple and easy button to press called 'browse' that let you go into your computer and choose an image that...
  5. sythai

    Help please? Thanks

    Sorry done search but cant find any info.... how do I upload jpeg from my desktop to a new post? Thanks Sy
  6. T

    Downlight bulb not fitting properly

    Would appreciate any help. I have a bathroom downlight bulb where the pins are too thin for the holes in the plastic cube attached to the wire of the transformer. The other type of pins would be too thick. Is this "cube" missing a part? When the bulb blew I first noticed the pins of the bulb...
  7. the pict

    attaching pics

    As above how's it done, as it askes for the URL no idea what that is, but its on my desk top and drag and drop wont work.... P
  8. S

    Hello, im new and need advise on how to include a image.

    Hello Its Scott ive just joined. I want to post a question but I don't understand how to inset a photo of my boilers wiring diagram. When I click image it say image URL. What do I do.
  9. B

    Uploading Pictures (problems)

    Most pictutes I upload are hosted on photobucket but have in the past used the upload button but now it just asks for a url . Has something changed since the forum upgrade?
  10. C

    Domestic Main Fuse query

    Hi, I've come across a system with no apparent main fuse. The supply comes into a metal hinged box with the words BIG Ltd on it. This is boxed inside a cupboard so I can't open it or tell if it is sealed. The tails then come out to the meter and into a double pole connector block. This...
  11. Andy78

    TT rod installation guidance.

    Can anyone link me to any official guidance on the installation methods for earth rods in a domestic TT system. Basically I am looking for something which would state that bashing a single skinny rod into the ground under the floorboards in a domestic property is not a suitable method of...
  12. A

    Domestic. Has anyone seen this before?

    The shower being fed from the dp switch? Its the first time I have come across this and not sure what to make of it. Have any of you lot seen this before?
  13. P

    Mobile DVR Powered From PC PSU?

    Hi, am looking for advice on powering a mobile DVR for a car from a pc power supply, I have seen/read this being done with a car stereo. The connections I have are "9-28VDC" "engine switch" and "GND", would I be right in saying that the 9-28VDC and the engine switch will go to the 12v out let...
  14. M

    ABB Frequency Inverter( Winder/Unwind. Application Program )

    I am a Beginner. I install a program ABB ACS800 ( Winder/Unwind , Application Program) .This inverter is used communication card to be run. I want to upload program to this inverter. This inverter program upload to another ABB inverter to download this program. I want to change (99.02...
  15. J

    wiring diagrams

    i was asked this morning to explain how to wire a time clock, photocell and contactor into a lighting circuit. rather than sit and draw it all out i thought "there must be a nice diagram on google. only a few clicks away" lol i shouldve drew it out cause i spent ages searching. anyway. my...
  16. D

    Blank installation certificates/reports etc

    Hi guys, Any chance someone can point me in the direction of some blank forms for practice? Cheers!
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